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Best Case For Optimus VTips

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  1. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    Anyone know of a case with a lanyard/wrist-strap built in, or a place to attach a lanyard? I had a wrist lanyard on my last phone and I'm REALLY afraid I'm going to drop the new Optimus because I expect the lanyard to catch it.

  2. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

  3. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    Beware of those two piece snap on cases from ebay. I've had two with no hard use on my phone, and the clips that snap them together break.

    They actually didn't snap together very good on the upper right hand corner to begin with... must be something with the design of the phone.
  4. Positive P

    Positive P Well-Known Member

    My V is sporting the Otterbox for Optimus S. Fits like it was built for the V! Its the exact same phone, save for some obvious Virgin Mobile bs.
  5. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I just picked up this case from Amazon. It feels like it was made for the Optimus V. I was hoping it would be much bigger because I wanted to put my Optimus V in an Otterbox in it.

    My Otterbox should be here today, then I'll try and find another case like this that it will fit with the Otterbox.
  6. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    I got a case in a bulk order, here: Leather Case Cover Pouch for ATT Samsung Eternity A867 - eBay (item 330547511003 end time Mar-31-11 08:40:42 PDT)

    It's pretty big... I am still waiting for my Otterbox to get here to see if it fits, though. I can't guarantee it right now, but when I get my OB, I'll let you know.
  7. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    Okay. Instead of waiting it out, I took a few pictures to kind of give an idea of how much space the case actually has.

    I can fit my phone in bare with about 1cm left to spare.

    I decided to have a "demo" with my phone case (no phone inside, since I had to take the pictures with the phone).

    You can see how thick the case is, and then the other pictures show how the case closes fine over it, and how much room is left.




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  8. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    The EXACT same thing happened to me, but from Amazon. I must not have been paying attention, because I ordered from a seller instead of Amazon itself. I am a prime member, so I get 2nd day free shipping.
  9. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

    Not a snarky question -- what's so great about the Otterbox case?
  10. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Durability. Think of a nerf football with a hollow spot in the center for your phone, then shrink the football down until it is just larger than your phone.

    I watched a buddy take his iPhone 4 out of his pocket fumble with it, then drop it. He tried a couple times to catch it in midair, only ended up pushing up higher. It landed face down on the concrete. He picked it up and it was fine.
  11. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Thanks for those images DCBlueStar. I may try and snag one of these cases too. Any chance I could get you to take a shot (or just compare it to mine) of the back? Mine has a belt hook and also two loops (to thread a belt through).


    I want to make sure it has the two loops.
  12. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    Same exact back on it! Shouldn't be any problem, just a bigger case.
  13. xrae

    xrae Well-Known Member

  14. tismon

    tismon New Member

    One of the reasons that I was considering the optimus even while still looking at sprint's plans was for the size. a 4" screen is too big for my pocket. So I wanted a thin rubberized case and the best one I've found is oddly the actual sprint one. Bought the common cheap one from amazon as well and the quality is very different. It feels thinner, but still protects really well, is slick enough that it slides in my pocket, but holds well, doesn't conflict with ports of buttons (also doesn't add extra on the sides to cover any buttons; instead has fit holes), and doesn't collect dust. Honestly, I couldn't have designed it better myself.

    My only complaint is that it only comes in a two pack; one black and one purple. I guess I'll keep the purple one for if I somehow ruin this one.
  15. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    Just got notice they're shipping me the correct Otterbox now. Hopefully it really is the right case.
  16. Jumanjii

    Jumanjii Member

  17. adam97202

    adam97202 Well-Known Member

    I've been using a simple silicone sleeve, but I wanted the option to have more protection, and a clip, so I got this one the other day:

    Body Glove Mesh Smartphone Universal Case

    It fits the Optimus V very well, and it's possible to do some limited swiping and tapping through the clear plastic window. The only big problem I've found so far is that the case covers up the proximity sensor, so it's impossible to get the screen to come on while you're talking on the phone!
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  18. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    I'm interested a purchasing a complete one piece silicone piece that I can put my phone inside of... have any of you found anything like this?

    iPod users may know what I'm talking about... in essence, I want a full piece to use when I don't want the heavy duty Otterbox on, but I want the full piece because I want my "play time" case to not fall into two pieces if dropped.
  19. GoHybrid67

    GoHybrid67 Active Member

    I ordered one of those Monaco leather flip case on ebay, just came in yesterday, and I love it. I wanted something similar to the flip case I had for my now retired PDA (I actually borrowed the PDA case - nearly the same size as my phone - to protect it until I figured out which case to buy), which allowed me to use it without having to remove it from the case every time.

    I looked at the book style case as well, but didn't like the way that one had the opening for the camera; when the phone is jammed in my purse, what was to stop the lens from getting scratched, so I went with the flip for the extra camera protection.

    So far so good. It's a perfect fit for the V, and is much more user friendly than the PDA case I'd been storing it in for the last month. :)
  20. smankins

    smankins Well-Known Member

    I used a Skinomi screen protector for the Optimus S and it did leave a very small portion of the screen uncovered but not enough to be a problem. I have ordered a Body Glove two part case but it is not here yet so no opinion on that one yet.
  21. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    I just got my OtterBox and installed it on the phone. The phone w/ OtterBox DOES fit in that belt case.
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  22. DCBlueStar

    DCBlueStar Well-Known Member

    I recommend Skinomi. I haven't had a "non covering" issue... and I got mine for $8.95 (with THIS PROMO CODE), guaranteed/warranteed for life.

    Got an OtterBox... the Commuter for the LG Optimus... it also comes with a hard screen protector included.

    Then there's THIS CASE that fits the phone WITH the OtterBox installed.
  23. ap3604

    ap3604 Well-Known Member

    It's a damn shame that the Optimus phones don't have a Incipio Feather type case that is super thin (less than 1mm)

    The phone is tiny and even the silicone cases are too thick imo :(

    Anyone know of a thin, I mean SUPER THIN, Optimus V case?
  24. Softtailrider

    Softtailrider New Member

    Body glove and zagg screen protector is what I have. Im happy :)
  25. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

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