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  1. andy2322

    andy2322 Well-Known Member

    looking for a black case something that don't peel screen protecter off..

  2. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    If you have a decent screen protector thats been put on properly then theres no reason for it to peel off.

    Personally i have an Invisishield on my Galaxy S screen and a PDAIR case that opens vertically, and i've had that for about 6 months and its safe to say the screen protector wont be peeling off anytime soon if ever.

    Personally i would go for something leather, perhaps something by PDAIR, avoid Silicone cases, as all they do is trap grease under them and lose shape and tightness after a while.

    PDair HTC Desire HD A9191 Accessories

    You'll be able to find most of the above on ebay.
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  3. big_mike

    big_mike Well-Known Member

    ive had 3 cases.

    silicone was ok but didn't show the phone of very well :S and looked cheap.

    Case Mate 'Barely There' was nice and slim but didn't protect the front of the aluminium when i dropped it which miffed me a little.

    Case Mate POP which is an awesome case no problems with it nice size and looks good.
  4. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    I like Otterbox defender... back ordered on the site right now but definitely the best out there.
  5. andy2322

    andy2322 Well-Known Member

  6. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    I've got an otterbox and works alright, dropped it several times now and it's done its job. do take it off when im wearing a suit however...the additional padding does add alot of bulk...
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  7. TelusMilestone

    TelusMilestone Well-Known Member

    Ahh thanks for the info, they are now back in stock on website. I have a co-worker bringing me one back from Nova Scotia.

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