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  1. Grafx

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    I have some non system apps which appear to load each time I turn on my phone. What app can show me which ones are loaded and how to disable them at start up?

  2. Petrah

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    Task Killers are a very bad idea. Download an app called Watchdog. It will sit silently in the background watching for apps that take up too much of your phones resources, and it will then give you the option of killing the app. If the same app repeatedly causes you an issue, you'll need to report it to the app author (otherwise they can't fix it).

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  5. AndyOpie150

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    If that still doesn't work ,and your rooted(if not, gingerbreak is pretty easy,just make sure you have a freshly formated to default setting sd card,as it gets picky about that sometimes,and if it doesn't take the first try, try again)you can try App Quarantine. Select what you want to go into Quarantine one app at a time,press the menu key,select lock,and it moves it to Quarantine.I use this for the default browser and launcher.When I boot up the system goes straight to my launcher and when I need a browser it use's mine.I don't get the annoying box that makes me choose. This app should work on everything,just remember to do it one app at a time in case that app move messes up the system,you will know which one to move back.

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