Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. pcxpert

    pcxpert New Member

    I searched and found a specific date in Bulgaria. Google translate helped met out :)

    vali_dot_bg -> 30 April for the Rola and 173€. I hope the Skate will also arrive soon. The specifications are better.

  2. hello007

    hello007 New Member


    I have an Android 2.2 dual sim Eclipse mobile phone.

    I downloaded the latest versions of Skype - all installed with no problem.

    However all refuse to let me log in.

    I then downloaded the Skype Beta Lite.

    It allows me to make Skype calls - but only by using my sim card to dial the Skype local access number - this costs me heaps on my mobile - so its rather pointless for me.

    But it wont make calls via wifi. I can't understand why?

    However I cannot figure out how to make the Skype Beta Lite to make calls via my home Wifi - the mobile works fine with it - but Skype Beta Lite refuses all efforts to call via my wifi.

    Can you help?

    It amazes me that it will only call via sim card -- and not wifi?

    Please help

    Thanks in advance
  3. heebs

    heebs New Member

    any idea if this phone has sms templates and outbox and inbox, sms forwarding etc as cant find it on my white eclispe phone..thanks:confused:
  4. jech

    jech Active Member

    heebs> The functions don't depend on the phone. It is up to the SMS program you use. There are many SMS applications for Android which you can download.
  5. rsstvc

    rsstvc New Member

    I have the dual sim dual standby HTC Desire HD clone running Android 2.2.1 and was wondering if when an update to Android is available will this still give me dual sim operation.
  6. jech

    jech Active Member

    rsstvc> If it is from the phone manufacturer, then yes. But Android doesn't allow dual-sim by default. So to support it, the manufacturers had to implement the functionality themselves. Since Android is opensource, they could modify the codes and add this feature. I don't know if the source codes are available so knowledgeable people can modify them. Chinese manufacturers are known for not obeying GPL licence (which forces them to release the modified sources).

    Because the modification to add dual-sim support is quite complicated, I don't think they will release Android 2.3 update anytime soon.
  7. rsstvc

    rsstvc New Member


    Thanks for swift reply
  8. Cecilsoares

    Cecilsoares Member

    hello! I'm amongst those who need dual sim cellphones in order to keep life possible. I already have to carry a million eletronic devices for work, including laptop, high quality GPS and digital camera, so adding 2 or 3 cellphones to that sucks.

    I'm currently using one of those chinese dual sim cellphones, it's very basic and as far as dual sim goes, it works all right - i've had that for a whole year so durability is ok as well. however, I'd really want a high end phone, and have been waiting for ages for a decent OS system on a dual sim phone. the ones released by motorola, samsung and LG (at least the ones i've seen around here in Brazil) are way too simple and definetely too expesive to what they offer.

    As I read this thread I got all excited that there are some proper android dual sims on their way, but as far as I noticed it, none of them have qwerty keyboards (or any physical keyboards at all, really). That really sucks for me. I am in the habit of typing withou looking at the keyboard and of course thats impraticable with the virtual ones.

    Anyone knows why it is that none of the future releases have keyboards?
  9. jech

    jech Active Member

    The only dual sim with qwerty keyboard is this: Product Information

    The choice of dual sim smartphones is very limited. It is true, that lately a lot of them from Chinais available. But they are different only from the outside, inside is always the same MTK6516 chipset, which is slow and has no 3D acceleration.

    Just this week finally the Gigabyte GSmart G1317 started selling. But I'll wait for the little better G1310.

    But although these phones are better then all the Chinese clones, they have 2 years old chipset. You won't find any dual sim with Cortex-A8 CPU (1 year old). And there is absolutely no chance for this year's Cortex-A9. But I heard that Yuhua (the manufacturer of the MID mentioned above and also maker of X2, the first Android dual sim) is working on a Cortex-A8 equipped dual sim.
  10. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

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  11. jech

    jech Active Member

    smurfOnE> Nice summary. I think you should also add the GSmart G1317. It is basically the same phone as G1310, but with resistive display and worse camera. The phone is already available here, the G1310 should start selling within a few weeks.

    P.S. Rola is the name of G1317, not G1310.
    P.S.2 The fake HTC G7 is in fact a regular Android phone. Only the name and design is fake. Inside is MTK6516 460MHz. The same chipset is used in all other Chinese clone phones.
  12. nina_simone

    nina_simone New Member

    Hi, where can I buy the GSmart G1317? Is it available for Brazil? Is there any website selling this phone?

    Thank you all for reply!
  13. jech

    jech Active Member

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  14. fluffyandroid

    fluffyandroid New Member

  15. jech

    jech Active Member

    I can't confirm it, since I currently don't have an Android phone. I had DSTL1 but the phone isn't working anymore. Currently I have GSmart S1205 with Windows Mobile.

    But AFAIK the Skype is normally available through Android Market and there are no restrictions regarding HW. So it should work on all Android devices.

    But the preferred IM/VoIP on Android is GoogleTalk.
  16. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    Can the Viewsonic v350 be charged via USB? Or the Gsmart G1317D?

    Anyone know where the v350 can be bought?
  17. jech

    jech Active Member

    smurfOnE> All Android phones I have seen are charged via USB. The ViewSonic is not selling yet.

    jassi771> Interesting phone. But the specification is quite strange. MediaTek chipset 600 MHz. I've never heard of such chipset. I only know the very slow MTK6516 with 416 MHz.
  18. GJHartwich

    GJHartwich New Member

    The v350 was launched in Taiwan yesterday!

    The suggested price is around $345
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  19. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

  20. In my opinion the best Android phone with dual SIM coming out of China has to be the HTC T8585 (LEO) running Android 2.2. These are the specs:

    OS: ANDROID 2.2
    CPU: Qualcomm(R) 8250B 1024MHz
    Phone Type: Dual SIM Dual Standby phone; Bar design
    GSM services: GSM/GPRS/EDGE:850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    Memory and storage: 512M ROM+256M RAM , support TF card maximum expansion of 32G
    Screen: 4.3-inch,WVGA, Capacitance screen
    Battery Capacity: 1230 mAh
    Main Functions: FM, Built GPS voice navigation system, SIRF Star Ⅲ navigation chip, WIFI wireless Internet access, Android2.2 Gphone, mobile stock market, mobile QQ / MSN / Skype, Office document reader / editor, e-mail various, e-book readers, English-Chinese Dictionary, 3D gravity sensor, Dual SIM Card Dual Standby
    Game function: Built several Game, PPC Game / JAVA Games / 3D Games / Simulation Games download
    Size (mm): 120X67X11mm(LxWxH)
    Antenna: Built-in
    Camera (Back): Dual cameras, 2.0 Mega pixel, support audio video camera, support network camera
    Camera (Front): 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS
  21. jech

    jech Active Member

    Gadgetlesstech> Are you sure the phone has a 1 GHz Qualcomm CPU? I seriously doubt it. All Chinese phones I've seen use MTK6516 416MHz CPU.
  22. boyette

    boyette New Member

  23. jech

    jech Active Member

    boyette> Just another Chinese MTK6516 phone. There are many similar phones, but the performance and quality is poor.

    Btw. I heard that ViewSonic V350 is already selling in Thailand. Anybody here got one and would like to share some opinions on it?
  24. Van Icasiano

    Van Icasiano New Member

    i just came across this thread and its very helpful, i've been looking for a good android dual sim GSM phone for the past few weeks. 1 sim for work and the other for personal use. i haven't found one with good features and reasonable price that's not a clone. i'm from the philippines, it would be nice if someone could recommend one.

    Thank you1
  25. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    The v350 is being sold in Germany as well (~€200).. but only offered by one merchant -- and it's a merchant that does not accept credit card!

    No thanks.. I'll wait till it is available by credit card.

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