Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. Lupino.86

    Lupino.86 New Member

    PM sent!
    Thanks in advance :)

  2. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member

    Glad to hear some of you are getting on ok with the VS350.

    Quick update reference Expansys and the return. What can I say, amazing response and super efficient dealing with my return with no questions asked (in a sense), refund arrived in my Paypal account within 2 days of it being returned and them notifying me it had been received. Good work, will deal with these guys again.

    In the meantime, I am sticking with the 2 phones..........nothing has come out yet that differentiates itself enough from the usual Chinese dross or the failure (my opinion) of the much talked about V350. Maybe if VS release a beefier upgraded version that doesn't hurt my eyes with that basic TFT screen and runs a faster processor, I will reappear on here to ramp things up once again ;)

    Good luck guys and great being part of a decent Android community :D
  3. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    From this page tell me about 243 the phone and 32 the ship delivery to Spain. I'm thinking about it, I need some references about the phone to get it even
  4. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

    This phone might interest some, dual sim android, 3g 900/2100, 800mhz cpu, 512mb ram

    new 4.3inch hdc z710 3g google android 2.3 wifi gps dual core dual sim dual standby 5.0mp camera android phones [hdc z710]- us$315.89

    This site seems to be pretty good, if you look at their phones listings, down the bottom of most they say "eogift tested this phone and actual cpu is xx or actual ram is xx" so at least they are honest about false manufacturers claims and will advise what the hardware really is..
  5. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    I'm glad you've had a good experience with Expansys. I haven't. I refused delivery and so far Expansys has ignored Fedex's request to get info on how they want it shipped back. 12 days after I refused, it is still sitting at my local Fedex depot. I tried to point this out to them but they haven't replied. :( Take it back already Expansys!
  6. amoralis

    amoralis Member

    do you have led (ambient) lights working in your v350?
    I got mine in Netherlands last week, small lamps are there but showing no sign of life.
    Does your work?
    Thnx for reply
  7. Bakske

    Bakske Member

    Where are those lamps/LEDs? I didn't find any.

    There are 2 small dots just above the screen, I think these are light sensors to change the brightness of the screen automatically. This is just a guess though.
  8. Mr Floppy

    Mr Floppy Member

    Hmm, the screen shot shows 800Mhz but

    The 7227 is not a dual core. The 400Mhz is a modem processor (Nexperia most likely), 320Mhz DSP. Given the screen shot, CPU variant is 0x1 and part is 0xb36. The same as the 600Mhz version. I think the 7227-1 has different variant and part numbers. This could be a overclocked CPU however.
  9. fesereL

    fesereL New Member

    Thanks for posting this.
  10. boopolo1

    boopolo1 Member

    Motorola xt531 will have dual sim version in 'selected asian countries' soon. The single sim version is already on sale in both India and China and the dual sim version will be out very soon.

    It has 800Mhz and Gingerbread. 512 ram and 512 rom. Front and back camera, with back @5mp. 3.5 capacitive screen. it has 1540mah battery.

    It will go by many names. eg; spice xt in s.america, Fire xt in Europe/usa and asia and Domino xt531 in China.

    It will be a budget phone; undercutting the galaxy ace.

    As I am living in asia now, I am awaiting the dual sim version
  11. jojos

    jojos Member

    could you tell me, Is there an android app. for sms scheduler ?
    I need to send SMS at a certain time in millisecond.

  12. Mr.Baggins

    Mr.Baggins Member

    Italian branded Android smartphone NGM DROID DUO (droid_duo DUAL SIM .: NGM - NEW GENERATION MOBILE :.).
    It has CPU Marvell PXA 310, 624MHz, 5Mp Sony's camera and 2 SIM.
    Unfortunately it has Android 1.6 :(
    You can find it out on but in my opinion it's too expencive for this specifications.
  13. boopolo1

    boopolo1 Member

    @jojos This thread is about dual sim android phones.
  14. boopolo1

    boopolo1 Member

    @Mr Baggins, That is a very old processor (intel type I think). Also using Motorola name 'Droid' speaks of another chinese copy.

    @ expressmart. Chinese clone, just as the say on the website u posted.

    AFAIK The only android by a well known maker is this new Motorola xt531. That may all change in the coming months as rumour has it there will be a galaxy ace like samsung dual in the near future. It will probably be only launched in Asia though.
  15. thommyg

    thommyg New Member

    I Need the lenovo preloader for the a60, so i can update my phone...
  16. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    That would be strange. I just tried it with the T8888 which has the same Qualcomm M7M7227 chip, and I can surf the internet using 3G and receive a phone call on Sim 2.
    Same result with the T8888. Good to hear that you are happy with the phone. :). Do you have any recommendations for a Message app which can handle the two sim cards?
  17. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Yes there is.

    Is name is "sms scheduler" and it's freeware.

    Just search the Market for it.
  18. I also am interested in this. I tried GO after reading great reviews, but alas I could not find a way to send SMS from Sim 2 :(
  19. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member


    Huawei 8520 results:

    Measured the screen and it is 3.2 inches.

    "Android System Info"

    Android 2.2.2


    Total: RAM 159 MB
    External: 1.86GB
    CPU: ARMv6compatable processor rev 5 (v6l)
    QCT MSM7x27 U8520
    Frequency: 600 Mz
  20. niwde1980

    niwde1980 New Member

    Greetings from SG :D
  21. nathanzahra

    nathanzahra New Member

    Hi, I received this phone "Vodafone/Touch T9199" a few days ago.. quick review:

    1. runs android 2.3.4
    2. rarely lags.. very fast
    3. has a 650MHz MTK6573 processor (17.58MHz used by kernel --> reports as 632.42MHz)
    4. has 512MB RAM (67.28MB used by kernel --> reports as 444.72MB)
    5. highly responsive 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen (5 fingers max)
    6. supports two 3G/GSM sim cards dual standby (lets you call/send msg via the sim you want and assign a sim card to a particular contact)
    7. true 8 MP rear cam (3264x2448 resolution), 0.3MP front cam, autofocus
    8. GPS and A-GPS
    9. has light and proximity sensor, flashlight, radio working,
    10. comes with 2 batteries and normal accessories (earphones, cables, manual, etc)

    1. battery lasts a day and a half on normal use (advise u to turn off wifi, sync, gps and bluetooth when not needed).

    1. the compass fails to work correctly
    2. sometimes i couldnt use the phone while charging it via usb cable (touch freaks out)

    i uploaded the log (using Z-DeviceTest) of all the specs of the phone and stuff for u guys --> Click Here

    overall it is a good phone.. but i can't root it any ideas?

    EDIT: i can now :D


    EDIT: found MT6513-6573 drivers ;) Download

    EDIT: found a new version of the rom... recommended upgrade --> 16th September

    Currently found improvements:
    1. enhanced signal, the standby signal strength with the August 19 edition of the same.
    2. loud speaker volume can be completely closed.
    3. 3-axis magnetic field sensor doesnt stop working randomly any more
    4. much faster

    Original source:
  22. nathanzahra

    nathanzahra New Member

    i uploaded the log (using Z-DeviceTest) of all the specs of the phone and stuff for u guys :) --> Click Here
  23. Mr Floppy

    Mr Floppy Member

    It will be 512MB RAM. Some of the RAM will be used by the system/kernel space. That's not bad really. Most phone I've seen with 512MB RAM tend to report about 390MB for the user. Or it is bad if you are one of those who believe RAM is better used than just being free
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  24. nathanzahra

    nathanzahra New Member

    oh right.. i forgot about that :p
  25. cha_indian

    cha_indian Active Member

    Got my Lenovo A60 two days and been playing with it ever since. Must say it is pretty good. Accessories are pretty OK and comes with only 1 battery. I thought chinese phones always include one extra battery... nevertheless it works for almost two days. Most things are as advertized but RAM is only displayed as 200MB which might become a serious handicap when you install a few applications .

    Has chinese app called MobileUncle that refuses to go away. Don't know what it is supposed to do. Sound quality is pretty decent. Wifi works fine, Camera is quite decent, All in all a better phone than the nameless phone that i had earlier. Still need to check the video call capabilities.. but i am quite pleased anyway!

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