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  1. rsdmems

    rsdmems Member

    Unless I'm missing something, the Commuter doesn't appear to have a belt clip and kickstand.

  2. edlex

    edlex Well-Known Member

    Sorry I read your post too fast and missed that part.
  3. ren857

    ren857 Well-Known Member

    I have. All you have to do is pull it off. No cutting needed. Those Defender screen protectors make these beautiful screens look horrible.
  4. IO01

    IO01 Active Member

    Horrible or not, I cannot fathom removing the built-in screen protector from the Defender. I refuse to have a naked screen, and I refuse to use a stick-on screen protector. When I had the iPhone 4S, I used an Otterbox Defender case. A scratch-free screen is more important to me than a not-so-beautiful screen because of the built-in screen protector. Just my humble opinion.
  5. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    I'm guessing black is a more popular color....but to who? It's been so long that I had a black case. Since colors seemed to be a problem I started getting all mine from Fortte-Leather Cases.
  6. Liam548

    Liam548 Well-Known Member

    it arrived today but is going back, as I really wanted a UK version not EU, clove are sending me one which will be a proper UK version
  7. XstitchCowgirl

    XstitchCowgirl Well-Known Member

    Trident is coming out with Kraken case mid Nov and Aegia beginning of Dec !! Like the looks of Tridents over otterbox. Have used otterbox before and quality is not always good. Plus they don't have colors on a lot of their cases
  8. cajunshay

    cajunshay New Member

    You can pre-order on however they are only doing the cases in an off white or black. I asked why thwy have all the cool colors in the iphone and the salesman explained to me that most of their customers are apple users. I want COLOR!! I'm a nurse and a girl, i carry a lot of crap i want something bright ao i can find it. So, im foing with trident case. Never tried it before but they have color!! The note ii is suppose to be a BIG HIT this year i wander how many others arw going to over look the otterbox cause they cater to iphone users ONLY!
  9. stillhere153

    stillhere153 New Member

  10. BleedingPurist

    BleedingPurist Well-Known Member

    Why is it so difficult to find any videos of the official case, non-flip!? There isn't even any of the GS3 version. This case seems to be the least obtrusive while providing protection.
  11. Liam548

    Liam548 Well-Known Member

    have you got a link to this case, even a photo?
  12. BleedingPurist

    BleedingPurist Well-Known Member

  13. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    Yep pretty much out of stock everywhere, looks a good cover though.
  14. Liam548

    Liam548 Well-Known Member

    that looks quite good, looks to offer full side protection?

    is this avialable in the UK?
  15. BleedingPurist

    BleedingPurist Well-Known Member

    I figured it was just too soon. What I find to be odd is the lack of any YouTube videos of the GS3 version, which has had plenty of time.

    There aee a wealth of flip-cover case videos for both. I don't see the point and it will be cumbersome for video or photo taking.
  16. rsdmems

    rsdmems Member

    Okay, thanks!
  17. nlitenme

    nlitenme Well-Known Member

    I agree with you guys. I like this case because it looks like it'll provide good protection without adding too much bulk. Also, being from Samsung, it should fit well.

    I'm in the US & have this case on the way to me. Not sure why it wouldn't be available to you in the UK. I couldn't find it for sale anywhere else but Samsung's website.
  18. SoulSmilen

    SoulSmilen Well-Known Member

  19. wyndslash

    wyndslash Well-Known Member

  20. XstitchCowgirl

    XstitchCowgirl Well-Known Member

    So agree! And have told them also. I want color!!!!
  21. SoulSmilen

    SoulSmilen Well-Known Member

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  22. Liam548

    Liam548 Well-Known Member

    Galaxy Note

    I need to know where I can get this in the UK, any ideas?

    It is the official black cover that looks to fully protect the sides. I think black would be the best option for titanium.
  23. nlitenme

    nlitenme Well-Known Member

    Can you get it from any of these sites?

    Coque Clipsable EFC-1J9BBE pour Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 - Noire

    Tapa protectora adicional Samsung EFC-1J9BBE para Note2 - Accesorios para mviles -

    Grohandel Handy & Mobilfunk Zubehr | Distribution | Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories | EFC-1J9BBE Original Samsung Protectiv Cover f
  24. Liam548

    Liam548 Well-Known Member

  25. nlitenme

    nlitenme Well-Known Member


    Out of curiosity I checked to see how much it would cost for me to send you one & the economy shipping alone was over $100!

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