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  1. Twistedfairyqueen

    Twistedfairyqueen Active Member

    So far I've only added one application, colour note pad, but I've been looking what else is available. I'm completely amazed by the huge variety there is but with sooo much choice and a lot which seem to do the same kinda thing I was just wondering what other people have got and which ones they would/wouldn't recommend?

  2. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    I have a few games, being that in my job I have alot of time to do nothing, if I enjoy playing a game and its only a couple of quid, to unlock a bunch more of its features, then im happy to pay for it.

    Other useful apps that I have;
    Antivirus: gotta be an essential - some will disagree, but your Galaxy Portal is, like many smart phones, essentially a mini PC with much the same core components. Although they run of different operating systems (symbian/windows mobile/android etc) it is still possible to infect a phone in theory, and im not going to rule out in practice too.

    Barcode Scanner: Once installed you can use your phones camera to scan barcodes, to get the latest prices on products, or to transfer information like a business card using a QR Code (2D barcode)

    RAC Traffic: Does what it says on the tin, needs access to your GPS, but will give you traffic alerts based on your location.

    There are others that I use, but are just for personal preference, like Opera mini web browser, advanced task killer, hidenseek, and-explorer and open home.
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  3. Lol mahmood

    Lol mahmood Well-Known Member

    laputa for free books, google maps for maps and navigation, calendar pad for a decent calendar widget, adw launcher for a better homescreen/pages environment, big buttons alternative keyboard for my big clumsy fingers. These are a few of my favourite things...
  4. Twistedfairyqueen

    Twistedfairyqueen Active Member

    The barcode scanner sounds like it could be fun XplosiV......not sure how much I'd use it but really wanna have a play with it so got to be worth downloading just for the reason :D

    Lol mahmood.....can you really get free books!?
  5. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Im sure I saw a post on here recently, that someone had found a 'Kindle' app for droid, so im guessing you can, you might want a bigger SD card though ;)

    As far as the barcode scanner goes, look here Clicky that site will let you make a QR Code for any of the options listed, if you goto Contact Details, you can put LOADS of info into your QR Code, Try this one and see what you get.

  6. Lol mahmood

    Lol mahmood Well-Known Member

    You can indeed. Not sure how or why, but it's too blatant to be illegal.
    Try it.
  7. Iqoniq

    Iqoniq Active Member

    My favourite apps (serious things) - MSN Talk (MSNger client), Advanced Task Killer (kill any running apps), Google Maps & Navigation (now I need never get lost again), Opera Mini (only because Firefox haven't done the Android thing yet), Barcode Scanner (it scans barcodes surprisingly).

    My favourite apps for frivolity - WallSwitch (swap my wallpaper about at pre-defined intervals), Zedge (mobile tartery thing - free ringtones and wallpapers), WOW Remote Auction House (to keep track of my World of Warcraft auctions), SchottGunn (flick, click, BOOM! For when evil stares just won't do...), AK-47 (When you absolutely, positively have to kill every other smartphone in the room - accept no substitute...), Barcode Beasties (scan the barcode on a bottle of Coke, and a bottle of Pepsi and see which would win in a fight).

    Given my frivolous list, I think I have way too much time on my hands LOL.
  8. nailz

    nailz Active Member

  9. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

  10. Twistedfairyqueen

    Twistedfairyqueen Active Member

    Can anyone recommend a camera application....I'm wanting one that will do stuff like hipstamatic, lomo and vignette. All the ones I've looked at seem to want access to stuff on my phone they don't need access to or they do weird things like prevent the phone from sleeping!?

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