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  1. Saera

    Saera Member

    I currently have the AVG ant-virus app and it seems like all it does is scan to make sure things are protected and not quite a spyware kinda scan at all. I could just be stupid. but are there any other or better apps to protect my phone ? i recieved a weird image i 'downloaded' that i have no memory downloading, it saved to my sd card of 3 fluff balls with angry faces and one holding a sign with 'we are back'. i deleted it, scanned, said all was well but i am still a bit antsy.

  2. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Your best bet is to be aware of who you are d/l content from,as your vigilance will work better than any ANTI-VIRAL software.
    Only d/l apps from a trusted source(ANDROID MARKET,AMAZON APPSTORE,APP BRAIN,etc...)is a good start.

    However,if you are interested in rooting/modding your phone,you may need to check the 'UNKNOWN SOURCES' box in SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS.(BTW,this box needs to be checked to download from the AMAZON APPSTORE.)
    Just uncheck this box once you have finished using the 3rd party source to download content.

    With that said,if you feel you still need ANTI-VIRAL protection,I'd go w/LOOKOUT.It scans all of your downloaded apps for known malware & only runs when you want it to,so as to not drain your phone of precious resources(battery,CPU,memoy,etc....).
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  3. Saera

    Saera Member

    Thank you when i said that i didnt remember downloading it i mean i woke up this morning to see since i had put it to sleep and i use it as my alarm clock. Well i saw it had downloaded something, i saw what it was, and when i deleted it all and ran anti-virus it said eveyrthing was fine. So i'm fairly computer save with a network Administrator for a corporate company for a dad.

    Thank you ~
  4. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    If you are soooooo computer SAVE(sic),why are you posting & asking for advice on ANTI-VIRAL software?Go ask your dad,the NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR.

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