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best drum kit app?

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  1. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    i am trying to find one that uses multitouch and will allow me to play quickly without lag i find that all the free drum apps are junk, single touch, and laggy oh and junk. has anyone tryed any of the paid drum apps? and are they any good? meet my criteria?

  2. Bunjiweb

    Bunjiweb Well-Known Member

    Me to, I was looking through last night and I honestly think it doesn't exist yet on Android. All the best sounds / featured ones don't have multi-touch. The ones that CLAIM to have multi touch seemingly don't, either that or we are just too good at drumming for the touch screen to keep up with.

  3. Mr.Transistor

    Mr.Transistor Well-Known Member

    another problem they seem to have is the samples will fail and so it becomes mute... why can noone get this right. but seriously i would like to know if anyone may have tryed one of the paid ones?
  4. androidized

    androidized Active Member

    A drum kit app would be great, i've tried some for the piano but most are really bad.
  5. LumpyLouis

    LumpyLouis Active Member

    Yeah i dont get it. I had 4 or 5 really responsive multitouch drum apps for my ipod touch. I just got my evo a couple days ago and this was one of the first things i looked for on android. I hope that now that hardware is really starting to catch up with apple we will see more quality apps with high performance
  6. Jwinth

    Jwinth New Member

    Drum kit - a pro drum set is what I am using. No multitouch on the free version but i am not sure if the paid version has it.

    Ive tried most of the apps for android and this is buy far the best. Sure it is not easy to play without multi touch and thats why i love it. Ill buy a multitouch version for my kids to play with when one is availabe but its linear only for me!! :D:D
  7. mikeGeezay

    mikeGeezay Member

    Uloops is a really good beatmaker app. You should check it out. You can even record your own songs if you really wanted to. Not too sure if you wanted actual drum set or just something to create beats.
  8. frostedjdog

    frostedjdog New Member

    I am the developer of virtual instruments - drums and virtual instruments - drumpro. There is an issue with the way the android API handles touch events. This causes some lag. There are supposed to be improvements with Android 2.3.

    I have tried to elimate as much lag as possible with the current android API. Give it a try. The paid version has multi-touch for $.99. The free version does not but has a swipe mode which is also fun.

    Any feedback (positive or negative) would be appreciated.
  9. gabba-hey

    gabba-hey Member


    After reading this thread, I purchased the paid version.

    As a life-long drummer, the first thing I noticed, is on the Rock Kit, the tom above the snare is out of sequence with the next tom (to it's right side). A typical generic 5 pc kit (for right handed players), typically has the higher pitched tom above the snare on the left (typically a 12 inch tom), the next tom over to the right (above the bass kick drum) is usually a 13 inch tom, and the floor tom is usually to the far right. Everything seems to be in order, except for the sequence of the toms above the bass drum (kick).

    I really do like the tones of the rock kit. They sound pretty authentic.

    My only other suggestion would be, if there were a way to export/record patterns, that would be fantastic!

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  10. ianmere

    ianmere New Member

    Hi Guys, I've just released a drumming app for Beta testing, it will only be available for 10days so grab it while you can.

    search the market for "Drums HD Custom BETA VERSION"

    or find it here

    As frostedJdog says, there's an issue with android which is causing a audio latency issue, but we are dealing with it a best we can, when google sorts this out you can be sure our app's will be updated soon after.

    Mine is definitely multi-touch, also pressure sensitive (if supported) and resizeable / arrangeable, enjoy.

    Happy drumming :)
  11. pbrian

    pbrian New Member


    i'm planning to buy galaxy tab 10.1, will this work on the tab?

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