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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Did you accomplished to install the ROM on your Lenovo A60??

  2. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Sorry to bother you, but have you any progress in this "very appreciated project" ?!!!!
  3. RealBirkoff

    RealBirkoff New Member

    Thanks a lot, ordered mine too! Just hoping it won't take too long to arrive in Belgium from Hong Kong :)
    Since I don't make a lot of calls, the calling volume shouldn't be that much of a problem here.
  4. jeroensteijl

    jeroensteijl Member

    according to my order of the V350 (15-07-11 computeruniverse)

    I received following mail today:
    thank you very much for your order! Hereby we want to inform you, that the orders mentioned below have been forwarded to be shipped by our shipping department.

    ..at last !!
  5. Peter_BE

    Peter_BE New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I bought an HDC Z710 on ebay last week (from a UK seller, to avoid having to wait long and pay duties in Belgium) and wanted to share my experiences:

    Specs: www.etotalk.com/hdc-z710-android-dual-3g-wcdma-43-wvga_p2640.html

    In short, it's a great phone, fast, came with Cynogenmod ROM installed, decent battery life (on standby)... everything you'd want except:

    The camera kind of sucks (bad autofocus and most pics are overexposed)
    AND... it didn't come with 512MB of RAM as advertised but only about 256MB.
    In reality that leaves about 70MB of RAM for apps to run and once I started running stuff like LauncherPRO and WidgetLocker, all my ram got used up quite quickly, making the phone deadslow.

    Conclusion: I'll be sending it back (luckily UK law gives me a 7-day refund period)

    Now I'm of course looking for a replacement phone and I'm seeing all sorts of reports in this thread, but I keep wondering how about the memory?

    Would you all be so kind to post the amount of available memory please? (Maybe a good addition to the WIKI page too)

    A good way to check is using a nice free app called "Android System Info" (search for ASI in the market).

    On the Z710 it have me 159MB of RAM and 50MB available just after boot.
    Comparing that to my (also chinese) tablet which DOES have 512MB RAM, the difference is huge (see www.vanderborght.eu/memory.jpg).

    I'm particularly interested in reading your experiences with phones like the G12, HD HOT, etc.
    (3G, 800x480, Qualcomm processor)

    Thanks for reporting back!

  6. Nortonko

    Nortonko Member

    sorry but i must say no. i still haven't my phone. our customs officers is apparently very lazy :mad:.
  7. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your experiences. 256MB is not enough, I agree. The amount of memory is actually already in the wiki: http://wiki.howardforums.com/index.php/Dual_Sim_Droids. For the HD 958 I checked the memory to be sure and it is 512MB.
  8. htc_desire_

    htc_desire_ Member

    I see that ViewSonic V350 is now being sold in the UK (at least). Has anyone got it? What is the feedback please?

    Have been waiting for this phone for a long time now but having used a rooted HTC Desire with custom ROMs for a long time now, I am not sure how it feel to be restricted by a stock Android 2.2 ROM, though I know the dual SIM functionality will be of immense help.

    Any feedback so far on V350 please?

    Thank you!!
  9. Radical Man

    Radical Man Member

    So, the V350 3G bands are 900 and 2100 MHz.
    This is a portion of a press release from Telstra:

    Telstra currently operates two 3G networks
  10. Argh. I just ordered V350 from computeruniverse for use in the US... but the same 3G network issues you describe for Australia are going to impact me in the US. Crap.

    I was considering buying the Muchtel A2, which was supposed to be a V350 under a different name, and its specs list a 3rd 3G band (1900) that would have worked for me in the US... but either that spec is wrong or the two phones are not the same. Maybe I should cancel my computeruniverse order and go for the Muchtel.

    Argh. I don't want to continue waiting for a darn phone, but might be best to cancel my V350 order and hold out for a while :(
  11. mynameisone

    mynameisone Member

  12. Well, the folks selling the Muchtel A2 on eBay told me that the A2 is the same as the V350 and it only operates on the 900 and 2100 3G bands. Fortunately, more digging into my options in the US revealed that T-Mobile does use 2100 for 3G (in addition to 850), so that would work for me.

    So, good news... but then the bad...

    I went to computeruniverse to see how my order was coming along, and it now says that stock is not available and they don't know when it will be available to ship (said would ship in 2-3 days when I placed order). :mad:

    So... back to considering cancelling my V350/computeruniverse order and placing an order on eBay for the A2.
  13. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member


    The Viewsonic V350 after months and months of delays and frustrations is in my hand!!!!!

    I have to say, WOW. Ok it might not be Super HD or have the newest processor or indeed be the prettiest phone (but it isn't no ugly sister either). It seems well built, has a decent spec and a good finish. Everything works and properly (unlike some of the Chinese clones) but perhaps more importantly it has Dual SIM as standard with a truly well thought out interface. Little things count with these new technologies (i.e. Dual SIM Android), ok there are loads of other unknowns or relatively unknowns out there, but Viewsonic have got the Custom and 3D overlay on top of Android Froyo absolutely spot on.

    I think in all honesty resolution wise the 3D interface is absolutely pushing the capabilities of the phone but performance wise very very good. This interface with Gingerbread and a faster processor and SHD graphics would be an absolute monster (take note VS, keep the momentum going and produce us a high end option also).

    It was surely worth the wait and irritations and will report back in a few days when it has had a good run. :D
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  14. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

    be-careful about getting the right bands.

    generally when an operator lists their frequencies like this: 850/2100 900/1900 etc..

    the first band is the primary (so 850 or 900 in the above example), it will have 100% coverage within the cell providers network, the second frequency is for overflow, it will have very limited coverage and will only be found in large cities where there is mass population. You don't even need to have the second frequency on your mobile to have a good experience, but if you only have the overflow frequency then you will be very disappointed.

    I am not 100% sure if this is the case in USA, it will be worth checking coverage maps but smaller countries it definitely is.
  15. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    Congratulations will_wonka! I am looking forward to reading your review once you have had enough time to play with it. I've been on the fence for so long between the FET T8888, V350, A60, and now the G11i (even if it's not 3G) that I thought I would never hear a proper user review of the V350.
  16. Mr Floppy

    Mr Floppy Member

    Yes, you are pretty much out of luck with this on Telstra. There will be patches of 2100Mhz apparently but they Telstra want you on 850Mhz.
  17. jarsiv

    jarsiv New Member

    Has anybody the link to these russian/chinese forums where are custom firmwares to Lenovo A60?
  18. Nortonko

    Nortonko Member

    you will find customs rom for A60 on mobileuncle.com - chinese
  19. titomi

    titomi Member

    First of all, thx to all users posting here.

    I think we forget the basic thing about dualsim phones. A that is - true dual sim. I mean - being available on 2 SIMs at ANY time. So - making a call (or some data transf.) on 1st sim a still be available to recieve a call on 2nd sim. That should be the elementary functionality for dual sim.The name for this varies - Active Dual SIM (using two recievers) or Dual SIM Dual Standby (one reciever).

  20. Gyrbo

    Gyrbo New Member

    I added the link to the Russian forum to the wiki (can't post a direct link here yet).
    You can use Google translate the follow the conversation and read the instructions.
    I've ordered an A60 myself and if nobody did it by then, I'll try to add the missing languages to the ROM using the translations from the G11i ROM (which should be compatible since they use the same chipset).
  21. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member

    Quick update with Viewsonic V350.

    I can confirm that the phone is Dual SIM Standby and not Active as hoped. Effectively if you are on a call with one SIM, the other SIM is unavailable and would divert to voicemail etc.

    Had a few glitches with the software and there are a few limitations on Marketplace being Froyo based.

    90% happy :D..........just wish it was (a) higher spec and (b) Active SIM. :(
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  22. I cancelled my order from computeruniverse, and this morning put in an order for a V350 from expansys usa... in <2 hours I had an email telling me it shipped... alright! :D
  23. baalco

    baalco Member

    Hi, I'm looking forward to reading your detailed review later. Especially interested in the battery life and the quality of the GPS...
  24. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Not easy to understand them, even with Google Translate.
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  25. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    What are the software glitches you have encountered?

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