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  1. Carbon

    Carbon Member

    What is your best drawing app?

    I've tried Draw!, Draw(er), and MagicMarker, but I dunno, they each have their pros and cons and can't find one that suits me well. I'm not looking for Photoshop on my phone, but something better than a colored line. So what is your best drawing app?

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

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  3. ari-free

    ari-free Well-Known Member

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  4. Carbon

    Carbon Member

  5. Jasp182

    Jasp182 Member

  6. frankbonatelli

    frankbonatelli Well-Known Member

    I have been useing SketchBook mobile with great success on my Nook cm7. Its a very nice app very similar to ArtRage (long time user of artrage on the mac) which is out for iPad.
  7. JoeMamma

    JoeMamma New Member

    A fun app that my kids love is finger painting book. It is a coloring book and it's really easy for kids to use. The painting is realistic (variable size and pressure sensitivity) and it has music, sound effects, and voice recognition. There is a demo and a full version for $.99. It's really new and is just for tablets. Runs great on my Xoom.


    full version
  8. civilordergone

    civilordergone New Member

  9. ejnmn

    ejnmn New Member

    I've checked out most of the apps. I cut vinyl for signs, and want to design signs and logos on my tablet. I need a drawing tool that lets me create polylines and then edit their points and curves. I don't really know how to describe it. I'd call it vector editing, but that doesnt give any results. Basically, my cutter software will take eps or ai, but i need it to be wireframe, cutting paths.
  10. treecrab

    treecrab New Member

    @ejnmn +1 - I think.
    What I am looking for is something that will let me draw a shape (rectangle, circle, hexagon, octagon, polygon, etc...). Then duplicate (align, rotate, etc...) that shape. The ones I've been able to find seem to be more oriented towards pixel editing.
  11. ejnmn

    ejnmn New Member

    Right! The next step from that is to draw a shape and then (on the desktops we say) "Edit Points"... so I can draw a square, add a point, make it 5 sided, then change the corner points to curve points, etc...

    Pretty normal fare on a desktop editor. I suppose it takes CPU that was unavailable to early phones, but I now have a tablet with a quad core and a gpu... it should be able to handle this!!
  12. Ashe

    Ashe New Member

    I think this is the best thread to let you know that I
  13. blackdog709

    blackdog709 Well-Known Member

    Autodesk's Sketchbook Mobile
    Very nice stable app, with lot's of draw tools, work with photos, and layer functionality.
    Very nice.
  14. theResistance

    theResistance New Member

    I used Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile before and I really like it, but I have never heard of SMall ARTtools. I gave it a try and I am happy I did. Today I used both programs a lot so I decided to make a quick comparison based on my first experiences:
    (In the parenthesis you can always see the program that scores better in the topic.)

    Stability: Both seem to be very stable. I did not have any FC during testing.

    Application size: Sketchbook is 11.9 MB on phone and 464 KB on SD card. Small ARTtools is 1.1 MB on phone and 188 KB on SD card.
    (SMall ARTtools)

    Image size: Sketchbook has a fixed canvas size, I guess it is your screen
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  15. asymmetryg

    asymmetryg Member

    Try also Asymmetry Paint:

    It's designed to be a digital sketchbook, easy to use, letting you concentrate on creating beautiful artworks.

    Has quick access to change color, opacity, brush, size - without the interface getting in the way, or having to go through several screens to change a setting.
  16. Natch_Elm

    Natch_Elm New Member

    Thanks to theResistance for your helpful report on these two apps. Do you know if either of these create edit-able points on the drawing path?
  17. Natch_Elm

    Natch_Elm New Member

    @ejnmn Did you find something? I am in need of the same.
  18. mikmikmik

    mikmikmik New Member

  19. ipersian

    ipersian Well-Known Member

    Try sketch n draw, very cool!
  20. Llerd

    Llerd New Member

  21. paulish

    paulish New Member

    Have any of you looked at Infinet Design?
  22. cjami

    cjami Member

  23. cheesepuffs

    cheesepuffs New Member

    Another really useful Android app to create vector art is Vector Artist
    It's kind of like having proper PC vector art software on your android... almost! It saves in SVG which can be used with most vector art software. And also you can share the PNGs on Tumblr or Dropbox (if you have them installed) which is useful.
  24. zanoni

    zanoni New Member

    I'm the developer of Doodledroid. I've just released the latest update as a free app. I plan on keeping it free (there is a donation button). There are some interesting features for you doodlers out there including pressure sensitivity (you don't have to have a pen in a lot of cases), landscape mode, auto-save etc. Also, I believe my brushes are fairly unique, and typically perform good even on older devices.

    There's a short video and more info out on Google Play Store.
  25. georgekar91

    georgekar91 New Member

    Touchdraw is by far the best for me with support for svg, emf and visio import/export as well as pdf export. it also supports all basic illustrator features

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