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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    long story short, i take my initial review back. The phone turn out to be a disappointment. :(
    will post details after I got my A60 as comparison.

  2. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

  3. Genna

    Genna Member

    Fly iq260 Android dual sim smartphone coming soon
    there is a poor information about spec of this one, but some is:
    Android 2.3.4,
    processor 650MHz, it seems that it to be MTK6573 dual core
    Display 3.5", QWGA 320x480, capacitive, multi-touch
    rear camera 3.2Mpx with auto focus, front 0.3
    3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bt
    no any info about RAM
    lighting sensor and accelerometer
    expected price 200-220$
  4. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    interesting, is fly a reliable manufacturer?
  5. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    Just like all the other chinese Mtk6573 phones available...
  6. Genna

    Genna Member

    I am owner of Fly phone, model MC170 within almost 2 years, and I am very satisfied with its quality and reliability. He had several deadly downfalls, but it still works without any problems.
    in regards of Smartphone, I dont know exactly, but as far as i know Fly just is a buyer of production in OEM manufacturers
  7. florisz

    florisz Member

    I bought this phone from China mobile and received it 20-10-2011.(within 2 weeks) I'm very happy with the way it works(fast enough and good reception compared to MTK6515).
    Problem is that it has only 256mb storage memory. After 10 apps installation(moved all possible to SD-card(16GB) I can not install anymore apps(only 18mb storage left).
    MOST important problem. The phone comes with MALWARRE! I looked at my phone bill. The phone send sms messages to Chinese numbers; 13738199970 and 13738199961. For oktober it were only 2 sms messages, but I don't know what it sends...
    Also I found a Russian Forum that says it has to do with an app called
    caivs.apk (com.android.caivs.app).
    I don't know what to do and how to stop this sending of sms messages.
  8. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    sounds bad. those sms could well contain privacy information regarding yourself (contacts, gmail password, etc etc).
  9. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    What I would do if I where in your shoes:
    1) Root the phone
    2) Install the app "Root uinstall"
    3) Backup all apps using "Root uinstall"
    4) Uninstall strange system apps with "Root uinstall" until the weird behaviour is gone.
    Presto :). Good luck!
  10. Genna

    Genna Member

    I have read this russian forum
    It is quite known problem for this phone. This apps is pre-installed with the ROM, it may send two sms per day on follow numbers: 13738199934, 13958137024, 13738199989, 13738199961, cost around 0.18$(for Russia) per the one.
    So, Firstly you need to make the root for your phone, then using "Root Explorer" (or similar apps) remove file caivs.apk by address:/system/app/caivs.apk
    By the way, there is the red lightning message into a main post that "phone Does have 512RAM+512ROM MB, and this point have not to be discussing anymore!"
  11. florisz

    florisz Member

    Thank you all for the fast feedback. I will try if I can root this phone.
    It is correct that the malware(probably caivs.apk) sends 2 SMS at the same time. The used phone numbers I can confirm are: 13738199970, 13738199961 and 17605370537. For Dutch client of Vodafone this cost you about 29eur cent per SMS. But most important is ofcourse, What info is inside the SMS?
    The build of the OS is: b63m 20110926-101409 (there might be other builds that don't have this malware)

    I still doubt the memory RAM and ROM. I also know there are even b63m models with 4GB of RAM(not including SD-card).
    Here is my 'Quick system info' (when I still had the 2GB sd-card installed)
    Say for yourself what you think the phones RAM and ROM is!?
  12. florisz

    florisz Member

    I'm a dual sim user since the first replacement simcards(11 years ago) where you had to boot the phone to use the other sim.
    Since then I have had 2 Samsung(non smartphone) dual sim(standby) phones which were extremely good, but NO smartphone.
    My first dual sim(standby) smartphone was a MTK 6515(HOT HD9). Nice smartphone because it is Froyo and very good bright display, but;
    - No real GPS
    - Slow OS (when looking through pictures or browsing internet)
    - Bad network reception
    - only GPRS data network

    Since the MTK 6573, like the B63M, this is all solved. It is;
    + fast,
    + real GPS (no data network needed)
    + good network reception
    + real HSDPA for first sim, GPRS for second sim
    + long battery life
    + Phone feels strong and is light
    + nice smooth finish of cover

    - comes with SMS virus (see above, solvable) :mad:
    - display is a little less readable in bright sunlight(same as Iphone 4)

    Hope this helped you a little
  13. florisz

    florisz Member

    I can't believe that the specs of this phone are correct. An MK6516 cpu with android 2.3.x....
    With android 2.2 this cpu was aready very slow. So this is not going to work.
    I would noone recommend this phone!

    I think 'scophone' is misusing the forum to make an advertisement for his/her shop.

    Moderator, I say remove...
  14. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    That's things cleaned up nicely for you, folks. Please use the "Report" button to let Staff know of any further spam or other undesirable posts.
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  15. PeterBell

    PeterBell Active Member

    I'm an ex-pat Brit, living in Philippines. I have been a Nokia user ever since buying my first mobile phone in 1994. However, with Nokia playing silly with two abandoned ventures into Linux-based OS and their recent adoption of Microsoft, I vowed that my next phone would be Android. Then, about a month ago, I found myself subscribing to a second operator and requiring dual sim. Quick research led me to believe that I wanted the Viewsonic V350. I discovered that the Viewsonic was not available in any local shop and the only dual sim Android I could find was the Cherry Mobile Orbit: Orbit | Cherry Mobile

    I always thought that Cherry (Philippine market only?) did not manufacture their own handsets, but simply rebadged units from other manufacturers. However, I have not been able to find another phone of equivalent specification and design. Does anyone recognise this unit.

    I purchased this phone on the spur of the moment. It seems to perform reasonably well except for two major complaints:
    1) Battery life: Although I'm not a heavy user, it is necessary to recharge every night.
    2) Signal strength: Firstly, the performance of the SIM2 position is markedly worse than the SIM1 position. Secondly, even the SIM1 doesn't hold a connection as well as any of my recent Nokias (an N82 and an N97mini).

    I ascribe other shortcomings to my unfamiliarity with Android, such things as:
    1) How do I split sms message threading for a contact - not every message to/from the same contact is a continuation of an earlier conversation.

    2) How do I set up contact groups?

    ... etc .....

    Anyway, all considered, this unit is usable and I will hang onto it until a much better alternative becomes available (do Samsung plan a dual sim version of the Galaxy S???)
  16. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    There is a new model to replace the T8888. It's called the FET K600S. The main difference is that it uses a faster cpu: 800 MHz Qualcom 7227A. It's still Android 2.2 though. Link. It costs $279.


    Btw, should we still update the dual sim wiki? It seems to miss a few MTK-chipset based phones.
  17. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    Zte u960
  18. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Most contact list apps support groups. For example: GoContacts Ex.
  19. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

  20. Genna

    Genna Member

    I guess Cherry Mobile Orbit - is rebranded the Gigabyte GSmart 1310 Ray.
    Look for its thread to find more information about your phone!
  21. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

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  22. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

  23. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

  24. Times8

    Times8 Member

    You can purchase The G1310 in Holland for only 185 euro's! I purchased it also their. Send them an e-mail: info@scopeq.com for more info!
  25. Times8

    Times8 Member


    The Cherry Mobile Orbit is the GSmart G1310, you can purchase it in Holland (Europe) for only 185 euro. With 24 month product warranty. You can contact them by this email address: info@scopeq.com I purchased also my G1310 over-there, it's called SCOPEQ Trading.


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