Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. mangustelis

    mangustelis Member

    Maybe this one is good but i will not buy it for some important (for me) reasons:
    1. I need dual sim phone, i have samsung E2152 - only for this function i love.
    2. I'm looking for phone with at leat 3.0 mega pixel cam, GPS, dual sim and android system. So i know only two phones: G1315 and V350. V350 is coming, about v1315 - no any sign.
    3. I have Samsung I5500 - looks nice, but not dual sim, camera only 2.0 Mpixel, and screen 2.8" for GPS a little bit too small, for video - either. This one have resolution 240x320 and its too small for me. For other parameters - ok. I'm looking for phone, not for personal computer :D, so bigger then 3.5" screen and more then 300 Euro i will not pay for any phone. For me it is still phone only with larger possibilities if i will need them :rolleyes:
    4. And final - no more phones from china, i had two, and know who had - they nice on screen, but not good in real. If thing made from good material, good assembly, support, many things inside and other - it can't cost 50 Euro. Personal experience - no more any phones from china :mad:.

  2. mynameisone

    mynameisone Member

    Etotalk are being very helpful and sent me links to download a whole package to flash the phone with a new ROM. Don't have time to look at it now, but will try next week. Package include new ROM, the mobileuncle program, flash tools and instructions. Will upload to somewhere later. Anybody have recommendations for good site to put files? ROM file is 113 MB.
  3. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    I waiting for it, Dude!

    Why don't you try ?
  4. Radical Man

    Radical Man Member

    I actually have that phone. It's not 3G which is why I'm frequently checking out this thread for when a decent 3G dual-sim phone comes onto the market.

    One thing I've noticed is that you'll miss calls every now and then because one sim is syncing data, meaning the other one is on standby. If you have lots of apps installed that cause data to sync frequently, one sim may effectively be on standby for a significant portion of the time.
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  6. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Today I received the FET T8888. Never played with Android before, but I'm pretty amazed. Maximum volume is a bit low. Will play with it a bit more and give an update in a few days :).

    Btw, dual sim functionality works perfect! No more two phones in my pocket
  7. mynameisone

    mynameisone Member

    Files are now located at: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service . There's 3 files. Instructions, ROM and tools.

    I'm not sure how well Megaupload will work. They seem to have limits on download, but are very vague about them. Good luck.

    If you use the package please let me know how it went. I don't have time to try them out until sometime next week.
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  8. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately it doesn't work!

    I do everything as described on the FlexManual until the step 4.

    Then it can't connect: - Always saying trying to connect Lenovo Preloader and nothing happens...

    P.S. I have tried on a Desktop with XP 32bits, another Windows 7 32 bits and the last one on a Vista 64bits!
  9. The Viewsonic v350 is a nice dual sim phone
  10. Kolega croatain:) Koji dio Hrvatska si
  11. RealBirkoff

    RealBirkoff New Member

    Any other disadvantages? How's battery life?
  12. cecio69

    cecio69 New Member

    Have you tried to surf the internet with HSDPA?
    And you can download applications from the Android Market?
  13. jarsiv

    jarsiv New Member

    How to get Android Market to Lenovo A60?
  14. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Does anyone knowns some cool Android apps to use with dual sim functionality? I would like seperate agendas and contactlists.
    Battery life is pretty ok so far, but only tested a day. There is a second 1850 mAh batteries as well.

    Other negative points so far... Maybe the camera: to make a photo you need to press on the screen. This is ok, unless you want to make a photo of yourself with a friend. But maybe there is an app that can make the volume button in a camera button.

    A negative point on android in general is that there are no decent x64 drivers to find. I'm trying to modify some existing drivers to work with it. This is only negative if you want to update to a custom rom. Which I want, to improve the speaker volume.
    No, didn't receive my HSDPA sim card yet.The wifi is awesome though. Android market comes pre-installed and works perfectly.
  15. jappa

    jappa Member

    Sjever / Međimurje, granica s Mađarskom
  16. MatrixCow

    MatrixCow Member

    I have just received a mail from ViewSonic that the V350 is released. It's a mail from the German branch. But this is finaly some good news!
  17. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    At this time I think the brand company will be make phone more power with a better processor.

    There isn't any with a processor 800 or more mhz?
  18. ;)
  19. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    I think it will be the old Tops A1 but I think is too old now.
  20. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    Do capacitive screens need protectors? I've only used resistive screens in the past, and found the thick, long-lasting boxwave screen protectors to be the best. But I wonder if a thick screen protector will block the touch sensors.

    Has anyone found a good screen protector for the v350?
  21. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    I never use screen protectors. No issues with that either. Just don't put anything else in the pocket where your phone is.
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  22. Bakske

    Bakske Member

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  23. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

  24. cha_indian

    cha_indian Active Member

    Does anyone have a Lenovo A60 phone with working Android Market ?? I want to buy this phone but i need a proper android phone.... How is it when compared to Gigabyte Gsmart phone ??
  25. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    As promised some user experiences of my the FET T8888, which is the same as a HOT HD 958:
    • The speaker volume needs to be higher. This is a downpoint. It's still enough to listen to people, but nothing more. If you connect a headset, everything is perfect. The default headset is in-ear, which is ok for music, but not to plug in everytime someone calls you.
    • The battery time is about 2 days if you sometimes: call, use GPS and Wi-fi, play games and install apps.
    • It's fast!
    • The GPS does only work half of the time if you put it in your pocket to go running. I used the app "My tracks" for this.
    • I modified some existing Windows 7 x64 drivers to work with the phone, so drivers are no issue anymore :). link
    • I updated to a rooted custom HOT 958 ROM. This way you can make decent backups using MyBackup Root. The custom ROM is a big plus!
    • I'm using GoContacts EX to handle different contact groups and calling from groups.
    • I'm still looking for a decent App to handle messages. The default Android one is pretty ok, but doesn't handle groups and has the "send via sim 1 or 2" button really close, which makes it easy to send a message to early. I tried a lot of popular apps, but none of them support dual sim.

    So I'm very happy with the phone :). Only downpoint is the volume while calling.
    Which App does Viewsonic use for the interface? It looks pretty cool! Edit: looks like this app. Nice that they include a 10 euro launcher.
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