Best Do it Your Self App creating site/software?

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  1. techz101

    techz101 New Member

    I'm interested in getting my feet wet with developing android apps, really I'm just interested in creating some educational/information based apps right now. I have seen a lot of those do it your self app creating sites out there, these sites help you piece together apps with no/little coding, a lot look promising. But I really don't know which of these sites I should try out, does anyone out there know much about these sites and which ones might be the better ones with more functionality?

  2. techz101

    techz101 New Member

    anyone know much about this? I have been searching through all of these services the past couple days.
  3. walpow

    walpow Well-Known Member

    The app creation sites I've seen (I've used Conduit Mobile) basically let you take an existing website and turn it into an app. They work off an RSS feed and reformat the data into something that looks good on a phone or tablet. They're an alternative to having a mobile version of your site, but if you want an app that "does something," they're no help.

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