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  1. FreeRangers

    FreeRangers Well-Known Member

    Since switching to ICS I've had some issues with the stock browser (most Google's search queries not working properly). So I switched to Dolphin HD, I really like that browser (except for the occasional banner ad, but I can live with that). But I noticed that in the last month Dolphin has used 1.5 GB of my data plan, before I switched to dolphin I never went over 1GB data use. SO I'm looking for a browser that uses less data. I like the fact that Opera Mini/Mobile compresses data, but I hate the way Opera Mobile handles google searches (it basically loads a stripped version of the page, and loads a google query displaying the content of the page). Opera Mini dosen't display google search queries and doesn't load some pages in mobile form, where as dolphin does. So I guess what I'm looking for in a browser is something that is fast and compresses data. What browser are you guys using?

  2. ADRz

    ADRz Well-Known Member

    Obviously, you need to try Chrome (although I am not sure of its memory usage). Beyond this (and Opera) there is the very fast Maxthon and the video-supporting Skyfire, all of which work very well.
  3. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    +1 on Chrome. It's speedy, doesn't take up much onboard room, and [retty efficient with data.
  4. FreeRangers

    FreeRangers Well-Known Member

    Does chrome do any sort of data compression? I'm not using the internet any more then I did when I was using the stock browser, but Dolphin seems to be eating up my data plan.

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