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Best Buy and the Infuse 4GGeneral

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  1. thefoss

    thefoss New Member

    Any info on when Best Buy will carry the Infuse? On May 15th, or do they historically start selling phones a week or two after the carriers?

  2. RussellTheCrow

    RussellTheCrow New Member

    I preordered the infuse yesterday at best buy, cost me $50 to do this, but in return they gave me a $50 gift card that Ill use towards the purchase price so I'll be getting the phone for $149.99. Nice

    It'll be ready for pick up on the 15th
  3. thefoss

    thefoss New Member

    I don't see it on their site. Did you do it in store?
  4. RussellTheCrow

    RussellTheCrow New Member

    Yeah I read online of someone else preordering it so went to a local store and the kid at the mobile section had too look it up but he was able to do it. The $50 gift card was a nice surprise so I'll get the phone for $149.99 plus I'm trading my 16gb 3GS for $170 so phone will basically be free.
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  5. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

    Nice....so if I end up getting it, I'm definitely going to Best Buy. I forgot that they did this. I had a similar deal with them when I got my Inspire.
  6. ilovemyinfuse

    ilovemyinfuse Member

    I paid 200 at best buy...
  7. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

  8. sk49985

    sk49985 New Member

    I work for BB and the phone is $200, if you preorder you put $50 out of the $200 price down and they give you a $50 gift card to use on said phone, it's not like it's a free gift card or anything just a way to make sure you come back to BB for the phone.

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