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  1. tispectrum

    tispectrum Well-Known Member

    Thanks. big widget, doesn't fit on my home page.:mad:

  2. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Well-Known Member

    This isn't working for me. Do you have to say open or dial or find battery info?
  3. Peaser

    Peaser Well-Known Member

    I am using Battery Indicator. Simple, puts the percentage remaining in the notification bar. Seems accurate and doesn't seem to use any additional battery.
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  4. Grizzld

    Grizzld Well-Known Member

  5. Bswartz95

    Bswartz95 Well-Known Member

    I've begun using Spare Parts as the only way to check battery level. All other widgets/apps have been removed. I made some sytem changes and needed to reboot my phone and before turning off my phone, I had a level of 80... after reboot, my battery level went up to 84. Strange.
  6. BigDaddyFromCincinnati

    BigDaddyFromCincinnati Well-Known Member

    HTC battery widget works great and its free from the market !!!
  7. thengodisseven

    thengodisseven Active Member

    Thanks for the tip. I like this one a bit better too.
  8. Bswartz95

    Bswartz95 Well-Known Member

    I had that for awhile, but I couldn't believe how large the file is just for a widget! It did work well though.
  9. jdbyrd

    jdbyrd Member

    there was a battery widget that was just words on a bar across the screen...where the hell is that widget...I thought it was batt stat, but I can't find it
  10. CrazyKnight128

    CrazyKnight128 Well-Known Member

    I use battery life, And i love it doesnt seem to drain my battery at all.
  11. jps

    jps Well-Known Member

    give batteryminder a whirl, has a widget and can be displayed in your notification bar.
  12. v941726

    v941726 Well-Known Member

    ok. maybe a tad off topic but i dont think so. battery history in spare parts shows a bunch of percentages. wi-fi for one is 100%..i have an engineering degree. but with the 5 things showing under "other usage" and "since unplugged", i have used around 500% of my battery. so i guess my question is, what is it trying to tell me here? also i have 70% battery remaining. huh?
  13. bad05gtt

    bad05gtt Well-Known Member

    Peaser im with you....i use Battery Indicator by Darshan Computing and it works great with no major battery drain !!!!
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  14. JAS_21

    JAS_21 Well-Known Member

    I just use the switchpro widget. It is a toggle widget similar to the stock widget. It has toggles for wifi, data, bluetooth, airplane mode, etc. But it has a battery indicater that displays percentage. If you press it, it also displays whats using your battery from the settings menu. It has everything I need in one widget.
  15. locoandroid

    locoandroid Well-Known Member

    i just installed BL and so far is way better than the previous one I had running.
  16. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    I like Battery Indicator for the info on the notification bar. Now I don't need a battery widget.

    * Oh wait. SysTray Monitor can do that too. The icon isn't as pretty but I get memory info in the notifications too. What is more important to you, battery temperature or memory?
  17. Gongadin

    Gongadin Member

    "Battery Graph" and "Juice Plotter" are 2 great ones. Battery graph is just a simple but effective % over time graph, Juice Plotter is a time graph also, but shows battery temp, display brightness, and radio type on the graph at a given time. It has a great widget too that shows battery time left. Give it a couple days to calibrate though.

    Juice plotter seems a little CPU heavy and runs little slow on the "little engine that could" Eris, but the widget is worth it for me.
  18. Lafcadio

    Lafcadio Member

    I just found Quick Battery. It's slim, but has nice features.
  19. Blackbelt4

    Blackbelt4 Member

    I've tried plenty of all the above mentioned widgets and I keep coming back to Gauge Battery Widget. Tends to be quite accurate, offers 2-3 sizes (and different shapes too), different color combinations, and is by far the most eye catching (design-wise). You can also change the font size of the percentage number it shows you, which is great for us older Baby Boomers !
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  20. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    I'm with you there! My phone is rooted and running a 2.2 ROM, and I keep the battery percentage displayed in notifications bar - but that little number gets harder to read each day... :)
  21. avgazn91

    avgazn91 Well-Known Member

    I just installed Guage Battery Widget, and I must say, I really like it. I completely agree with blackbelt that it is the best looking too, I have it in the 1x1 setting where it looks just like any other icon.
    So far, things are working out. They seem accurate as far as I know (compared to the % in the settings of my phone).
  22. meatwad

    meatwad Active Member

    Try Juice Plotter it works really well. After a few days it is pretty dead on.
  23. ynozoe1014

    ynozoe1014 Member

    battstatt looks cool since it shows the percentage in text. not in number. There is a free version and paid version.
  24. avgazn91

    avgazn91 Well-Known Member

    so far, i've used the gauge batter widget for 5 days now. I really like it. My first impressions still remain and the thing is really accurate. I'm using it as a 1x1 icon (matches size with the stock icons like browser and settings) and it has the option to be transparent in areas where there is no gauge... not sure if it made sense, but it is pretty!)
    I don't even bother with the battery meter on top anymore, my straight source is this widget.

    I would say that I fully recommend the gauge battery widget. Especially for a free app, it is excellent. And if you want more functions out of it (which you don't really need), you can always purchase it.
  25. BorisZX6R

    BorisZX6R New Member

    How about the Battery Left Widget ?!

    It takes a few days for it to calibrate but it might be giving you much better info than the rest of those widgets. It estimates how much time you have left until the battery is drained as well as percentage.
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