Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. jech

    jech Active Member

    And also I think most people buy phones from their operators. Why would an operator sell a dual-sim phone? If the company wants operators to accept their phone, it can't be dual sim.

  2. LB2064

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  3. brianj71

    brianj71 New Member

    In this thread I did not see anything about the Chinavision 'Eclipse' phone. I just ordered mine on ebay and can't wait to try it out. It has 2.2 Froyo and has wifi but is resistive touch but I think I could live with that. I only paid 160 including shipping and I am anxious to try my company AT&T Aircard Sim along with the company AT&T phone Sim and have data and phone at the same time. I will post an update after reviewing the phone for a few days.
    Long Live Android!!
  4. engrocha

    engrocha New Member

    I have one. Received it a week ago and i am seriously disapointed with it.

    It crashes a lot, the screen will flicker like mad when you have more than one app running. Battery life is mediocre... I am going to return it... Maybe unlucky but i had great hopes for it... worst of all is the screen goes "uncalibrated" meaning you sometimes touch say the left and it acts as you had touched the other corner... fixeed when you reboot it...

  5. jech

    jech Active Member

    I also wouldn't recommend to anyone to buy any of these cheap Chinese phones. The screen sensitivity and accuracy is the biggest problem. It makes using the phone a really bad experience.

    Let's wait for Gigabyte and ViewSonic....
  6. pshnwfp

    pshnwfp New Member

    I've also been looking and waiting for a dual sim android for quite a while. I purchased an Acer DX900 in May 2009, which was decent. But it didn't take long to start realizing how poor the battery life was and then it started hanging (Win Mob 6.1), the Wifi stopped working ($400 to repair it here in the Philippines -- no thanks!), etc, etc. I will not easily by another Win Mobile phone.

    Like some of the posters here, I live and travel in Asia all the time, roam on SIMs from 2 countries and use local SIMs when in other locations. I often travel with 2-3 mobiles and a slew of SIMs. I'm American and my countrymen have no clue about the incredible need for multiple-SIM phones outside the 2 yr contract locked world that is the US!

    I've used a Blackberry-like Cherry Mobile over recent months which is really decent for what you pay for it -- dual GSM SIMs, Wifi, some basic built-in java apps -- all for about $100.

    But I really want the added Smartphone features as well. I am very reluctant to pay another hefty price tag again -- paid close to $600 for the Acer and it barely lasted me a year of decent usage -- so the Motorola Glam looks attractive but it's priced too high and has the limitation of CDMA only slot.

    Waiting, waiting, waiting...
  7. Medsummer

    Medsummer New Member

    I just stumbled across this forum and was looking at the Chinavasion Eclipse as well as the NGM model.
    Not looking at them anymore! Thanks for your postings.

    Guess I'll wait and see how the Viewsonic V350 turns out.
    I'm not really into all the extra app's like a lot of people are, even though they look great!
    I'm not posting to Facebook or any of the other trendy sites. I'm not even doing emails!
    I just want a dual sim because I travel a lot like some of you and want a one basic phone instead of multiple phones. However, Android can use Skype and that is something worth having for me.
    I almost bought the Creative Zen Touch2 because it has the Android OS and WiFi, but that would be another thing to carry around if i can get an Android phone that will just about cover all my needs.
  8. Medsummer

    Medsummer New Member

  9. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Note that the G1317 has a resistive touch screen with a resolution 240 x 400. The G1310 will have a capacitive screen with a resolution of 320 x 480. Other specs seems to be the same.
  10. brianj71

    brianj71 New Member

    Okay, I just received the phone. It is very lightweight but for the size it is dead on with what is should weigh. I rented a droid2 from verizon for about a week and then paid their restocking fee when I took it back because I didn't want to get stuck with $19.99 a month for 2 years data plan. My company has AT&T cell phone service and they gave me an aircard which is also AT&T. I found my dream phone that will accept both Sim cards and work simultaneously. I can make calls and I can check facebook, run weather widgets, check email, etc. So far, I am pleasantly impressed since this phone also has an FM radio and standard headhphone jack. It has built in analog tuner for TV with telescoping antenna but in the U.S. that is pretty much useless. The apps are pretty responsive as long as you use task killer when you are done with apps. When phone rings, the white trackball lights up and the vibrate feature is pretty strong like name brand phones I have used in the past. Ear speaker is not as loud as I had hoped it would be. I am still playing around with settings. I did use android market and everything seems to be available and I have downloaded a few free apps that work flawlessly like the MotoTorch LED meant for moto phones but works on this one. One thing I do miss is slider QWERTY keyboard. I will post more as I see it!
  11. brianj71

    brianj71 New Member

    OOPS, I didn't mean $19.99 a month...that would actually be more reasonable...I meant $29.99 a month for data...ouch! A two year contract is a mere $719 bucks for just the data alone not including price of the phone and text messaging or whatever else you get.
  12. vman2000

    vman2000 New Member

    As far as I know the Desire-G7 Dual Sim clone runs windows mob 6.5 not android (despite the dubious android logo on that link!).
  13. Eerr

    Eerr New Member

    Thank you all for the usefull information. I think I will buy the V350 when it is available.

    There is a good clone available running Android 2.2 and has DUAL SIM, the HTC HD2 clone for with discount 284,-
    You can read the forum discussion here: MTK HD9 (HTC HD2 1:1 copy) with capacitive screen - ACER Users / ETEN Users Forum
    The person who started the topic, Bruno, is doing the OS optimalization himself. I think it would be better for him to move that topic to this forum so all readers can find it easily...
  14. hello007

    hello007 New Member

    HI Brian

    Can you give us an update on how you are going with the Chinavasion Eclipse dual sim android phone -- I'm thinking of getting one -- not sure whether I should ... just would like your thoughts after using it for several months.

    Basically want the dual sim functionality -- and WIFI web applications -- particularly Skype -- Gmail and web browsing .. and I'm happy .. .so how well is it performing?

    Whats the screen responsiveness etc like ... and any downsides so far?

    Thanks again
  15. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Because the carriers would rather just charge you roaming fees.

    Also easy to solve with an unlocked device.

    ...or, again, use an unlocked device.
  16. nokori

    nokori New Member

  17. jech

    jech Active Member

    I'm not sure it is a dual sim. The specifications don't mention it and according to available pictures, it is single sim.
  18. nokori

    nokori New Member

    True it's not in the sepcifications, but the title and the text say it's a dual sim... (btw the sp-60 (+30€) is the same phone with gps)

    The phone was introduced at the CeBit ( and they say it's dual sim too (in the title and the text*). I believe that the CeBit website is a serious website and you may belive them.

    Further more you will find a download link ( on the right side in the download section of that website. In the rtf which is the official press release, it is stated that sp-40 is a dual sim smartphone:

    • [FONT=Arial, Arial, sans-serif]Brillante Bilddarstellung mit 262.000 Farben[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial, Arial, sans-serif]Betriebssystem: Google Android 2.2[/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial, Arial, sans-serif]Komfortables Dual-SIM-Smartphone: Zwei Handys in einem![/FONT]
    • [FONT=Arial, Arial, sans-serif]Bluetooth V2 mit A2DP f
  19. jech

    jech Active Member

    Ich verstehe Deutsch, kein problem. :)

    Sorry, my fault. I didn't read the whole text, which states it clearly. The available pictures are probably rendered, so they don't show 2 signal strength icons (which indicates a phone is dual sim).

    According to the CPU speed, I would bet it has an MTK6516 chipset, the same one as all the Chinese clones. It is usable, but there is no 3D and the performance is poor. But if you don't plan to use the advanced phone functions heavily, it might be a good choice, especially for that price.
  20. jech

    jech Active Member

    I bought one of them. The phone is basically unusable, because touchscreen doesn't work correctly. The seller wrote me that an updated firmware should fix it. But to update the firmware I had to purchase a special cable. I tried the update yesterday but it didn't work. I have to ask them what am I doing wrong.

    All support is only on Chinese forums, the phone has many dialogs in Chinese and it is very slow (only 460 MHz CPU, no 3D acceleration).

    So I wouldn't recommend it. Although you might be lucky and get a better phone then I have.
  21. vartaxe

    vartaxe New Member


    does someone have on of those german PEARL phones? specs aren't that bad and the neither... it even looks good. hopefully made in germany LOL
  22. hello007

    hello007 New Member

    How to get Skype to run on Eclipse Android 2.2 mobile phone?

    Hi All,

    I bought this phone:

    Eclipse - Dual SIM Android 2.2 Smartphone (Black)

    It has Android 2.2.

    Now the Chinavasion chat people tell me that they dont recommend using Skype on the Eclipse mobile phone.

    How can this be when there is an Android 2.2 version of Skype on the market?

    Can anyone help me with how to get Skype running on this phone?

    I can download the application - but it just wont sign in when I enter the correct username and password.

    Is there something else I can do or install to make it work?

    Thanks in advance
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  23. bennypole

    bennypole Member

    Motorola EX128 is the dual-SIM multimedia handset from the company, which comes with good number of functional features and technical configurations. You can keep two different-different contacts numbers and take advantages of economical plans of different service providers. This dual SIM mobile has got fine integrations like a quality camera & media player, sophisticated connectivity & messaging features, 8GB memory card support and stereo FM radio but battery life is quite disappointing. Motorola EX128 offers you great pleasure of easy and direct accessibility to SNS like Facebook & Twitter along with unlimited net-surfing.
  24. pcxpert

    pcxpert New Member

    I'm looking for a good android with dual sim and 3G. Viewsonic V350 isn't available. XT800(+) only in India & Gsmart has mailed that it will take at least one month for europe. (Rola & Skate)

    Thank for your mail and inquiry

    Our new Android devices are estimated to be launced in Europe in this May.
    However, the detail sale plan has not yet be released.

    Nevertheless, all the update news (for worldwide sales) will be updated in our official web site below. You may also check at your convenience.

    Thanks again for supporting of GSmart products. Please feel free if any further help needed.

    Best Regard,

    The fastcardtech guys have just released the E800. But I'm not really trusting those type of phones.
  25. jech

    jech Active Member

    hello007> I have no idea why it shouldn't work. There are no special requirements for Skype AFAIK.

    Regarding the Chinese clone I bought, I updated the SW (it was a pain in the ass, it took me many hours although I'm very experienced with phones and computers). Unfortunately the new ROM didn't solve the main problem - incorrectly working touch screen (receives clicks even if I'm not touching it). I plan to send the phone back because it is completely unusable.

    I'll wait until May for the GSmart.

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