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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

    yeah just be careful, don't confuse Motorola SPICE Key XT317 with Xt531 they are different phones, agree that Motorola need to sort out their naming convention.

    as it stands the dual sim version has not been released and for the last two months I have not seen any updates about it. Philips rekon their 4.3inch will be released on Diwali which is 26th october, but they have yet to release any more specs about it, at this rate i would say Philips will beat moto in releasing their dual sims. I would assume the philips specs will be at least equal most probably better than the xt531.

    However I found this neat phone,Buy Android 2.3, MTK6573 hd7 b63m cellphone, 3g Capacitive dual sim celular, Android 2.3 phone MTK6573 3G WCDMA Star A3 Capacitive screen WIFI TV GPS Unlocked Mobile phone at **********.comwhich I'm really tempted to buy, one thing I don't quite get though, is they say its 256mb RAM and 512mb ROM.. yet in the system info screen show under RAM it says 446 free (meaning 512mb) does that sound right to anyone else??

  2. Bakske

    Bakske Member

    Are your lines on the same height as mine?
    - 1st line through the captions of the 2nd row of icons
    - 2nd line a few pixels above the 4th row of icons

    I mailed computeruniverse.net on Monday but haven't received an answer yet.
  3. jeroensteijl

    jeroensteijl Member

    i have only 1 line
    just below the first row of icons.
    I emailed to computerunivers tuesday, no reply for so far.
  4. boopolo1

    boopolo1 Member

    The Spice XT, Fire XT, and XT 531 are all the same, all have 800Mhz, 512 RAM, 512 RAM and do not have keyboard (they have full touch screen). They come in both single and dual sim, the latter being reserved for some Asian countries.

    On the otherhand the 'Fire', 'Spice' and 'Spice key XT317' are lower spec phones with qwerty keyboard.

    There is also a Domino (in China) and I am not sure if this has an XT 531 flavour also. There is also mention of an XT 530.

    The problem is Motorola have given out so little information since their press release in early August. This has the bloggers copying each other and the information gets a bit twisted. Motorola are no help with their somewhat confusing names.

    The Fire XT has been available (single sim version) in India for the past few weeks. There are a few mini reviews coming out of India as of last weekend.
  5. Bakske

    Bakske Member

    My V350 got a 3rd black line, again after a night of recharging. It's a few pixels below the 2nd line. The place seems to be random.

    Jeroensteijl, was there any charging involved with your line?
  6. boopolo1

    boopolo1 Member

    Living here in SE Asia a couple of years; every second mobile phone store sells some type of iphone copy. Most run on windows mobile, but some have proprietary os. IMO the ones I have seen are all rubbish, with crap screens, batteries that only last a few months. Anyone who I know who has bought them have binned them, or tried to sell them on to another person.

    My two cents (or should I say,two pesos)
  7. vetrmh

    vetrmh Member

    From the specs, on the above mentioned phone on bluelans.com, it doesn't say wich chipset and how much internal memory its got. And it is not an android and thereby offtopic in this thread.

    After reading through all of both @expressmart and @scophones posts, it seems like they are doing some marketing for the bluelans.com site.
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  8. Bad Bissell

    Bad Bissell New Member

    I just picked up a new dual sim Android and it's awesome. It's called a g10, not sure who makes it. I've loaded tons of stuff from the market and havent had any problems. I dont really know what the specs mean but they are on the site where I got it from.

    I'll look for the email from when i bought it if you want to check out the specs.
  9. Bad Bissell

    Bad Bissell New Member

    Not really sure what it all means, but here it is.
    Android G10 Unlocked Android Mobile Phone With Capacitive Touchscreen, Bluetooth and WiFi

    Primary Function: 4" Unlocked Dual Sim Quad Band Touchscreen Multimedia Cell Phone With WiFi and GPS

    Chipset: MediaTek 6516 460MHz+280MHz

    Operating System: Android 2.2.2

    GSM Compatibility (Quad Band): Frequencies 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz


    Size: 4" WVGA LCD Capacitive Touch Screen
    Resolution: 320x480 (WVGA)
    Colors: 260K
    SIM Cards: 2


    Internal: RAM 256MB, ROM512MB
    External: Up to 32 GB (not included)
    Languages: English, French, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Malaysian, Indonesian, Czech, Slovak, Dutch, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Greek, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese


    Mobile Internet: WiFi, WAP, GPRS
    Wireless LAN: Enable/Disable, WLAN Status, Access Point Settings, Search Networks
    Hotspot: Enable/Disable

    Supported Service Profiles: Handsfree, Headset, SPP, DUN, OPP, FTP, A2DP, AVRCP, BPP, HID, BIP
    GPS Location Services:

    aGPS (Assisted)
    sGPS (Simultaneous)
    Google Maps™
    Google Maps™ Navigation (BETA)
    Google Latitude™

    Compatible File Formats:

    Music: AAC, H.263, H.264, MP3, MPEG-4, WAV, eAAC+, WMA v10, MIDI, AAC+
    Images: BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG
    Ebook: TXT

    Type: Rechargeable 1150mAh Li-Ion
    Talk Time (approx): 4 hours
    Standby Time (approx): 200 hours
    Charge Time (approx): 2 hours
    Messaging Types:

    Email: (Corporate Sync, Google Mail, Push Email), Send/Receive, Write Email, Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, Clear Mailbox, Delete Marked Emails, Email Accounts, Templates
    Multimedia Messaging (MMS)
    Text Messaging (SMS)
    Instant Messaging (IM-Google Talk)
    Digital Picture Camera:

    Dual Sensor: 1 (Front Lens), 2 (Back Lens)
    Photo Format: JPG
    Resolution: 1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480
    Image Quality: Super Fine, Fine, Normal
    Snapshot Options: Digital Zoom (8x), Timer, Burst Shot, Scene Modes, Color Effects, White Balance
    EV: -2 to +2
    Flash: Toggle ON/OFF
    Digital Video Camera:

    Resolution: 176 x 144
    Dual Sensor: 1 (Front Lens), 2 (Back Lens)
    Video Record Format: 3GP
    Video Quality: High (MicroSD), Medium, Low (SMS)
    Video Settings: Digital Zoom (8x), Night Mode, Effects, White Balance
    Microphone: On/Off
    EV: -2 to +2
    Other Features: Record Time Limit, File Size Limit, Record Audio
    Banding: 50Hz, 60Hz

    Type: Analog and Digital Mpeg-2 DVB-T
    Record Function: YES
    TV Record Format: 3GP
    FM Radio:

    Frequency: 87.5MHz to 108MHz (worldwide)
    Record Function: YES

    MMC328X Magnetic and Accelerometer Combo Orientation Sensor
    Certifications: CE, FCC, RoHS
  10. Bakske

    Bakske Member

    Got an email from computeruniverse to fill in the RMA form on their website and send the V350 back to them.

    They provided a parcel label with all the information filled in, so the return is free of charge.

    To be continued...
  11. goek

    goek Member

    Hiya guys,

    I've been looking for a good dual sim android phone for a long time and I've been keeping my eye on this thread. I registered to this forum just now to thank you all and add my 2 cents.

    I've been waiting for the V350, but after some poor reviews in this thread I looked on and spotted the A60 on the wiki. I ordered it a few days ago from rockstoreonline.eu. Being dutch myself I thought it would be easier to communicate with a dutch seller and to return the product if necessary. They also deliver the phone rooted with complete android market and dutch language and keyboard installed like etotalk does, so I'm very happy with that. Too bad etotalk is
  12. boopolo1

    boopolo1 Member


    You must be having a laugh. It's got to be the worst spec phone in this thread. The processor at 460Mhz and 256 RAM seems like it could never run 2.2 without crashing. The 2mp still camera and 176x144 video is very poor.

    There are some China phones that are not too bad; but this looks like the ones sold in Shenzhen Hua Qiang Bei for under hundred dollars.

    $148. I suppose they (or you?) have to make a profit. But please do not insult us saying this phone is awesome. People may think you are another spammer.
  13. jeroensteijl

    jeroensteijl Member

    Got the same email here.
    But my question is: how long am i gonna be "Phoneless"??:confused:
    I answered the email with this question...
    I cannot miss my smartphone for weeks...:eek:
  14. Bakske

    Bakske Member

    I think we've got no choice. I made peace with it. :( If it first have to get to computeruniverse, then to ViewSonic, then back to computeruniverse and then back to me, that will take quit a lot of time I presume.

    I doubt it can be fixed, I don't think they are gonna put a new screen in it either. Or it must be a problem with the graphics card or something they can solve by flashing it or something like that. So I think they are gonna send a new one.

    If it's a problem they already know about (maybe the reason why it took them so long to get it on the market) and they know they can't fix it, maybe they will tell computeruniverse to send a new one right away.

    But a new one will probably have the same problem, unless our phones where part of a first bad batch and the new batches no longer have this problem.

    We'll have to wait and see...
  15. flamer

    flamer Well-Known Member

    When I look at the screen shots of the phone it doesn't show any info about the sim switching. when you send an sms are you prompted to choose which sim to send from, and also in the pictures when calling it shows only one phone button, how do you choose to call from sim 1 or sim 2?
  16. Mr.Baggins

    Mr.Baggins Member

    Huawei U8520 has appeared on Australian eBay ([​IMG]BRAND NEW HUAWEI DEUCE U8520 DUAL SIM UNLOCKED BLACK ANDROID WIFI MOBILE PHONE | eBay)

    I asked the seller about this mobile and got the response:
    "We would like to inform you that Huawei Deuce U8520 is genuine huawei's device and this device use 1GHz CPU.

    - An 2.8″ HVGA display,
    - 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS
    - Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 1GHz CPU
    - Memory 512 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM
    - Memory Card T-Flash/MicroSDHC, up to 32 GB"
  17. Pipofiasco

    Pipofiasco Member

  18. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Don't forget the FET T8888. I'm writing this message with it :). Opera + Swype makes browsing pretty good. It's very stable, and after a few app updates, the apps don't crash either. Dutch language is supported including T9, but all Android phones have that I guess. Good luck choosing your new phone!
  19. chris_a

    chris_a New Member

    hi to all and i m glad for posting my first message to this forum :)
    what about this phone
    G11i pro from etotalk (i cant include link in first message)
    does anyone has it and does it worths its money?
  20. YodaFone

    YodaFone New Member

    Just got a Lenovo A60 a few days ago for about
  21. dudo

    dudo New Member

    Vidio sam na forumu da ste iz mog kraja pa hajde da se učlanim i pitam.
    Kupio sam Lenovo A60 preko merimobiles.com i rekli su mi da mo
  22. dudo

    dudo New Member


    As this is my first post sorry if I will do/write something wrong but I have a problem which I need to solve. I bought Lenovo A60 from merimobiles.com while they told me that this prone after rooting will be able to go on android market. (I even called them on the phone and they confirmed that will work) I received my phone day before yesterday and try to do what they told me to do but it didn't work. Connection over usb didn't work. It says that drivers are missing. Has anyone had similar problem and mayb knows the solution? Please help.
  23. dudo

    dudo New Member


    I need drivers, would you be so kind and send me one.
    Best regards
  24. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    "There's an app for that" ;).
    Yeah, android market doesn't work over usb. You need an internet connection, either 3G of wifi.

    You can use usb to get apps, but it's not really convenient: you need to download apps using Android market on your pc, than transfer them to your phone using usb and then install them on your phone.

    Concerning your driver problem: modify the existing drivers. It sounds difficult, but all you need to do is modify a line in the drivers where you change the device id of the phone in the driver into your device id. Something that looks like this:
    %SingleAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_05C6&PID_9026
    %CompositeAdbInterface% = USB_Install, USB\VID_05C6&PID_9026
    here is some more info about finding the device id.
  25. htc_desire_

    htc_desire_ Member

    OK Guys, my input to the discussion around ViewSonic V350.

    Have been playing (actively using) for the last 3-4 days. Using it as my work phone (about 2 hours a day on the phone, wifi, some data) and personal phone (for personal calls, data, sms)

    I have been using an HTC Desire for almost an year now and have been very happy. Have rooted my Desire and have been enjoying the pleasure of having a rooted phone with custom ROMs.

    Was looking for a dual SIM phone for a long time and finally decided to buy ViewSonic V350 from Amazon UK.

    Had read the features of ViewSonic and was fairly aware of what the expect.

    Now after using it for a few days with Orange UK and O2 UK sim card, my observations are as follows:

    1 - Very basic TFT screen (was expected but a huge change for me as I was using a HTC Desire HD custom ROM with fantastic resolution)
    2 - Very annonying power on/off button. Never managed to turn the phone on/off using one hand. The button is tiny and hardly can be reached using one hand. Not a good design, I must say
    3 - The USB charger flap - dont understand why it is there

    I would have been happy with the above, but then realised that phone is:

    4. Dual SIM Standby - However, irrespective the SIM, the phone goes to voice message if data is being used. I tried using SIM1 and SIM2 for data and called from home phone to the other SIM and in all cases phone went to voice message. I really did not expect this to happen though it was clear that phone was Dual SIM Standby and not DUal SIM active.

    5. Have had numerous lock-ups - I have not been able to answer calls. I see phone ringing but it just wont allow me answer. Many, many times the phone wont let me enter the PIN to log in.

    I see the situation gets worse especially when the battery is low (<40%)

    I sense low memory of the phone and possibly some hardware/design issue related to the management of Android 2.2 affects the functionality.

    There are some other minor irritations as well - e.g. the wifi drops after some time and comes back on almost 30 seconds after the phone is on. My HTC desire always used to keep wifi connection on but then that meant battery consumption was poor.

    I paid

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