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  1. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Well-Known Member

    Running MIUI v3 and realize there isnt a calendar widget.

    I heard good stuff about Pure Calendar widget but i was looking for other opinions before I committed.

    What is your calendar of choice, keep in mind I need to find one I can download so stock calendars are out of the question.

    I use Astrid so it needs to work with that

  2. Homan13PSU

    Homan13PSU Well-Known Member

    I'm particular with Smooth Calendar; not sure if it ties into Astrid though.
  3. dawnierae

    dawnierae Well-Known Member

    I love Jorte. Lots of widget options - I even run two of them on one screen. I use a monthly so I can see everything at a glance, then also an agenda style widget so I can see more detail about what's coming up immediately. Not sure how it meshes with Astrid, but worth a try, since it's free.
  4. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    pure calender is what i am using. have not tried the other 2 mentioned though
  5. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    I have pure, agenda, and smooth. If you like minimalism smooth is awesome that's what I use now. Pure (paid) is really nice and Agenda (free) is the best free full calender widget I've used. I wish I could give people (transfer or something) my paid apps I've dnld'd so many and don't use them anymore.
  6. bkrickles

    bkrickles Well-Known Member

    +1 for agenda widget
    it does it all, it's free, and I use it with gtasks (which I prefer over astrid)

  7. inittowinit

    inittowinit Active Member

    Launcher Pro Calendar Widget rocks...
  8. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Well-Known Member

    I like the Birthday reminders integrated with Facebook.
  9. AHanks12

    AHanks12 Well-Known Member

    Gotta go with Jorte on this one. I like how I can see my events on the monthly calendar widget. Not sure about the Astrid connection though
  10. crazyg0od33

    crazyg0od33 Well-Known Member

    +1 on the launcher pro widget
  11. androidxen

    androidxen Well-Known Member

    Android Agenda Widget. Scrolling calendar, easy access to various functions, gtasks...
  12. Jakaro

    Jakaro Well-Known Member

    i use pure, super customizable
  13. johnbrain

    johnbrain Well-Known Member

    Try calendar pad. I like I can see my weekly calendar by day instead of a runninglist. Sort of like when you print your weekly schedule from Outlook.
  14. behrooz

    behrooz Well-Known Member

    do any of them sync with the google account other than the stock app
  15. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    they can all read the google calender
  16. CFD323

    CFD323 Well-Known Member

    In Jorte, is there a way to make a certain event be highlighted? For instance, I'm a fireman who works 24 hr shifts. When I enter my shift day into my calendar, I check "all day" for the times and when I save and go back to month view, all my shift days are highlighted so I can see them at a quick glance. I can't figure out how to make "all day" events stand out vs my regular events? Any ideas?
  17. AHanks12

    AHanks12 Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean....I'm a cop and I use the calendar for the same thing. The way I do it is, I have different calendars set up for use depending on what the event is. (e.g., work, personal, court, etc...) I then have each calendar color coded. That way when I glance at the calendar in the monthly view, all my work shifts are written in red and all my court dates are green and so on... Hope that helps.
  18. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm using Gemini Calendar. The main thing I like about it is the ability to do recurring event types that the normal calendar can't. Like every other week, stuff like that.

    There is one thing that I would really like to have that I can't find in any calendar program. I want to be able to set or clear the "busy" flag on an event. Any calendars out there that you have tried allow for this?
  19. carlbettag

    carlbettag Member

    I also like the birthday reminders that Facebook provides. Here's how I get them in my calendar:

    1. Run a Sense ROM
    2. Use LauncherPro calendar widget

    voila, all the facebook birthday events turn up in my widget.
  20. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    I have the Incredible (Which uses Sense, obviously) and both the stock calendar and Gemini calendar show my facebook events and birthdays. Though this is new in froyo.
  21. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    if you have facebook for sense installed and set to sync the birthdays are transferred over and onto a calender. this data is in a central database that can be accessed by all the other widgets and such
  22. superchaos

    superchaos Well-Known Member

    I use calendar pad. I use different colors for overtime, birthdays, meetings and holidays. It syncs with the google calendar and sets off the alarm to remind me of stuff.
  23. weihl165

    weihl165 Well-Known Member

    Check out the s2 calendar widget
  24. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I used to own a dinc so I can tell you my opinion. Sense is the best. It is the best scrolling widget around. Second to sense is Launcher Pro Plus's scrolling widget. I use it because I no longer have a sense phone (DX) and I need a scrolling widget.

    I have no LPP on one of my ROMS that I switch off with, so I have Pure Calendar Widget. It's highly configurable, which is a plus, but I still like the others better.
  25. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Well-Known Member

    I really like calendar pad. Light, many different views, and fairly configurable.

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