Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. Mr.Baggins

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  2. vetrmh

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  3. MatrixCow

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    After reading some bad reviews about the V350, I cancelled my order to be safe.
    I have been reading some good things about the FET T8888.
    Does somebody have some more things to share about this phone? Good and bad. :)
  4. jeroensteijl

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  5. xtermi2

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    @RealBirkoff: How did you install the custom ROM? Didn't you lose the dual-sim features? I have only experience with Windows Mobiel 6.1 custom Roms (Dx900) but i would love to know how you did that on your T8888.

    Here are my experiences with the t8888:
    I bought it 2 Months ago ...

    - Dual-SIM works like it should (mentioned in the other posts)
    - Display is great for my requirements
    - CPU is not to slow, i have sometimes a little delay, but its not to bad
    - RAM is enough for all the applications I have tried

    - Battery realy sucks! My Usage (3G on, BT/WLAN/GPS off, 2-5 short calls a day ~15min, a little browsing (15min) and outlook/exchange/gmail sync). maybe 18h, not more! Even if i disable sync and enable/disable 3G manually i have not more than 24h! And even in flight mode!!! not more than 30h! (i know some people who habe 5 Days in flight mode with their HTC Android phones). I have tried JuiceDefender but with nearly no effect :(
    - compass calibration don't work, i have a failure of 90
  6. polvo

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    Hi, bad news for me regarding battery life, I will see how is battery working, looking fourward to grab T8888 in my hands :D, hope battery life will be better as drsnuggles wrote down few days ago (1 day is OK for me in heavy mode), nice question for RealBirkoff, would be nice to hear some ROM hints...

    G1345 is gaining points during the time, I will let you know my experiences with T8888 when I get it.

    Please, 1 question, what is max resolution of T8888 video, I am curious :p. Thanx.
  7. xtermi2

    xtermi2 New Member

    I only tried the installed camera app with the main (back) camera: 352 x 288 @ 15fps; H264/AVC 360 kbps ... looks very poor, sorry. Maybe other apps can do it better?
    I usually don't use the camera, so that point isn't important to me ;)
  8. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Regarding the battery on the T8888 I noticed something interesting using the app Battery Monitor.

    There seems to be an internal Android process which doesn't allow the phone to enter sleep mode: it will run 100% of the time. This drains the battery at an enormous rate: in will be empty in a few hours and charging goes slow because of the huge consumption of energy. The phone is also less responsive. If you restart the phone, it could be ok for days. And the battery seems to last forever.

    So whenever I notice the phone is running 100% of the time again, I restart the phone. However, I couldn't find out what this internal energy waisting process is. All analysers I used blame an it to be inside the android system, not an external app. It could be an issue of the phone's hardware, but I'm thinking of something that's wrong in the software. 3G, GPS, Bluetooth and Wifi is all controlled in energy saving mode by the app "tasker".

    Maybe it's an Android bug? Or a T8888 specific software bug? A restart solves my problems. Edit: a system app used for developing software is the cause of the problem. Read my post of 24 october for the solution (uninstalling it with Root Uninstall).
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  9. carletto

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    nobody using FET T8888 is able to answer about max video resolution allowed on such phone ?


    Thanx again x ur help
  10. samxixix

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    Doubt it from what I am reading, this and the 3G settings killed it for me.
    2G Network CDMA 800 - SIM 1
    GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 2
    3G Network CDMA2000 1xEV-DO

    I went after the XT531 Dual Sim though, reckon the one they have in stock is a dual sim not the single sim version. Placed an order and waiting to see if this is the case hopefully.
  11. pnobrega

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    Tuesday, October 18, 2011
    You <click to change>
    the Motorola XT531 u guys have is the dual sim version?
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    Ethan [agent]
    Hi sorry it's only one sim
    You <click to change>
    you wont be having the dual sim version?
    Ethan [agent]
    dual version will launch before christmas

    just asked them the same.. got the other answer.. single sim.. strange! hope u get lucky
  12. Mr Floppy

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    I'd like to dispel the perception of the V350. I've had it for a week now and it has been fine for me. Nothing that makes it stand out from other dual sim phones and for the price, it is a little bit high when you can get something like the FET,


    with Viewsonic, you have a wider distribution channel and a company that will support the phone. (also 512 MB RAM). With that comes mods, custom Androids and Viewsonic have said that expect Gingerbread in November.
  13. samxixix

    samxixix Member

    Thanks you are right the same guy just told me now both are available sim/dual. They don't know what they are selling cancelling as we speak. I spoke twice before to customer service and on both occasions they confirmed its a dual.
  14. MatrixCow

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  15. TheMarkJC

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    Has anyone looked at any of the following phones? I'm in the market for a dual sim Android, but being in Europe I need to stick in 2x GSM SIM's, not WCDMA. I would be very interested to hear other opinions on these as I'm torn between the 3 of them:

    HDC A9100

    HD7 T9292

    HDC A9299

    (Sorry i can't post links as a noob, but Google will take you straight to them)

    All claim to be dual core (MTK6573), 512ROM/512RAM with TF to 32Gb, 4.3" 480x800 capacitive screens, dual sim dual standby, 5MP&0.3MP camera's, so on the surface appear to be higher spec than the ones discussed here previously (I'm been keeping an eye on this forum for a while in my search for the right phone!).

    At the moment the A9100 is winning...
  16. pnobrega

    pnobrega New Member

    Never heard of them but the HDC A9299 catched my eye.. Also A9100 looks very good... Contacted one seller to try to find out if they support receive calls on sim2 while using 3g on sim1... Essential feature for me in dual sims
  17. TheMarkJC

    TheMarkJC Member

    I did find a site that covered this in the customer questions section & the answer was yes. If you are using Data/3g in Sim 1 & receive a call on Sim 2 or Sim1, the call comes through fine but the data cuts off for the duration of the call. If you are on a call on either Sim, and a call comes through on the other one it will go straight to voicemail, you can't flip between calls.

    Unless anyone has any horror stories I think I've decided on the A9100, as it would seam you can ditch the battery & replace it with an original Galaxy S2 battery for a much better battery life. I've only found one mention of this so far so am still trying to confirm this...

    It seems that the A9100 also has the best screen size to phone size ratio, and I think the nicest design. As the internals seem the same on them all, I guess choosing really is just a case of going with the external design you like the most.
  18. jeroensteijl

    jeroensteijl Member

    I agree totally ! I am using it for a month now.
    I only have this horizontal line (defect) in my screen now. Viewsonic allready offers me to replace the V350 for a new one, but i am waiting for the phone to come on stock week 44.
    Also the v350 reboots once every day..(??) is this some sort of a software bug ??
    Further I have no complaints and the device is working just as it is supposed to!:)
  19. EmilF

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    I had the same problem, but found that you can simply download and install the calendar (agenda): MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
  20. pnobrega

    pnobrega New Member

    I'm holding back a few more weeks.. Still need to sell some of my old devices :) Hope u can tell us your experience with it when it arrives.. It sure would help a loot..

    Best of luck :)
  21. MatrixCow

    MatrixCow Member

    I really don't know what to buy anymore. :(
    Every time I find a phone with good specs/price, I read lot's of bad things about it.
    I'm in doubt between a few of the "Azian" branded phones like te FET T8888 or other ones on Etotalk or lightinthebox.
    Does anybody want to share experiences with those types of phones please?:eek:
  22. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    High battery usage tip:
  23. Brazilian girl

    Brazilian girl New Member

    It seems you find Gigabyte GSmart G1310 the best dual sim (2xSMS) android smartphone, but in Brazil is imposible to buy one.
    I really really really wanted a dual sim android smartphone! Do you know other option a can buy from Brazil? I've already searched for Motorola, LG and Sansung without results.
    Thank you!
  24. Crake

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  25. New Member

    This is a very interesting thread so I thought I would join in:

    I'm considering buying a AT&T G11i Pro/Incrdible S from etotalk anyone have any experience with that?

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