Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    if you search on q&a on same etotalk, I've asked them if it works on wcdma and you can read their answer

  2. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    Yup, it also makes sense that etotalk should only sell phones that will work most part of the world outside china.

    it seems etotalk will root and install google apps on this phone too, which is nice to know.

    but from the Lenovo A60 experience, the 3rd party rendered google app experience is never quite the same as stock android. for instanace contact sync will be problematic.
  3. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

    I hope your review about it :D
  4. LaLoba

    LaLoba New Member

    Thanks NeWbIe. I was mainly irritated because different sellers stated different specifications for the same phone. Are there indeed versions of the X18i with only 256 MB RAM and 3 MP camera, and other versions of the X18i with 512 MB RAM and 8 MP camera? I don' t want to buy a phone which is advertised to have 512 MB RAM just to discover that the seller was wrong and the phone in truth only has 256 MB RAM.
  5. doodoo33

    doodoo33 Member

    Looking forward to your review... :)
  6. doodoo33

    doodoo33 Member

    Is the Google app problem derive from the unauthorized MTK chipset?

    If so the ZTE u960 which is based on ARM7 should be OK, is it?
  7. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    that's the case with the MTK chipset but there are quite a lot of people working on it.

    the problem with U960 is at the moment is the whole phone is built for domestic market and stripped out a lot of stock functions, and no one s really working on it apart from the chinese dev base. And in general the chinese devs are not that bothered with Google Apps given that half google's services are not working in China.

    from what I read the attempt to flash Google App using the generic CM GAPP s full of problems.

    I sent a post on the russian forum hoping that those guys that done (really good) job on the A60 would take a look at the U960. their ROMs are very clean and good. fingers crossed.
  8. doodoo33

    doodoo33 Member

    Could you please advise how gen I obtain the ROM for the A60 and How can I root the device and flash the rom?
    Does the P70 have the same ROM?

  9. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    Can anyone confirm? Indeed I had a W7272 with the same problem. And if you look at taobao, the pics are 50% with WO and 50% without. On the site it is without WO and the google market icon can be seen. But pics do not say too much. Anyone has a XT532 alreaDY? It is in the normal shops in China for a week now, so maybe somebody has one?
  10. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    I have checked with a few more merchants and people who bought XT532 from taobao after sending the last post, the ones currently on sale are all without google apps.

    The Android market was replaced by MOTO's own app market, and apps like Gmail, Gtalk, Youtube are not there.

    I can't confirm the part about WO, it looks like there are some phones on sales are without the WO symbols but they dont have stock Google Apps either.

    It seems the ones that will be on sale in Hong Kong and Taiwan are different version to the ones currently on sale in China on taobao (which is the one engadget did review on), but will have to wait till Jan or Feb to see if that is the case.
  11. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

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  12. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    the Motorola XT317 that was first spotted from MOTO brazil website has apparently surfaced in China.

    Below is a review by chinese website ZOL
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  13. daveybaby

    daveybaby Well-Known Member

  14. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    ok, how easy would it be to root the phone and apply the "taiwan" rom to a chinese XT532?
    In the meantime, etotalk start selling (459usd!), I asked them about the market and gmail. If they confirm they are on the phone, they may have rooted it already.
  15. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    Moto phones in general are not easy to root.

    This is the case for the XT531 and i m not convinced XT532 will make it any easier.

    The 532 is confirmed to be released in hongkong Jan2012, those version will have google apps.
  16. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    Extremely relevant!
    Looking at the specs these two are Samsung's answers to MOTO XT532 and XT317. and more importantly they are scheduled to released globally, hence we can safely expect proper android experience with google integration.

    I ll just stick to my A60 for now and wait for these two to be released in UK in January, or XT532 and XT317 in Hong Kong (which should also be january) - spoilt for choices! :)

    This is good news!!

    The press release seems to be suggesting a Dual 3G capability, which would be nice if true:

    GALAXY Y DUOS and GALAXY Y Pro DUOS feature a unique Dual SIM system that maximizes communication flexibility by allowing two separate phone numbers and a simultaneous use of data on the same device. Users who need to balance busy professional and social lives can access and seamlessly switch from one line to the other with GALAXY Y DUOS or GALAXY Y Pro DUOS.
  17. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    ok, but still etotalk tells they will sell with Android market. Does that mean they have rooted it?
    Price is unrealistic though
  18. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    etalk also said they are on pre-order and waiting for release.
    I suspect they are selling the hong kong version hence saying they will sell with android market. I doubt they ve rooted the phone.
  19. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    Still I believe the screen and resolution is quite worse compared to Xt532: QVGA 3.14" vs HVGA 3.5".
  20. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

  21. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    the screens are smaller, not sure if the resolution is a lot worse as the xt532 itself is not really of high resolution.
  22. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    yes it looks like MOTO s gearing up the release of these with android market very soon. together with the XT317 and the two Samsung DUOS there will be 4 dual sim androids out of reputable manufactuers with full google integration.

    its kind of funny that motorola and samsung are suddenly all over it :p
  23. Bravefish

    Bravefish New Member

    Galaxy S 2 DUOS

    Can't post the link as I have just registered..... Google to check it out.

    If its true for me this is the winner
  24. ThiPaX40

    ThiPaX40 Member

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  25. ImDangerous

    ImDangerous New Member

    And when will they be available?

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