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Best backup solution?

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  1. Kadin

    Kadin Active Member

    I just did a full backup via CWM Recovery (nandroid) as well as a Ti Backup. If I bork something going forward or simply want to get back to this state, 100%, am I good to go?

    My plan is to setup various ROMs and do a backup like this for each one and have a quick and easy way to get back to each state. Is there anything else I need to worry about like wiping cache, etc.? Anything that does NOT get backed up with these two methods?


  2. steslatt

    steslatt Well-Known Member

    Yes your good to go. Just check your backups were completed correctly and you had no errors. What version of CWM are you using? One from CF-root?
  3. Kadin

    Kadin Active Member

    I just realized I posted this in the wrong sub-forum. It was meant to be posted in the Infuse 4G area but I guess the process for what I'm asking is typically the same. I'm simply using ROM Manager and booting into Recovery to do the backup.

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