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  1. nshahvasai

    nshahvasai Member

    i have samsung galaxy mini. it had android 2.2.1 preinstalled. den i updated it to android 2.3.6 officially via samsung service centre. but now, there are quiet a problems in my cell.

    1. juice defender nt working properly
    2. battery gets over faster :-O
    3. phone gets heated while charging

    so want to know dat which android is better fr the low-spec SGM??

  2. techlearn

    techlearn Well-Known Member

    IMO don't use Juice Defender, i have used it for a month or so (till that it worked fine for me) but when i uninstalled it, it seemed to have some negative impact over the battery, got to read about it in some forum or so.

    Even i am facing the same prob of faster battery drain but still that is not a big issue yet.
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  3. bibinalias

    bibinalias New Member

    Sir I am using android 2.3.6 in my Galaxy pop gts 5570
    I wand know any Official update For my firmware
  4. bibinalias

    bibinalias New Member

    Sir I am using android 2.3.6 in my Galaxy pop gts 5570
    I wand know about any Official update For my firmware?
  5. nshahvasai

    nshahvasai Member

    ohhh.... :O juice defender harms the battery??? :-( :-( dats what i was wondering.... my battery gets over within 5 hrs or so...
  6. nshahvasai

    nshahvasai Member

    2.3.6 is the latest update for samsung galaxy mini..... and it wont get any future updates...! :)
  7. coolchanky

    coolchanky New Member

    i am also facing problems with my calculator app after upgrading can u help
  8. zahed

    zahed New Member

    hi i can connected with my galaxy 5570 to my PC because it just charging
  9. HiAmErika

    HiAmErika Member

    You have to lessen using wifi, using apps with high rom and use task manager so your battery life won't drain.
  10. sriramlam

    sriramlam New Member

    I am presently using Froyo 2.2.1 in My Galaxy pop GTs5570.Can i upgrade to 2.3?Any negative effects of upgrading.I need ur suggestions
  11. praveen1990

    praveen1990 New Member

    can we update our samsung galaxy pop gts5570 to 4.0 ice cream sandwitch

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