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Best available wireless printer for AEPTTips

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  1. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    hey guys, can anyone here recommend any wireless printers please? my 5-6 year old epson is dying so im on th look out for a new printer. needs to be able to do a4 colour scanning and if possible be able to scan the document into a pdf and deposit it on our any AEPT...which id imagine for now isnt possible? or is it? any advice would be muchly appreciated :)

  2. dizzyd89

    dizzyd89 Member

    HP photosmart c4790 or anyone in the family pretty good quality and price as well
  3. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    You probably can't do it straight from the Transformer- you usually have to install windows or mac software to the device you want to print from on those wireless printers. Check the "required hardware" on the box of the printer.... :-(
  4. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    oh man really? ahhh looking into it further:


    so i still need an active PC meaning:

    tablet -> web -> pc -> printer? well its a solution non the less

    so can this work with any wireless printer? or does wireless printing have different standards or something?
  5. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    There is no standard for wireless printing. So the Printer manufacturers make some sort of program that sends the printjobs wireless from the PC to the printer. I have a Lexmark wireless which also scans to the PC without problems, I'll try with the Transformer when I'm home in a few weeks..
  6. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    hey guys, thought I'd re-open this discussion as I'm still looking for a good way to print direct from my AEPT to the printer.

    so i did a lil digging around and found out that the HP kit now allows the below solution:

    How to Enable Google Cloud Print on HP Eprint Set Up Activation

    so does anyone use this right now? and does it crucially print off .doc/x .xls/x and .pdf?

    just seen a cheap all in one from HP for

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