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  1. dsjr2006

    dsjr2006 Well-Known Member

    Reward Zone is not just online. All you had to do was walk in the store with a Reward Zone card to buy the phone on the 6th. I should know since I was there.

  2. That wouldnt surprise me but I wouldnt make sense if the iphone can netfix with its 1GHZ processor why wouldnt other 1GHZ none dual cores be able too, maybe battery life on android?
  3. darklide

    darklide Well-Known Member

    So if I live in Canada, can I go down to a Best buy say in Minot ND, and pickup an Atrix contract free and possibly unlocked without having to signup for any contract and then canceling it?
  4. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    I wish there was a trade in program where I can trade in this SAMSUNG captivate for a certain value.
  5. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Well-Known Member

    There is, it is worth like $120-140 at best buy. I'm sure that value will drop some once the Atrix lands...
    You can check this on Best Buy's website under like "trade-in" or "buyback" or something..

  6. You can also sell it on eBay or
  7. OK UPDATE!! Talked to my boys and heres the scoop it seems that the AT&T regional for the best buy stores is doing training with the staff on FEB 2 for the Atrix. He also told me that the Xoom is being released on Feb 17th and he is saying that it seems as though the Atrix will be released on FEB 13th! Just giving everyone a heads up because I said I would this seems even more solid with the training date!
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  8. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Will defiantly be mine on that date. I thought it was coming soon, it's just been all over tv lately and all over the playoffs tonight
  9. yea if it gets here before the inspire im gonna have to pick it up and check it out then i have a month to play and see if I like.
  10. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Yep just dont drop or damage it. :D
  11. Hell no lol I baby my phones LOL:D
  12. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Yea but that 30 days will be in the back of your mind
  13. maybe we will see. I sure hope Moto unlocks the boot i do enjoy rooting and modding
  14. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Yea that would be great.
  15. thats one of the reasons i started leaning Inspire hardcore, I mean im putting a rom on my captivate as we speak lol :cool:
  16. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Which one?
  17. The new serendipity awesome!!!!:D
  18. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    I havent tried the new one but the version before seemed to drain my battery faster
  19. i will let you know in a few days its supposed to have a few fixes like JPA wifi firmware that increases battery life
  20. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    ok cool
  21. NP bro
  22. DukeL

    DukeL Well-Known Member

    Feb 13th well at least that sounds better than Mar 1st. I really hope it comes out by then.:)
  23. atlbuc

    atlbuc Well-Known Member

    Yea I think the commercials and advertising will kick up starting around Superbowl
  24. my guys are usually 85% on so hopefully this holds water but he seemed sure
  25. solidkevin

    solidkevin Well-Known Member

    Ok if this lands on the 13 its my next phone tired of waiting for a new phone and this has everything I want and need, good stuff.

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