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Best app to customize phone?General

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  1. TheKingIV

    TheKingIV Active Member

    I'm curious if there are any apps that allow you to customize a lot of things about your phone without having to root it?

    Coming from the iPhone, I'm guessing that rooting is similar to jailbreaking, but I also know it voids your warranty, and I'd rather just get an app if it is mostly the same thing.

  2. MalikBear

    MalikBear Well-Known Member

    Depends on what you want to customize. For looks, start with a launcher from market. Apex, Nova and GoLauncher seems to be the top 3 these days (goLauncher personal preference). Keyboards, clocks and widgets are also free and paid. So, there are many cosmetic touches that can be done without rooting. Visit Google play via pc to quickly look through the apps and install from there. Hope this helps.
  3. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I guess the question is, what do you want to change? Lots of stuff can be changed without root, but some things do require root.
  4. TheKingIV

    TheKingIV Active Member

    Well, I'm mainly concerned with notifications. For instance, customizing what LED light for which thing (text v. e-mail). Customizing what happens when a text comes in (maybe give a preview, and a different vibration than e-mail), same for e-mail, etc.
  5. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Well-Known Member

    check out: light flow; launcher x; widget locker; beautiful widgets.
    That should get you started! ; )

    edit: handcent or go sms pro for texting
  6. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

  7. danesusername

    danesusername New Member

    For the LED notifications, I'd go with Light Flow. There's a free version so you can try it out, but I think the paid version is worth it. It gives you control of the notifications more apps. In both you can change color of the LED, change the frequency and duration of the flashes, create custom vibrations for different apps, make it so that your screen turns on whenever you receive a notification, etc. It's pretty awesome.
  8. javamann

    javamann Well-Known Member

    If ur willing to lay out a few bucks, TASKER on Google Play can do just about anything but requires some time to learn.


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