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Best app for droid comparable to Dragon Dictation

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  1. grabby76

    grabby76 New Member

    Please forgive me if this has been asked before...i searched but couldnt find what i was lookng for. Im new to smart phones. (i just got my droid eris 3 days ago) And my friend has this app called dragon dictation on his iphone where he never has to text he can just speak and it writes it out for him. I was wondering whats the best app for the droid that can do this?

  2. Traptinreverie

    Traptinreverie New Member

    Handsent has a quick reply feature in which the can input text using your voice and you can also have your phone read you texts as well.
  3. miqal

    miqal Active Member

    Android 2.1 has voice to text built in. Hopefully they will push 2.1 to all you Droid users soon. It works well and is my primary input method on my Nexus one.
  4. callifergie

    callifergie New Member

    inxs voice dictation is in the market and comes close to dragon's product. The ipod touch works better,,,
  5. roxyz

    roxyz New Member

    Does anyone know of dictation apps that are ALLOWED BY AT&T?! I purchased INXS only to find my Samsung Captivate won't allow it to be installed. Very disappointed. By the way...how do I know if an app I want to install will be allowed? Do I only have to use the Market app on my phone? That would suck.
  6. pec2b

    pec2b New Member

  7. CmHall9

    CmHall9 Member

    Try "Recordoid Dictaphone Lite."

    This app works great.
  8. bestulin

    bestulin Member


    I stumbled across this post and wanted to mention that there is a new app available on the Android Market called Dictadroid.

    I developed Dictadroid with the goal of making a simple but powerful voice recorder for dictation.

    Please download Dictadroid and let me know what you think. You feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Tom Barrister

    Tom Barrister Member

    I found this thread while searching for something else.

    As a heads up, Vlingo removed their keyboard. The stock Dragon Dictation keyboard and voice search works as well as anything I've found on the MyTouch 4G/
  10. joesun23456

    joesun23456 New Member

    How exactly are you supposed to use these voice recognition apps to get them into an e-mail? or to automatically type into a forum response?
  11. Simple: whenever you see a flashing cursor and a keyboard there is a key with a mic icon on it (bottom row, 3rd from left). Press it, and speak.

    In Handcent there is an upward pointing 'flat' arrowhead in the middle just under the input window. Press it and the input window will enlarge, showing a handful larger icons at the top left. 3rd From left is again a mic. Press it, and speak.
    Don't forget to slide the Space Bar to the appropriate language.
    After you have dictated you may have to 'clean it up' manually.

    Android voice recognition seems flakey to me. Some days it is brilliant and understands almost everything I dictate. Even stuff like 'Australopithecus sediba'... Really amazing!
    But other days it makes a total jumble of what I dictate and is effectively worse than useless because it wastes my time.

    And I'm not even drinking... :D
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  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    The voice to text built in to the Flex T9 keyboard is from Dragon.

    Possibly the best there is. ;)

    Second best I know is SwiftKey keyboard - gives 3 choices of what it thinks it heard.

    Both only work where a keyboard does, tho.

    Agree that Vlingo is great as a general purpose app, Edwin is another.
  13. thetim843

    thetim843 New Member

    Just go get an Iphone 4S and your problems will be solved!:)
  14. rmadler

    rmadler Active Member

    Use Speaktoit.
  15. davisjt1977

    davisjt1977 New Member

    SpeakToIt works very well !!!:)
  16. grassiknoll218

    grassiknoll218 New Member

    My son has been using Dragon on his classroom iPad and it has done wonders for helping him get his writing ideas on to paper. He got a Galaxy tab for Christmas and we need a dictation app that will allow him to do the same thing that Dragon does. It seems like the apps mentioned here are primarily for texting/email. Need one that can save it as a document of some sort that can then be printed.

    Any ideas?
  17. jeffj318

    jeffj318 Well-Known Member

    I, too, am looking for the same thing. Hopefully, someone can respond to this post and let us know. I don't want to spend the money on an Iphone just to get Dragon Dictation. Any app for longer speech to text dictation which can put it either on a clipboard or into a document of some nature. Something like Dragon Naturally Speaking for Android? Thanks!
  18. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    Might want to check out the FlexT9 keyboard which is from he makers of Dragon and says it leverages the power of Dragon Dictation.
  19. joseph.carty

    joseph.carty Member

    I want the same thing. Does anyone have ideas?
  20. saintcroix

    saintcroix New Member

    I tried to help how ever this board tried to limit my ability to be effective, as with most help boards on line, a lot of hot air about helping, but no meat or potatoes. I may try again later
  21. saintcroix

    saintcroix New Member

    Hi I am new here, and reading all the calls for help, thought I should respond. I down loaded king soft office, ( FREE APP), i was using a pc laptop/ tablet, but the battery time was too short. what I do is photograph, describe and upload antiques to ebay, and other sites. It required the use of an xls ( database sheet), and a text pad, I have dragon naturally speaking. It works sort of ok most of the time. HOWEVER, when I had a problem with it running in win 7 they were less than helpful, and offered me a DISCOUNT price of $75. ( same price it is every where now.
    More to the point. the laptop was too much to carry around to all my locations, so I got a galaxy tab ( 7 inch).

    I use the built in voice recognition, and Kingsoft office to do every thing i did before. While running the office app... or any note taking app,
    the key board has a gear, press that and you get a mic. press the mic speak clearly and speak also your punctuation. it should work for you. If you still need help i am here from time to time, and I don't mind questions.
    Now, another matter, all you Fan boys, telling some one who asks for help to buy an apple product is not helpful, Please, if you do not have a way to solve a problem, do not respond. you will be more appreciated for your silence than your fanatic response about your favorite product. Buying an expensive Ipad is not the answer for most things. the schools have them because they get them mostly free. I hope those who answered with that sort of answer are reading. ( you trolls know who you are). I thank you for your time, apologize for such a long rant. ( how ever I don't really care what you think of me, I'm not in any contest.

    thank you
    Saint Croix
  22. 23skidoo

    23skidoo Member

    Yeah, seriously. For "getting thoughts on paper?" Android's voice recognition works great.

    Just use it with whatever document creation software you want. I regularly dictate 200-word notes in my natural voice, with no problems, despite my (pardon the pun) pronounced Southern accent.

    Good luck with your search!

    *This message comes to you via dictation into Tapatalk; it required very little cleanup.
  23. mars6484

    mars6484 New Member

    Hi, I was looking into transcribing interviews and I can see from this forum that the inbuilt andriod keyboard voice to text is quite good and by dragon so I guess its gotta be up there! =)

    I had 2 qusetions though,
    Is there a way to continuously record? Because if there is any pause or stop in my sentence or the interviewee the voice record stops and I gotta keep tapping at the icon which disrupts the interview.

    Also, when i search through settings I have an option saying input from google or samsung powered by vlingo? Which one is better? Is samsung powered one the dragon one?

    Thanks in advanced for your help! =)
  24. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Well-Known Member

    I used to think the Flex T 9 voice to dictaion by Dragon was the best. When I got it on my EVO3D as the free app of the day I was amazed at how well it got my words right over the Google Voice and used it all the time. But now with my new EVO 4G LTE the Google Voice is much better than before and I don't even use Flex T9 anymore. I use the HTC keyboard with trace. I love it! Now sometimes I can't get Google Voice to work while driving and Flex T9 always did on my 3D. I am thinking of trying Vlingo again haven't used it in a while. I know it reads your text but is there an app that will read your IM's also cause I use Yahoo Messenger alot over texting with someone cause he likes it better than texting and I need an app to read my IM"s also. I haven't used Flex T9 on my new phone but I downloaded it in the beginning before I saw how much better the Google Voice was. I speak all my text and emails and it does great and what it does get wrong you just click and it has words to choose from and what you want is usually always in the list to choose from. It's great! I heard stuff gets even better with Jelly Bean.

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