Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. jeroensteijl

    jeroensteijl Member

    ok thanx:)

  2. Toeter

    Toeter New Member

    Could one of you dutch V350 owners let me know where to buy the phone best? Thnks in advance!
  3. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Question for one of you with A60: Could one of you check this: if you are using internet on sim 1, can you then recive calls on sim 2, or will sim 2 be offline when you are on the interne from sim 1? Thanks.
  4. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Sorry but i only use Wi-fi, so i can't test it for you at this moment.
  5. mangustelis

    mangustelis Member

    Many things are written about V350. Some bad, some good... I will interest in simple. I have three asks to those who already have ViewSonic V350:
    1. Does this phone have front camera too or only back? (different sites showing different configuration about the same phone).
    2. Can someone post some photos, made with 5mp back camera? Some samples, lets say indoor, at home, in dark place with flash - i think it interesting for most possible buyers.
    3. Battery life, i mean like a normal phone, not as a laptop or wifi station , just like phone.
  6. vetrmh

    vetrmh Member

    Anyone found an online shop shipping the Gsmart 1345 internationally? Found several shops in Poland and Czech Rep., but none of them sending to Norway.
  7. Lenz

    Lenz New Member


    Do you have a solution for the A60-pc linking problem?
    I face the same problems and havn't found a solution yet.

    I want to install the custom ROM because I am unable to use data on the A60. The A60 doesn't allow me to check the box where you have to choose between the sims for the data connection. Ayone faced the same problem?

  8. I will help with #1 and #3.

    1. The V350 only has a rear-facing camera. No camera on the front.

    3. My battery only seems to last about 1 or 1.5 days if I am using the phone heavily. That is without GPS - I assume it is much worse with GPS on.
  9. Mr Floppy

    Mr Floppy Member

    Hmm, I got this email about the Deuce. Active Dual Sim?! Interesting.

  10. hiddentide

    hiddentide New Member

    hey sorry could not finish reading the whole threat before class. I notice a lot of the dealers for these phones are in Europe and i cant find one to ship to the states. I am wondering at this time what would be the best phone available
    Do not want a clone
  11. fspademan

    fspademan New Member

    Crake, I'm also at a loss about how to get the computer to recognize the phone, any help would be most appreciated.
  12. amoralis

    amoralis Member

    Hello pplz

    I just got my V350, works great.

    Can't make the led lights go on - small lights that show that phone is active and online.

    Does anyone have a clue how to start them? :eek:

  13. mangustelis

    mangustelis Member

    can someone post some photo made with V350? i want to look how good are they.

    Maybe can someone explain to me few things:
    1. Is it possible to update in v350 (or other phone) update android 2.2 to 2.3?
    2. V350 and Gsmart 1345, which is better, because prices almost the same, one have 600Mhz another 800Mhz. Maybe it's more and bigger difference?

    Sorry for these questions - i'm novice in android system, so i want to understand more about it.
    Thanks in advance for answer.
  14. vetrmh

    vetrmh Member

  15. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    To everybody who want Lenovo A60 Preloader drivers:

    Please send me a pm with your email and then i will send you the files.

    Cheers, Crake.
  16. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member


    "The Huawei Deuce U8520 Dual SIM Android Smart Phone is proving to be disappointing. The phone has two SIMs and can be connected to two different mobile phone services from two different companies. But as when I make a call with my Vodafone SIM, the Virgin Broadband service is cut off. Similarly when using the Virgin Broadband service the Vodafone phone cuts out. If I was just using two SIMs for voice calls, this would not matter, as I am unlikely to make two phone calls at once. But I am likely to want to use the Internet and make a phone call at the same time.

    The phone is difficult to use. The main LCD screen is good. But the buttons around the periphery of the phone are hard to use. The micro-USB port is in such an odd place I had to read the manual to find it: I expected this to be at the bottom of the phone, but it is on one side near the top. This makes the phone hard to hold with the cable in place.

    Apart from its dual SIM feature, I chose the phone because it is smaller than many smart phones. However this makes it harder to hold and also may be making the call quality worse. When held up to the ear, the microphone is near my cheek, a long way from my mouth, reducing the quality of the signal.

    >What processor and ram/rom are in your version?

    The phone is a Huawei U8520

    With Android 2.2.2
    of 20110831

    The phone currently has 116 MB storage available and also comes with a 2GB SD card.

    I don't know what the process or total RAM/ROM are. How do I check that?

    How long does the battery last?

    With two SIM cards in, so both 3G and 2G receivers are operating, and WiFi turned on but GPS and Bluetooth off, the phone lasts for about 14 hours. That is I charged it to full in the evening and it was dead flat just after lunch the next day.

    One annoying aspect is that the phone seems to lock up when the battery is exhausted. It took several hours on the charger before I was able to have it turn on again.

    > When you are making a call do you select sim1 or sim2 or is it a default selection?

    I have to select SIM1 or 2 for each call. Under the on-screen dialing pad, there are buttons marked SIM1 and SIM2. I enter the number and then press one of these to call. This is not difficult to do, but it is annoying if I am only ever going to use one, or the other to make calls.

    > Does the wifi feature affect calls?

    No, it seem to work fine using WiFi and a voice call at the same time. The problem happens with a 3G data call and a 2G voice call at the same time. A 2G voice call will cult off 3G data access.

    My hope was to have voice and data SIMS in the phone. But it looks like this will not work in practice. Without the data access the phone is not really worth having and I will put it in the bottom drawer and go back to my old 2G flip phone.

    >When you mention the call quality is not as good, is this a reception or a volume issue?

    Volume if fine: clarity is the problem. The phone's microphone picks up a lot of background noise, making it hard for the party on the other end of the call to understand me. The received audio on the phone is loud, but sounds a bit like a speaker-phone call.

    By the way the phone has a speaker phone function which works quite well is a quiet room.

    There is also a ear-bud headset included which works well.

    But for making ordinary calls, where I hold the phone up to the side of my head, it does not work so well.
  17. baalco

    baalco Member

  18. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Nowadays i can tell you that the data connection is dropped in order to receive the call (in both SIM cards) and is automatically re-established after the end of call.

  19. Mr.Baggins

    Mr.Baggins Member

  20. arjanoosting

    arjanoosting New Member


    I have a HOT HD958 phone and a consumer Vodafone subscription in the Netherlands. I can make calls and can be called but the data connection does not work. I have been trying to work this out with the Vodafone helpdesk, but they haven't fixed it yet.

    It seems the phone can not connect to the APN. I also tried an business subscription of Vodafone which worked flawlessly after changing the APN to and I tried a T-mobile SIM which also worked.

    I have found one other HD958 owner with a Vodafone subscription with the same problem. Now I am wondering what the experiences for other dualsim phone users in the Netherlands:
    Which phone do you use?
    Which provider?
    Which subscription?
    Does the dataconnection work?

    Please share you experiences
  21. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Great that the Viewsonic V350 is finally there. So there are now a few 3G Android phones available with dual sim :).

    Update from a FET T8888 user. It's the same as the HD958.
    -3G works flawless
    -Battery works about 1 day. So I recharge it when I'm behind my laptop via USB
    -It crashes occasionally. I think it's a software issue. After disabling "Smart App protection", uninstalling winamp and stop ending tasks using "system" it's better.
    -Still looking for a way to increase the speaker volume when calling.
    Quite ok so far :)
  22. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    Any with the G1345 or is waiting for it?

    I'm interested in this phone because is the most power at this moment with 800Mhz.

  23. vetrmh

    vetrmh Member

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  24. Bakske

    Bakske Member

    Last friday I received my ViewSonic V350 after I ordered it at, so it took about 5 working days to get from Germany to Belgium. I'm using it with a Mobile Vikings SIM for the data (it's not a data-only SIM) and a Mobistar SIM for voice and text. So I won't be using SIM 1 for calling or texting.

    I'm quite pleased with the V350 so far, as said before I haven't had a smartphone before, so I can't compare with other smartphones (speed, battery, screen, ...). Also I don't use the 3D-thing from ViewSonic, I'm using the regular Android screens.

    Some things I can say about my V350:

    - everything I've done so far goes fluent, he doesn't seem to be slow to me (can't compare with other smartphones).

    - screen is clear, for me it's big enough.

    - the battery lasts about 50 hrs at this moment. I have been using WIFI for quite some time, made 15+ calls, sent/received 30+ texts and have been installing some apps. GPS works but hasn't been on for a long time, only tested it.

    - WIFI works like a charm.

    - I can connect to my Bluetooth car radio, but I haven't made a testcall yet.

    - when I'm surfing with SIM 1 and without WIFI on, SIM 2 appears to stay online (signal in status bar stays up). I must say that haven't received a call on SIM 2 while data-ing on SIM 1, so I can't be 100% sure.

    - when I'm making a call with SIM 2, the signal of SIM 1 goes down (no longer a connection, red circle is shown in status bar at SIM 1).

    - volume is good, I can hear the person I'm talking to nice and clear. I haven't used the speaker yet while calling.

    - when watching a YouTube video the sound is good enough for me (with the speaker). It's a smartphone with a little speaker, you can't compare that to a sound system at home. I haven't listened with earphones yet.

    - I haven't made any pictures with it yet. Too bad there's no flash.

    - no lockups so far.

    - not all apps can be installed, don't know the reason. Some of the apps are android 1.6, so I can't point out the exact reason.

    Someone mentioned a problem with lost text messages, but this seems to be an Android problem, not a ViewSonic problem. I solved it with this information for my Nokia:
    Nokia Ovi to Android SMS convert utility
    It uses this app:
    SMS Backup & Restore

    The standard keyboard doesn't have an azerty layout, so I had to install an app for that. I chose SwiftKey X.

    Short story: I'm happy with it. :)
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  25. fparkin

    fparkin Member

    i bought a hero g9 i hope its a good phone
    • Android 2.2 OS
    • Unlocked
    • Dual SIM
    • Analog TV + Antenna
    • 3.5 Inch Touchscreen
    • WiFi + GPS
    • CPU: MediaTek MTK6516 416MHZ
    • Android Market Place
    • Play games like angry frogs, Angry birds, and any other angry animal games, lol
    • Improved CPU Performance
    • Facebook, Twitter, Market Place, Messenger & More.
    • Advance Task Killer
    • Live Wallpapers
    • Gravity-Sensor
    • Language & Keyboard
    • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 1800MAh
    • Quadband: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
    • Kickstand transforms phone into a digital photo frame or mini movie theatre

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