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  1. Asuryan9

    Asuryan9 Active Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 4, 2010
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    Ok, so I'm new to the smartphone, androids, and the forum.
    Before even registering I read through over 50 pages of topics, so if I ask something and have missed it, I am sorry.

    I read a lot on chargers, and car chargers, but didn't seem to find the answer to this:

    Does someone, third party, verizon, anyone, make a car charger that will charge my incredible fast enough to charge the phone while I use navigation and radio?
    I'm not against spending the right amount to get the right product.


    Oh, BTW, just ordered a HTC 2150 battery, was given a code for FREEOVERNT shipping, don't know if posting said codes is frowned upon, but it works if anyone is interested ;)

  2. DustinF00

    DustinF00 Well-Known Member

    Apr 14, 2010
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    I am pretty sure the VZW Car charger is 1A @ 5v. The HTC Charger is 1A at 5v.

    Anything with those specifications are what is spec'd out for the HTC incredible. You could get something that goes to 1.5A at 5v - but - the phone itself is rated at 1A, so thats what I would stick around.

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