Best Android email app on Samsung Galaxy S2

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  1. alka5eltzer

    alka5eltzer New Member

    Hi all :)

    I've just made the jump from iPhone to Android.... First impressions: Why didn't I make the move sooner?!

    I've just got my hands on a Galaxy S2... it's an upgrade from an iPhone4 i've had for about a year.


    My primary email account is Gmail... but.... the Galaxy S2 has multiple ways of getting this mail.
    I've set up the following apps to read my mail:
    - Gmail
    - Samsungs own Email app.. I think? (the icon looks like a white envelope with a red seal with the @ symbol on it)
    - Social Hub

    So at the min its a bit annoying... since every time I get an email... I get 3 notifications popping up at the 1 time lol.

    Which one is the best to use that will make the most out of the fact it's an Android Phone?

    Thanks loads :)

  2. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    "Best" has nothing to do with your device being an Android phone. It has everything to do with your preferences. Use the apps, determine the one you prefer and disable notifications and remove your account(s) from the apps you're not using.
  3. SteveoDroid

    SteveoDroid New Member

    I think you have a great question alka5eltzer,
    I'm a brand new Android user and I found your post by googling a very similar problem I'm having. I'm so new I understand how the email system works, but like you I've got a primary Google account (and other email accounts all dump into it and I can send from any account within GMail). When I started up my Galaxy S II, I put in my account in a couple of places, and also established the proprietary Samsung Email client with push.
    Almost exactly like you, I was immediately getting multiple notifications, including the text-to-speech telling me I have email. The reason I went to Google was, like you, I was having a hard time figuring out the pros and cons of using the Samsung vs the built-in Gmail client. I'm still slightly confused, but I decided to test it by deleting my email account from within Samsung email. I think Gmail may be the best because it was built specifically for Android with its best practices all in place (Archive button, the ability to send from any account you have set up, etc).
    Just posting a reply to you a month later to see if you've come to that same conclusion.
    Thanks for your post back in May!
  4. jghj897

    jghj897 Member

    i can't get the app to allow multiple deletes. nor can i do a web login to gmail, not via the app, which allows it! what's going on here?
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    multiple deletes? just put a checkmark on everything you want to delete and hit delete.
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  6. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    Not the market? Not for my phone...thanks!
  7. jewel exports

    jewel exports New Member

    In Samsung Galaxy S2, how to incorporate, login and use multiple email accounts like yahoo, hotmil and gmail simultaneously through any one app??

    I have 5 yahoo accounts, 2 gmail and 1 hotmail account.

    And how many email accounts can be used in galaxy s2 at a one go??? Please guide and help.

  8. AngryHatter

    AngryHatter Well-Known Member

    K9 or Maildroid - they both handle multiple accounts - pop and mapi.
  9. suzuki

    suzuki Guest

    gmail on galaxy s2,really suck. 1 mail received,htc always first notification。
  10. suzuki

    suzuki Guest

    i will try maildroid,have not used before
  11. MrPhotog

    MrPhotog Member

    I switched from iPhone - K9 has been my choice for gmail and pop accounts.
  12. MaryMR

    MaryMR Member

    I just got my SII last week and make the same mistake. I set up my Gmail using the app with the @ instead of the Gmail app (which was on the second page and not readily viewable). I went back and deleted the one with the blue @ on the envelope (and also dragged it to the trash) and set up only the one showing the Gmail logo. It works beautifully. I have not used Social Hub at all yet but as I said, one GMail will populate mail, calendar, and contacts: everything you'll need.

    I also switched from an iPhone that I had for three years - great phone - but I love the Android flexibility and the Samsung SII (AT&T) is so beautiful and SO fast.

  13. Allyman

    Allyman New Member

    I also recently got a Galaxy S2, I had a HTC Evo 3D for a few months but it has "issues". However their email client worked great.
    I have a few Gmail accounts on my computer and they go directly to Outlook 2007. These are POP accounts. What I want to accomplish is to be able to check my emails on my phone (open, read or delete) without impacting the emails in Outlook or Gmail on my computer.
    The email client on my HTC was set up as a POP account and allowed me to do exactly that. Then I used the Samsung supplied email client set up as a POP but if I Iooked at any emails before turning on my computer, they never show up in Outlook. So I installed K-9 as my new email client also set up as POP and the same thing happens.
    Google said to add the word "recent." before my user name / email in setup, but that didn't work at all. My emails just stopped completely.
    Someone at Samsung said to set up the phone as IMAP instead of POP, but that's not the solution either.
    Does anyone have any advice on how to set up K-9 so I can do what ever I want on my phone without it affecting emails in Outlook or Gmail on my computer?
    Thank you! :)

  14. JaSauders

    JaSauders Well-Known Member

    K9. :cool:
  15. psrtx

    psrtx Member

    In the K-9 setup options, select option to leave messages on server (i.e. download them, but don't delete them from server). By default, POP protocol deletes the Message from server.
  16. Allyman

    Allyman New Member


    In K-9, I already have selected in the "When I delete a message"..."Do not delete from the server".

    However, this morning I checked my Gmail folder on my phone. I
    received 23 new emails over night. I just opened a few to read them and left the rest. Then I opened K-9 to see if they were there and my inbox is empty. I turned on my computer and checked Outlook and there are no new emails since yesterday. Apparently, Gmail is set up on a "first come first serve" basis. Whatever I open first to check mail, sees new mail and nothing is sent to other clients like K-9 or Outlook. :(
  17. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    +9/K9 Why open "Gmail on your phone" 1st? Set up K9 to sync all your accounts. I deleted Gmail and default email from my phone. I only use K9 to check Gmail, Yahoo, and my company mail (that goes to Gmail). Sounds like Gmail is deleting from server (within the Gmail app).

    Nothing is "the best"... go with what works and/or what you like. Once I get a larger screen, my plan is to just use Gmail through a browser.

    By the way, on my PC I use Gmail exclusively. My work ISP, and Yahoo, are pulled to Gmail, and Gmail is set to delete from those servers. But all mail is saved on Gmail servers. That makes K9 on the phone work very well. I have a "work" folder, a "yahoo" folder, a "gmail" folder, and several other sub folders that work stuff is filtered to (filtered at Gmail/PC level).
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  18. Allyman

    Allyman New Member

    I don't usually open Gmail at all. On my phone I open K-9, on my computer I open Outlook. My problem is that if I open K-9 first, then there aren't any new emails on Outlook. Conversely if I open Outlook first, then there aren't any emails in K-9. How can I set it up so that all incoming (new) emails show up in all my clients regardless of what I do?
  19. psrtx

    psrtx Member

    I dont use K-9 Anymore (use Gmail app and it works great).
    1. I think you mentioned that these accounts are Gmail accounts, any reason you cannot use the Gmail app?
    2. Imap is really what you should use, both on the phone and outlook (gmail/google apps support it, but you may have to enable it in settings)
    3. If you just have to use POP, check your outlook settings to see if there is a option to download all vs just new/un-read emails. It's possible that outlook is set to download only new messages and ignores read (downloaded to your phone) emails.
  20. mustfly

    mustfly Member

    I was in sort of the same boat,...2 yahoo accounts, 2 google accounts. I finally settled on K-9 after reading some tech. reviews on top rated email clients for Android. Gmail was the top rated client of all, but it only supports a Gmail account and I needed something to support the multiple accounts above. K-9 basically set itself up and simply prompted me via a button if I wanted to set up another account. It is very configurable, and while NOT the prettiest app, it sure seems to do it all. You get a "Unified Inbox" that catches mail from ALL the account, but you also get separate segregated folders for each email account (Yahoo and Google in my case). You can set up the interval that mail is pushed and it's really straight forward. Your phone alerts you to incoming mail, and then it displays which account it's from and the subject ! Too easy. I too, set up too many apps and would get 3 different alert tones every time a single email showed up. Finally I had had enough of that and disabled the Social Hub, Samsung and separate Yahoo and Google apps. Sheesh !! Sounded like Westminster Abbey every time a mail came in. K-9 simply plays the selected tone once. Give it a whirl,...I think you will like it.
  21. Evak

    Evak Member

    Maildroid is the only good client that works with imap and can push yahoo emails. K9 is ok but unfortunately the author chooses to ignore yahoo despite many requests on the project issues list. Yahoo uses a non standard method, someone posted for him. But he set all issues to ignore.

    Real shame because at&t use yahoo, as does d SBC and pacbell emails like my primary.

    Maildroid is best but expensive if you want to remove ads
  22. bk11222

    bk11222 Well-Known Member

    how can i disable my samsung and google email apps? also, how can i have different alerts for the email and text sound notifications?
  23. Kicksilver

    Kicksilver Well-Known Member

    Just delete your accounts on those clients.

    On the Sounds settings, you can set a global notification ringtone, and you can set independent ringtones in the app settings.
  24. meodroid

    meodroid New Member

    I have my new Galaxy S3. And this forum really helped me a lot. For those who are with the same device as mine, just hop over to Settings>Accounts and sync. There, you will be shown the list of your email accounts. You have the floor to remove from which app do you want your account to be removed with.

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