Best Buy and the Infuse 4GGeneral

  1. thefoss

    thefoss New Member

    Any info on when Best Buy will carry the Infuse? On May 15th, or do they historically start selling phones a week or two after the carriers?

  2. RussellTheCrow

    RussellTheCrow New Member

    I preordered the infuse yesterday at best buy, cost me $50 to do this, but in return they gave me a $50 gift card that Ill use towards the purchase price so I'll be getting the phone for $149.99. Nice

    It'll be ready for pick up on the 15th
  3. thefoss

    thefoss New Member

    I don't see it on their site. Did you do it in store?
  4. RussellTheCrow

    RussellTheCrow New Member

    Yeah I read online of someone else preordering it so went to a local store and the kid at the mobile section had too look it up but he was able to do it. The $50 gift card was a nice surprise so I'll get the phone for $149.99 plus I'm trading my 16gb 3GS for $170 so phone will basically be free.
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  5. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member if I end up getting it, I'm definitely going to Best Buy. I forgot that they did this. I had a similar deal with them when I got my Inspire.
  6. ilovemyinfuse

    ilovemyinfuse Member

    I paid 200 at best buy...
  7. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

  8. sk49985

    sk49985 New Member

    I work for BB and the phone is $200, if you preorder you put $50 out of the $200 price down and they give you a $50 gift card to use on said phone, it's not like it's a free gift card or anything just a way to make sure you come back to BB for the phone.

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