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  1. liquidiieee

    liquidiieee Member

    I'm really missing the loss of my BBM since switching over from my Blackberry Curve. I've been trying to find an app that supports group chat with my friends who are still on their Blackberries. Can anyone make a suggestion? I know that Google Talk supports group chat, but from what I remember that option wasn't available on the Blackberry version.

    We tried Windows Live Mobile, but then there's always that annoying issue of WLM booting the BB users after being idle for a few minutes. I'm currently trying MSN Talk, but I'm not crazy about that particular app and MSN Droid (I think that's what it was called) kept crashing on me. And from what I remember, AIM and Yahoo chat don't offer group chat, but I could be wrong.

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  2. liquidiieee

    liquidiieee Member

    Sorry for the bump, but does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Eshyn

    Eshyn Well-Known Member

    Tell them to buy Incredible's?
  4. Impex

    Impex Member

    and it would be awesome if you could post pics too like in bbm...
  5. Mughato

    Mughato Active Member

    There's a new one out, bb app awaiting approval. Works with droids, iPhones and berrys.

    LuciD messenger

    Will be testing this when the berry app becomes available.
  6. dak244

    dak244 Well-Known Member

    I definitely really miss this feature as well. Threading TXT's in Android ends up being a lot like BBM, but its still not the same.

    How sick would it be if there was an app that allowed you to chat on BBM (I know this will never happen, but one can dream...)
  7. jbdan

    jbdan Well-Known Member

    Any IM app will do what you want. I was a BB user and used BBM all the time that and it's superior email push kept me with them. One thing though....BBM was not as reliable as a SMS. Meaning how fast my client got the message. SMS is more consistent and reliable imo.

    Have you played with google talk? BB users have that app. I would think windows live messenger or yahoo would be the same.
  8. mas90guru

    mas90guru Well-Known Member

    Google Talk is on the DI and also available free for the BB
  9. liquidiieee

    liquidiieee Member

    When I still had the BB, I prepared for the switch over to the Incredible by testing out GTalk. From what I remember, we were unable to start a group chat, despite BB App World touting that it is capable of doing so. Right now, I'm just waiting for my friends to accept their invites to GTalk to see if I can get this work, I have my fingers crossed! :D

    As I mentioned in the previous post, we have tried other IM apps. WLM keeps dropping the BB users once they go idle when in a group chat, but it doesn't seem to do this when it is just a one on one convo, so this app doesn't work for us.

    With Yahoo, from what I remember, we were also unable to do group chats, I think, and the same went for AIM. But this was also a few weeks back, I suppose there's a chance that updates have come out, but I'm not sure.

    I never had any problems with BBM, I loved it. Sad to say, but it was my favorite feature of the phone next to the sound profile settings. LOL.

    And thanks for the tip on Lucid, Mughato, I'll definite give that a look if GTalk doesn't work out.
  10. Robhimself

    Robhimself Well-Known Member

    I hear ya BBM and the sound profiles are the only things that android doesn't have down. G talk will probably get better and the sound profiles will eventually come to andoid im sure, it just has to, its such a good feature for a smart phone to have. The one thing I do miss however is BIS, it really worked a lot better than the push on my incredible but having to delete my account and re add it once every few days is totally worth it for the super hot phone.
  11. liquidiieee

    liquidiieee Member

    I was reading the reviews for the LuciD app on the Marketplace and what users are saying isn't exactly very encouraging. Only two and a half stars. There are many complaints about the app not being dependable, force closing and privacy issues. Given, some of the negative reviews are a few weeks old, but is there anyone else here who personally uses this app?:confused:
  12. ChiTownJim

    ChiTownJim Well-Known Member

    Yeah it's a shame someoen can't develop an app that would let you use BBM on other devices , maybe something that gave you a pin so the BBM service just thought you were another blackberry lol. I use Ebuddy ocassionally to do Facebook chat it works really well and has a great looking interface.
  13. vjetti

    vjetti Active Member

    I use Meebo - sign into Gtalk, AIM, and Facebook chat all at once. Not sure about group chats tho...
  14. liquidiieee

    liquidiieee Member

    It's sad to see that a good number of people have found that the best part about their Blackberry was BBM. Maybe they should just stop making the phone and focus only on a multiplatform BBM app. There's an app that I would actually pay for. Maybe RIM is just trying to hold their users hostage. "Don't leave, we have BBM!" :p

    Maybe I need to find someone who I can commission an app from. All I need is group chat that doesn't constantly drop. Oh, and some cute emoticons would be nice too. LOL. :)
  15. cartisdm

    cartisdm Well-Known Member

    That's too bad, but from just a preliminary viewing this app seems pretty new and I'm okay with it having a few bugs. As long as they listen to their customers and are constantly working to create a better chat client. I too want a group chat feature so I can still keep in touch with my BB friends just like we did on BBM. Hope they release a BB version soon!!!!
  16. eatfishy

    eatfishy Guest

    I just created an app that'll work you communicate with android, blackberry and iphone users. It have a few chat rooms and eventually, I'll let member create their own private chat room to chat with friends. It's actually a web application, so all you need to do is type the URL in the web browser:
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