Best App for Big Screen(more than 4 inch)

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  1. syoungb

    syoungb New Member

    These days there are plenty of big phones more than 4 inch screen such as galaxy note..
    I found really convenient app for that kind of phones or an idler :)

    My Gesture Shortcut Launcher
    You can search in android market and there are two version of this.
    one is free version which you can add maximum 8 gestures for any shortcut(Internet URL, App, Direct call & message, Phone function)
    I am currently using free version but it is enough for me.


    It is kind of shortcut app but working by just drawing gesture which you create whatever you want to draw.

    by Faiz

  2. syoungb

    syoungb New Member

    Finally, I bought it full version.

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