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  1. toofastgtp

    toofastgtp Active Member

    I have been using data counter widget as i like seeing on my home screen what i have been using. My issue is it is not accurate.

    It shows i have used 41 megs off cell data.
    But if i log into att account it shows i have used 80megs


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello toofastgtp.

    Data tracking is quite the moving target. You'd think that it would be straightforward and simple; just a matter of it adding up as we use it. ;)

    But the apparatus that keeps track of those things at the carrier, and our device's counters and apps for that, just don't have the same information tallied at the same time. Not only that, "data" to the device is not exactly the same as "data" to the machines at the carrier. I've seen it lean both ways, with them coming up with less than what my phone is reporting to me, and vice versa.

    Maybe we're supposed to take an average: add theirs and ours together and divide by 2. :confused: :D
  3. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    I am using 3g watchdog and netcounter (which also tracks wifi usage) I wanted to see which one might be closer to what att says I have used. So att account says 9.66mb, 3g watchdog says im at 19.38mb, and netcounter says cell 6.31 & wifi 72.34. Im not sure why 3g watchdog is showing an extra 10mb but I did often wonder if 3g was including some wifi only because I noticed when I'm on wifi the count on watch dog goes up occasionally (I'm on wifi like 90% of my day)
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  4. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    just go to phone and dial

    *3282# or *DATA#

    at&t will send you a text and let you know how much data you have used.

    I think it updates every morning. It also lets you know when your billing cycle is over so you know about how many days you have left to use heavy data
  5. joshfrisco

    joshfrisco Member

    Stats Free

    -Sebastian Schuler
  6. Dragonsbane

    Dragonsbane Member

    Honestly the data system for keeping track on att is really lagged, I used to work for them , takes a few days to gather all the data n various towers, so what ever it shows on your account is usually low. especially if you are in a area with tmobile or other carrier towers
  7. erwaso

    erwaso Well-Known Member

    I use 3g watchdog. Just started a few days ago but if it shows more usage than im usig thats god for me since i have the 200mb plan and i dnt want to go over
  8. thegleam227

    thegleam227 Member

    3G Watchdog was telling me that I had used about 85mb of my 200mb plan, but when I checked with AT&T (*3282#) I realized I was actually at about 160mb. So yeah...definitely not going to rely on that one anymore.
  9. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Ok, I realize people are trying to save a few bucks by doing the 200MB plan for $15.

    But, think for a minute, and see how this isn't the way to go.

    If you go over the 200MB on the plan, you're charged $10.00 for another 200MB. (Ok, you could already have had 2GB total for that addtl $100.)

    If you go over on the 2gb plan (which you could have had already had you signed up for that plan @ $25 anyway)..... If you go over, you get another 1GB for $10.

    So, what makes sense? I'd rather have a higher limit anyway.

    Also, I'd rather pay $10 for 1GB instead of $10 for 200MB.

    200MB data plan = 6.5 MB a day roughly (which IS NOT much on a smartphone).

    I realize the dataplans are pitiful in the first place, but we have to use what's available, and 2GB is definately better than 200MB, Even for $10 more a month ! ! ! !

    Of course, AT&T with its tiered usage patterns is just trying to milk customers for all they can. :mad:

  10. LittleAnt

    LittleAnt Well-Known Member

    yup. the 200MB data plan is definitely NOT designed for Androids!
  11. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    You got that right, and thanks for the agreement!!

    So, anyone who thinks they are saving $10 will definately see its NOT
    the plan to choose.

    10X the data usage for $10 more... That's a no brainer.

    (i'm wondering how AT&T came up with this pricing structure in the first place).

  12. chongwj

    chongwj New Member

    THe things is, I almost have wifi access everywhere, work & home. So data is only needed when no wifi available.

    In long run, you r saving more. $120 a year.
  13. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Everyone's use and needs are different . . . .

    I'd rather have a bigger allowance, and no overages!!!

    Everyone has choices to make.

  14. RigelX

    RigelX Well-Known Member

    It'd be cool if they came up with a rollover plan for data...maybe cap it at double 1-months-worth. I love having that buffer on my voice plan, even though I rarely need it.
  15. greg4android

    greg4android Well-Known Member

    Great idea but that will never happen. Its loss of revenue for AT&T.

  16. thegleam227

    thegleam227 Member

    The only reason I'm stuck with a 200mb data plan is that i'm still on my dad's bill (which i'm not complaining about...). I am also within wi-fi range most of the time so it's not much of an issue, but as soon as I have a constant income I'll be sure to jump up to a bigger plan so that I can take full advantage of the phone.

    That said, AT&T is very good at screwing over it's customers in some way no matter what phone/plan you go with.
  17. pauliux

    pauliux New Member

    I am using mobile counter pro 3G, wifi this program for android.

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