Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    I just did the same at I got the confirmation and shipping notices within 15 minutes of placing my order. Let's see how fast they arrive!

  2. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member

    Software wise its down to the Viewscene 3D, well laid out and great presentation, but the hardware is struggling with the graphics and obviously the processing power required, I have had 5 lock ups with the VS 3D thus far and i'm only 24 hours into ownership!

    In short, I am seriously wondering if the wait was worth it. :( Its not the presentation of the phone (it is nice) its just the way its executed (lack of power, lock ups, Froyo! and what seems like a pitiful battery life of 4-6 hours under minimal use :confused: Additionally, the Music side of things, well what can I say, it sounds dreadful with earphones and distorts badly on speaker.

    Another thing is the earpiece call quality, it seems muffled in comparison to (a) the iPhone and (b) the Wildfire and (c) my old Nokia C5 :mad:

    The GPS etc etc works as it should, Marketplace is ok, but restrictive (not sure whether its the UI overlay or whatever that is restricting apps) some that were present on my HTC Wildfire S are NOT available on this phone.

    I will give it another 24 hours, but currently thinking of ditching and going back to 2 phones!!!!!!!:eek: Scary stuff. Something is irritating me and I can't quite put my finger on it completely, I think its collective things rather than one specific.
  3. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    Oh no! What happens when you go to vanilla android rather than using their front-end? I seem to recall that they said you could switch back to it. Maybe it's better?

    Please can you try and report back a thorough review after trying to turn off the obviously power draining Viewscene - because if it's as bad as you say, I may just either refuse delivery of the one that I just ordered or turn around and return it unopened to Expansys.

  4. will_wonka is going to make me cry. :(

    My V350 arrives from Expansys tomorrow... Like P1rat3, I am starting to question my purchase and wonder if I should refuse the shipment or return it... :eek:

    I guess we now know why the phone was delayed and delayed.
  5. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    Ugh. I've never been less thrilled for a delivery. Mine is supposed to be here by noon today. I have asked Expansys what the difference is for them between refusing the delivery and shipping it back to them unopened.
  6. Nortonko

    Nortonko Member

    which Wiki?
  7. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

  8. Malcovitch

    Malcovitch New Member

    Hi All,

    I've been reading this thread, and I wanted to ask something, so I joined!

    I'm looking for a dual sim Android phone with a secondary front-facing camera so I can use it to make Skype calls. I've looked at the Wiki and the only ones mentioned have 0.3 MP cameras. The single sim phones I've looked at in the shops (in the UK) all have 1.3 + MP (Samsung, HTC).

    Does anyone have any info? I'm looking for something that'll work in the UK and Spain.

  9. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member


    Apologies for the delayed response, especially P1rat3 & Shiny Side Up!!! Hope you got it sorted with Expansys.

    Well after much deliberating and considerable patience on my part, enough was enough! I have requested an RMA from Expansys (yesterday).

    IM(honest)O, I am gutted by the events that have led to my decision.

    The phone is effectively trying to be something it is not, as stated before great idea, badly executed. It is apparent that the hardware is just not man enough for the job, period. It struggles with Froyo, so no wonder OTA updates have been disabled, Ginger would destroy it!

    The keyboard and interface have, and please remember this is my personal experience, extensive lag and on quite a few occasions of attempting to send texts, the dreaded force close window appeared. Very frustrating.

    The screen is utterly dreadful, I actually suffered from eye strain using this phone and I jest you not, it gave me a headache for all the wrong reasons. In sunlight it is almost impossible to see! Having forgotten how good screen technology has advanced, WTF did they go with a plain TFT with such low resolution?

    The charge point is hidden behind a flimsy very cheap feeling cover that over time I am convinced would break off or work loose from its seemingly thread like retainer strip. Very bad design.

    The worst thing and this was the decider for me and is the main reason for me returning, it loses calls! Bombshell of the year, a phone that loses calls! Effectively, my number 2 SIM was sporadic at the best of times, the number 1 SIM not so bad, but still had temperamental moments. The Data aspect was ok for the time it was in use but again of course that was signal dependant which if I monitor (as I have done here) the duration of my daily weekday journey to London Waterloo, was NOT in receipt of a signal for about 65% of the journey on SIM 2 and 50% of the journey on SIM 1.

    That may not seem bad on a moving object at 80mph (British Rail is quite slow) but both my Nokia and iPhone used to retain the signal much better. The other hilarity is that one SIM is Voda and the other is TalkMobile, which uses Voda. You would think that SIM 2 would have better reception considering that is the GSM only puppy! Bizarre.

    As the phone was going to be used as my main business number and personal number for the prior this phone would be suicidal for business.

    In short, call drops, flaky overlays and terrible graphics.

    As a positive, its a good looker!

    I am truly mortified and have now gone back to my {stopgap} Wildfire S which I bought 2 weeks before the VS 350 and have now invested in a Samsung Galaxy short, i'm back to the dreaded 2 phones!!!

    ......the only saving grace in all of this, I now have 2 phones with amazing graphics that don't drop calls, have polished overlays and have I mentioned the stunning graphics.

    The winner and niche aspect of the V350 was always the Dual SIM ability. If only they had gone for Active SIM and if only they had gone for polished, refined and reliable.......instead they went for cheap, cheap and my opinion, the wrong thing to do in this consumer led live or die market of smartphones.

    I do hope they enter the marketplace in the future with better offerings, but even at the
  10. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    You will got the new Gigabyte g1345 in a few days.
  11. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    I was torn between:

    • v350
    • getting a very cheap Eclipse or Simvalley model while waiting for something great.

    If I were doing this over, I would go cheap. But I can't be bothered with a return, and the v350 is functional enough to go forward.

    I don't care about cosmetic things like the USB cover. And as a hacker I tolerate s/w glitches.. that can be fixed later. I like the fact that rooting the v350 does not seem to void the warranty.

    The dual standby situation is good enough as long as data usage doesn't block calls. I have not tested this yet.. but if downloading a webpage blocks the phone from ringing on either sim, that's a show stopper.
  12. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    I can live with voice calls not being interrupted. More importantly, can a voice call interrupt data use?

    I'd test it myself but I don't have a decent data plan.
  13. dmtaylor247

    dmtaylor247 Member

    Mate these are all tacky, when is someone gonna produce a decent dual sim
  14. teckidecki

    teckidecki New Member

    Has anyone got any idea where you can download the user manual for the v350......

    must say my experience with the v350 is not as bad as will_wonka's, yes no ota's is annoying, v. annoying and w_w may be correct about the reason why but I haven't noticed any real lag with the interface or keyboard, both are normal on my phone. The screen is not great but I didn't expect it to be though I have to remember its 480 x 320 and really not a big issue. It functions fine and the touch response is very good i.e. on par with my SE Xperia Arc. Most phones are crap to read in sunlight except for the super omeled's.

    Is it worth
  15. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

    I will be interested to hear how expansys responds to your RMA, will_wonka. My V350 arrives Monday - they tried to deliver Saturday but I wasn't home.
  16. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member

    I would test it, but its all boxed up ready to go back now :mad:

    Let me just say that as previously described, I had real difficulties in receiving calls. Whether that was due to dicky reception or whether it was due to data, who knows. In places where my other phones would work quite happily with data and voice, the VS seemingly only offered one or the other but mostly none. :eek:

    It may need a software tweak or it may be hardware related, I may have just been unlucky (although a friend also ordered one and his is also going back due to receiving no calls, so it cant all be coincidental!) I think the issue may be design inherent.

    Sorry I cannot offer any more advice.
  17. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member

    Will update on here SSU when I have got a response! :D
  18. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

    This one certainly caught my eye Huawei U8520 (Android with dual SIM) unveiled by the FCC Unwired View

    being a name brand I feel confident that the specs are true, and it has the most powerful specs so far, 1ghz CPU!!!! 512mb ram and 2gb ROM!!

    best of ... 3G!!

    screen is a bit of a let down at 3.2 but same res as v350 and only running froyo.

    looks promising..
  19. Mr Floppy

    Mr Floppy Member

  20. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

  21. cha_indian

    cha_indian Active Member

    i just ordered Lenovo A60 from and i got a confirmation message from !!!! Are they both the same companies ?? Hope they are sending a good phone
  22. jeroensteijl

    jeroensteijl Member

    I am using the V350 for 3 days now and I mus say for me it is exellent! It even connects with my RNS315 (volkswagen)bluetooth carkit without any problem. Okay the usb cover could be better, the screen is hard to read with sunshine but real no further complains so far. I am using it for social networking, email, browsing, gps & some apps from android market etc. etc., Sim2 is my work-sim.
  23. Nortonko

    Nortonko Member

    yes this is the same company.
  24. baalco

    baalco Member

    what about the battery life?
  25. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    I've not seen one, but I'm actually glad about that.

    In the absence of a user manual, the phone can be rooted, and I suspect it would then be difficult for VS to void the warranty by claiming it was "misused" (considering proper use has not been documented). This could make the v350 ideal for hackers.

    And since you're also interested in updating the device, you may have to root it in order to do that.

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