Best antivirus for HTC Tattoo

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  1. amajike

    amajike New Member

    Hi everyone!!! Just got my new Tattoo, my 1st android device. It feels quite different from my nokia days. Would like to start with a good antivirus that would work on the tattoo. Pleeease help. I'm afraid of visiting the android market on my phone to prevent any infections, I did on my laptop but couldn't come up with any.

  2. sunny316

    sunny316 Active Member

    The Market is completely safe and rest assured that as long as you install apps from decent websites, like or the Market you'll not be in for any nasty surprises. I've installed many things from many places (some quite shady ;) ) but nothing "viral" yet and Tattoo's running as slick as ever.
  3. amajike

    amajike New Member

    Thanks bud! I now know where to get started.
  4. amajike

    amajike New Member

    Hi all, been going through the market looking for an antivirus program but couldn't come up with any even after using the search facility (my market loads only the free apps)

    A friend recommeded freeantivirus developed by droid security(has a white and yellow/orange capsule as its symbol). At the time he said he got it on the market, but my search didn't find it. I however found it on the popular softpaedia.

    1. Does any of us have an experience with this software?
    2. Or which antivirus or malware software do you use?
    Examples would be highly appreciated...;)
  5. china-sara

    china-sara Member

    how can i open word in my application?
  6. sunny316

    sunny316 Active Member

    Look in the market for Documents To Go.
  7. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

    You dont need antivrus software - it will slow your phone and use up memory resources. I cant recall any incident involving malware on Android (or wm etc).

    There is a lot of scaremongering stories - but mostly all have no truth
  8. amajike

    amajike New Member

    I've read around to find out that linux is pretty near rock solid when it comes to viruses.

    However a thought just sprang up....Can your phone act as a vehicle to infect your PC when you connect ur "no-antivirus" phone as a data storage device to ur windows pc? just curious...:confused:
  9. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    That would have to be a very specific virus...
    Where do you connect for your email? The big POP3 type providers already scan your email. The only other source is from installing bad apps - but that isn't going to happen if you install from the market. Anything else... just scan it on your PC before you install?
  10. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member

    Hi, a few words from computer technician (aka me) about virus and your phone:

    If you connect (any) phone with memory as a removable disk drive to a infected computer running particular virus - your memory storage will be carrier to that virus. After, when you put your phone over usb in any other computer - those systems will be infected also (if there is no antivirus software installed on them) etc.

    That's all folks!
  11. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    So install AV on your PC(s) as you should be already and don't bother putting it on your phone. Your phone might be a vector but it isn't going to be infected itself.
    I never put AV on Linux systems and it hasn't been a problem.
  12. Morat

    Morat Well-Known Member

    Double post
  13. samski

    samski Active Member

    dont use autorun?

    amajike, i dont quite know why you are talking about Linux but you dont need antivirus for this phone; as said, it will only slow your phone down. download from respectable sources and should be well.

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