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  1. xxxegoxxx

    xxxegoxxx Active Member

    So according to best buy i'm eligible for the whole NE2 in January, but I also got a thing in the mail that states I could upgrade early to like an incredible for $149. So what i'm wondering is if i'm i can upgrade to the droid x for the $199 price or not. Maybe I should contact verizon first to see before I attempt to preorder.

  2. drhill

    drhill Well-Known Member

    Could you find out the price of the phone if bought without a contract please?
  3. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    Two quick questions:
    a) Will they be able to transfer my address book from sprint non-data cell phone ?
    b) Will they be able to give them out before the 15th if available? (I leave town the 16th) so picking it up on the 14th would be a big+ (esp in case there is a problem transferring my phone number from sprint)

  4. umm refurbs are quality and stress tested to work better. they replace the shell of the phone so you really cant tell its used.

    Try to use your warranty, get the refurb, turn around and sell it. use the profit as payment for the x. If i were you i would try to unload the eris ASAP. with every day that passes by, and every new amazing phone that is released... the eris becomes less and less valuable. Try to get at least 100 for it now while you still can
  5. dookie1

    dookie1 Well-Known Member

    +1. i actually prefer refurbs (w/warranty), as i know they have been gone through with a fine-toothed comb, not just rolled of the assembly line.

  6. im not sure transferring a pim file to a android phone works.....i havent tried it though. I mean physically YOU CAN TRANSFER THE FILE, i just dont think that android will recognize it as contacts.

    what phone do you have?

    i think we shall have them by the 11-14. that is just my guess though.....i dont see why best buy wont be getting these early. It really depends on your local store if they will break street date though...good luck
  7. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    I have an SCP 3810. As a phone it is a great phone. What do you mean I can transfer the file? Not sure I understand.
    I've resisted for years getting a smartphone; but the current crop is finally fast enough and have long enough battery life to make it worth while; also android is more my cup of tea. Bit concern on the switch from sprint to verizon because I hear verizon likes to lock down phones (sounds likey they are doing this with fascinate but my understanding is that they are not doing this with the droid (i.e,t hey don't come with bing and other bloat)
  8. Wake4x4ptball

    Wake4x4ptball Active Member

    i called Verizon and said that im ready for early upgrade now and will you allow get me early upgrade too?
  9. htech

    htech Active Member

    Thanks! I knew verizon could do it...wasn't sure if BB could. Thank you for your dedication of helping others. When I went into BB mobile to preorder, I was amazed at how they knew their stuff. I think I will continue to use BB for my phones.

  10. arich57

    arich57 Well-Known Member

    What accessories are you going to have available at launch? Thanks.
  11. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    If you got one of those mailers from verizon, usually it's specifically a verizon thing, but the one you are talking about is their smartphone early upgrade deal, which we honor and can do through our system. Does it say specifically the incredible? Or smartphones? If it's the latter we can do it, I had not heard about us doing one specifically for the incredible. Aside from us not having it in stock ever...

    I would check My Verizon and see what that says for your upgrade date, but if your account is flagged for the early smartphone upgrade, we can do it :)
  12. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    we don't have the SKU yet, so I can't say with certainty, but all the launch phones this month have been 599.99 retail, so I want to say it will be that. But! I will put this into my "look into this later" file, when we get it in our system :)
  13. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    a) Usually yes, but it depends on the store and your phone model. Sometimes our cables break, and most of the time it's the Samsung one .../sigh. We can also try it through bluetooth if the cables are not working.

    b)I think this was asked earlier, and as far as I've been told, there is a hard street date of the 15th according to our Verizon rep. But I don't know Best Buy's street date, it could be different like the Devour. This I will check into today

    I should really start writing this stuff down...
  14. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    SCP, thats a samsung flip phone right? That should be good through our machine, unless their cable is broken because SOMEONE stepped on it...definitely wasn't me...;)
  15. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    As long as it's on your account that you qualify for your early upgrade, yes. If the rep is saying you can do it, but just over the phone and we should honor it, no. It has to be on your account for us to be able to do it, otherwise it's a Verizon only thing.
  16. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    This, I love right here. This is why I love my job :D

    I'm glad I could help!
  17. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    This we haven't received information on yet. We'll chargers ;) lol. Actually we should have our Rocketfish cases and invishields. Usually there is a bundle for the three together with the phone. I'll look into this. Accessories are always a head scratcher until a few weeks before launch >.>
  18. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    Sanyo not samsung. Sanyo makes good phones ;)

  19. aleis

    aleis Well-Known Member

    is either of these cases you mentioned like the verizon clamshell (holster/case) combo?
  20. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    That's right! SCP is sanyo, samsung is SCH. I always get them mixed up :S

    Yeah, that should be good, I remember seeing it in the machine. The only ones we have trouble with is prepaid phones, because there is so many ones, the machine would explode, I think.
  21. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks; I hope the transfer works. I also hope fingers double cross that the boston store breaks embargo and gives them out on the 14th :)
    (of course if they do I won't get a lot of work done on the 15th before I leave town).
  22. xxxegoxxx

    xxxegoxxx Active Member

    Well it wasn't just for the Incredible. It was also for some other smartphones that expired today I believe. I was just at my local Best Buy and when they did the upgrade status, it shows i'm eligible in January. So I don't know what is going on. Guess I better give Verizon a call...
  23. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    Aye. Unfortunatly if Verizon doesn't put it on your account, or flag your account for it, are hands are tied :X
  24. you2

    you2 Well-Known Member

    One last question what exactly are these vcast icon verizon add to the phone? Is this a free service or something that cost extra ?
  25. Aookay

    Aookay Well-Known Member

    It's not free, it's a video service from Verizon that provides on demand videos. It's like...1.99 a day or 9.99 a month. Worth it, definitely, unless you have a Slingbox, like me :)

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