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  1. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Currently these are the best deals on the Casio G'zOne Commando for Verizon Wireless:

    -- $199.99 at Verizon Wireless
    -- $99.99 at Amazon

    Feel free to post deals you find and Guides/Mods/Admins feel free to update this post with the best deals!

  2. spmillsii

    spmillsii Member

    Wirefly NewEgg both $19.99 for new or upgrade family primary secondary price is $79.99.
  3. mitch04

    mitch04 Active Member

    Hey could anyone please tell me if and where I can buy this Casio
  4. Dpsammy

    Dpsammy Member

    I bought mine from Amazon. The $19.99 price is for a new account. Mine was an upgrade, so the price jumped to $79.99. But, shipping was free and there are no taxes. Total price was $79.99. The price at a Verizon store was $266 out the door.

    Can't help you on the Australia question....
  5. gioakjoe

    gioakjoe Active Member

    I was kinda of mad caz Verizon just gave me a early upgrade but I couldn't use it on amazon... I had to shell out the $199 for the phone on instead of the $79 :( but on the other side i got an early upgrade and I am super excited for it to get here.

    Its crazy how Amazon can be so much cheaper just wish i was qualified for that upgrade.
  6. katoom400

    katoom400 Well-Known Member

    $19.99 for family plan upgrade today on and
  7. Dpsammy

    Dpsammy Member

    I paid $79.99 on Amazon Wireless. I saw the other post about Wirefly. I went there, and sure enough, I could have bought the phone for $19.99. I was hoping that when I clicked "upgrade" it would switch to $79.99 like it did with Amazon. I could have bought the charging cradle and a belt case for that money. I hate buyer's remorse!

    The phone is supposed to be here tomorrow. I keep watching the reviews. The "professional reviewers" are pretty hard on the camera and bugginess. But, on the Verizon website, the real users are ranking it high. Cautiously optimistic here.....
  8. xero287

    xero287 Member

    Just got my for 19.99 on newegg! =) Love it.
  9. MoreYummy

    MoreYummy Well-Known Member

    do you sign any plan with it?
  10. xero287

    xero287 Member

    I renewed my existing plan (upgraded). That's all. It really only too about 6 minutes too so it's clearly the better route to take rather than going to Verizon and paying up the bum for a waste of time.
  11. MoreYummy

    MoreYummy Well-Known Member

    how is your plan? just upgrade and have same thing as before?
  12. xero287

    xero287 Member

    Yep, Keep everything the same. Unless you want add'l charges that you did not originally have.
  13. bassplyr

    bassplyr Active Member

    I am on a family plan and tried to use an available upgrade on one of my other lines via Amazon. Amazon can't do the upgrade transfer to my line - the line they upgrade has to keep the same number for 181 days. Anyone know any workarounds?

  14. m00kfu

    m00kfu New Member

    So are there any deals out there that you don't have to be eligible for Verizon's new every two upgrade thing?
  15. xero287

    xero287 Member

    You never Have to be eligible, you would just get the phone at a cheaper price if you are.
  16. ralphtaz

    ralphtaz New Member

    The Best Deal around is FREE...I got mine for free as an upgrade with my plan with VZ paid zero plus got free fedex shipping...:D
  17. lodom

    lodom Well-Known Member

    VZW price now at $150
  18. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

    Its always nice to pay $160 for something just to hear less than two months later someone got it for free
  19. kmacinct

    kmacinct New Member

    Can anyone explain how these places like Amazon, Wirefly, & New Egg do it for these prices? Both Best Buy and VZW want 199.99 for this phone right now.

    I'm about to return to BB and return it (still in my 30 days). Wish I actually looked at this thread sooner!

  20. lodom

    lodom Well-Known Member

    Just make sure you read all the fine print with the 3rd party stores. You can really save money if you have all your ducks in a row. Can be a really big pain if you don't. In some cases, the $200 is worth it:(
  21. lodom

    lodom Well-Known Member

    The best "brick and mortar" store deal I've seen is Sam's Club $48.99.
  22. CUTiger2011

    CUTiger2011 New Member

    Got a commando online today as a VZW upgrade for $49.99 and free shipping.
  23. lodom

    lodom Well-Known Member

    Doesn't a rapid price drop historically indicate an EOL or possibly a hardware update?
  24. lodom

    lodom Well-Known Member

    This phone is the likely successor to my aged HTC Eris but I'm worried that by the time my upgrade date arrived on Sept 11 that it will be relegated to the dusty section of the store.
  25. Noam Sirius

    Noam Sirius New Member

    If it makes you feel any better, they're dust-proof...


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