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  1. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    not everyone will be satisfied when it comes to accessories. Some like rugged big cases others like to go naked (the device, not the person, but then again...) Others like the idea of having a kickstand in their cases others don't. Depending on the manufacturer some make sturdier kickstand that don't break easily.

    Either way, I myself like the idea of kickstands (even though I like my Note with a flip cover only to keep it as thin as possible) but there are times I want to place the device on the table and use my hands for something else (cooking, washing, etc) with a kickstand, just pop it out, without one I would have to find something to hold up the phone.

    regardless, I won't be satisifed until I find a cover that extends into a tripod stand. :p


  2. 10sNinja

    10sNinja Active Member

    I ordered the exact same case a week ago purely on its design compared to Seido and Otter. I didn't like Seido's stand off-centre. Didn't like Otter Defender's built-in screen protector, Commuter didn't have kickstand and both cost way more than the one I ordered. Please update us or PM me if you don't mind once you get more info on the upcoming case. Thanks and all the best for 2013. Cheers.
  3. Beetlesauce

    Beetlesauce Active Member

    To chime in on kickstands, I don't like them on my cases as well. However on round-trip Southwest flight for Christmas, I was trying to watch a movie on the food tray by simply holding the phone. Kept switching hands as the hands get tired after a few mins. Then tried to prop it up against anything (magazines, books, drink container etc) but was unsuccessful as phone kept sliding. The stranger sitting across from me saw my struggles and offered up his camera case which was hollow enough to sit my phone inside and view my movie comfortably.

    Basically, now I'm probably gonna get a real cheap case on eBay with a horizontal view kickstand that I can use when travelling. Or maybe someone knows of any kind of phone or case attachment or contraption that can be purchased that will hold a phone on a flat surface and at an angle (preferably adjustable) for use when travelling or at work or school or home etc?
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Do you prefer not having a case or just not having a kickstand?

    If you prefer not having a case, I had mentioned in the accessories thread, a kickstand clip that can be attached to a keychain and can be used when needed. Probably more of what you're looking for and not expensive at all.
  5. acura9927

    acura9927 Active Member

  6. Average_Joe

    Average_Joe New Member

    I am using the Seidio Active Case and holster combo. At first the soft rubber part seemed to slick and I was disappointed but after using it a week it has become more sticky and easier to hold. Better grip so it doesn't fly out of my hand. I love the holster and case combo as its protection and not to bulky. I keep it long side of the phone parallel to my belt and it is ok. Only knocked it to the ground one time when it got hung up on a chair. The phone slides in and out of the holster easily and feels very secure when snapped in place. The one thing that i done like is the soft rubber part between the usb and the glass. The rubber strip between is very thin and when putting it in the holster it pulls away from the phone. The opposite end is the same but with no charger hole at the top its somewhat stronger. They should have made the hard plastic shell hold the phone at those two places for support when putting the phone away into the holster. For now im happy.I saw the defender case and holster on a guys hip and it almost looked like he was carrying a laptop on his belt.
  7. Beetlesauce

    Beetlesauce Active Member

    Prefer not having a kickstand on my case. I already have a case for my $750 investment.

    I decided to order one of the portable key-chain kickstands you mentioned on eBay. Will see how it works. Thanks.
  8. Notetwo

    Notetwo Member

    I love my Otterbox Commuter and could not ever see my phone in any other case.
  9. ren857

    ren857 Well-Known Member

    The defender's holster doubles as a stand.
  10. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    Interesting since I've never had a kickstand break.
    As for "most people" I think that's not accurate as none of us have a clue what most people do.
    I use my kickstand ALL the time and when watching a movie on my phone I don't sit here holding the phone.
  11. steveo52

    steveo52 Active Member

  12. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    Thanks to this thread and poster in my intro thread, I found out about the Glacier Commuter case and managed to cancel my Samsung case order just in time to order a commuter from Amazon cause they only had 6 left!
  13. MiXoLoGiSt

    MiXoLoGiSt Well-Known Member

    Should have got both. Honestly, the Samsung case is nice for when you really just want something thin and protective. I have the Samsung case and the Body Glove TPU case from Sprint and both are great at protecting all parts of the phone while still keeping a thin profile.
  14. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    *shrug* I still have 50% coupon for Samsung accesories through store if I change my mind but the Otterbox commuter Glacier looks so damn nice though and has port covers and included screen protector which is a big bonus. Ordered one from amazon for $35 w/shipping

  15. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    I would buy Commuter in a heartbeat if it would have kickstand ;) Otherwise, maybe it can be used with something like this: GripTight Micro Stand for iPhone, Android and Windows Smartphones which might work as a stand and a grip (when used without tripod attachment). Anything with a steady grip, which is non-permanent, would probably be a good enhancement to Commuter.

    I'm actually hoping that in the next month we will see more case choices from other reputable vendors and eBay cheapo knockoffs. Its about time for them to realize that GN2 is selling in volumes!
  16. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I don't have my other Note 2 with me, but it works well in landscape, but definitely too heavy in portrait.
  17. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Just looked closer at Otterbox Commuter (including some YT links), and still fail to see how is it any better than case I got from eBay

    Maybe I'm naive trying to convince myself about $6.99 (and trust me, money is not an issue), or maybe I should order Commuter just to try it out for comparison, but honestly I don't see any difference, and actually find kickstand as a bonus (for my own personal use).
  18. Fr0stTr0n

    Fr0stTr0n Well-Known Member

    Ewww, don't like that linked case at all visual wise. The big difference is quality of materials used, especially polycorbanate cases and the quality of the silicon/rubber used in the case. And yes, the Otterbox "name" will also command a higher price, such is the nature of marketing.

    Case in point, I found this case at my local mall in a small kiosk that sells a bunch of different cases, especially Iphone *no surprise* This SAME case they had marked up to $20 but it only shows up at $3.50 at Amazon

    The plastic felt very brittle, the stand felt like it would break off after a few uses and the silicon was very cheaply made all around in comparison to the Case Mate Pop! I had earlier for my Note 2.

    The other cases I looked at for the Note 2 had very cheap looking "spray on" paint on cheap two piece plastic cases that "Looked" good but sure as hell didn't have any rubber cushioning or button protection or ANYTHING other then making your phone looked "blinged" out.

    In short, you get what you pay for
  19. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    I have the same case in white. I feel it provides adequate protection for me and it looks much better than the Otterbox. I like the kickstand.

    I saw a video of a guy doing the drop test with both the Defender and Commuter. He ended up hurling his phone off his roof. After about the 3rd time be busted his phone up. But he had to work hard to do it. The "normal" drop scenarios he duplicated were impressive with no damage anywhere on the phone with either the Defender or the Commuter.

    So, I am convinced that if you want a case that offers the best protection, you want an Otterbox. I would have one on my phone if they had one with a flip cover. The protective screen cover isn't enough protection for when the phone is in my purse. I worry about it banging up against something and the screen getting cracked. I modified my Amazon kickstand case to fit with the OEM flip cover. I feel it's a good amount of protection. I'm sure it wouldnt survive being hurled off a rooftop but I'll just stay off the roof.
  20. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Interesting. Do you mind taking a picture of how it looks combined/modifed? I assume you are talking about OEM flip cover and similar rugged hybrid case I posted in my review? I'm waiting for one of those OEM flip covers (as part of Sammy giveaway), and wondering how would it work with that case. Did you have to cut some pieces out? I mean, the lip of the case around the screen will prevent flip cover from opening? Thanks!
  21. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    So does that mean $20 case you saw at the mall was of a better quality than one from Amazon for $3.50? ;)

    I do agree with all of your points. I have ordered already a few cheap eBay cases and have seen their poor quality; so I do have a point of reference. Trust me, this particular one I'm talking about has high quality inner soft silicone layer and hard rubberized outer plastic - most likely the same high impact polycarb case, flexible with enough strength rigidity. It does wraps around similar to Commuter case and offers the same protection. I wish any of the local stores would carry Commuter for me to try it out for A/B comparison; I hope BB will start carrying it soon cause I would hate to order/return from Amazon just for test purpose.
  22. Corki2

    Corki2 Well-Known Member

    Yes I had to cut the kickstand rubber bumper and the wrap around plastic piece on the flip side. Another guy modded his by cutting a hole for that flip side plastic piece but I didn't want to cut my flip case. I have several flip cases in different colors and they all look great with the white bumper case.
    uploadfromtaptalk1357416799712.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1357416826900.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1357416853596.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1357416869373.jpg
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  23. UPS92008

    UPS92008 Active Member

    I like my otterbox commuter case. Really sturdy. Good thing too. Its really hard to hold onto. Its been dropped 10 times now. Ill prolly try sideo case. I had one on my evo4g and it never fell outta my hand.
    The bodyglove case that I had on it was really grippy. Just didnt give me the protection I wanted. Funny because it never fell outta anybody's hand.
  24. 956moe

    956moe Member

  25. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Wow, that looks cool!!! First of all, I didn't even know they had an option for all white case. As you have seen, my plastic part is black. Looks great as black'n'white, but the flip case I'm getting from Samsung is mint color (the only decent color they had during that giveaway). White and mint will go together great, will have to see how the black will add into that mix. But I definitely like how it looks! Can you flip cover all the way to the back? If so, wouldn't it be an issue taking pictures since it will block the camera? What if you make a cutout in the flip cover so you can flip it to the back and have opening aligned with a camera?

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