Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. PeterBell

    PeterBell Active Member

    Absolutely sure! You don't know how things work here in Philippines - there's no way that the package would have been released if there was a charge to pay.

    Now my wife wants me to order another G11i Pro for her!

  2. Jerome5

    Jerome5 Member

    No idea really, but since this is software related there is a good chance that you can install it afterwards.
  3. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    I had the w7272 with the same issue: could not get the market working.
    so it is not easy, but when a phone becomes popular, someone will manage. But if you are the first one to buy it, you dont know if it gets popular.
  4. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    that is most definitely the case.
  5. kingcedz

    kingcedz Well-Known Member

    the best review i can find is ??? ?XT532_??-
    but it is all in chinese, you can try use google translate.

    from what i read the battery life on the xt532 is decent.

    The phone is close to launch in Hong Kong and 359USD is quite a bit more than released price (HKD 2298 according to Engadget)

    Xt532 -- Engadget
  6. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member


    today i bought the unlocked XT532 from Taiwan (in ebay listed)... hoping good...
  7. biibuu

    biibuu Member

    I have had my second XT532 for a couple of days (the first one was faulty and got exchanged.) The biggest drawback is that it doesn't support google services. You can't bind a google account to the phone, so you can't use things like android market, Gmail client, or Google+. I hope yours is unlocked and according to the ad. on ebay, it supports those google services.
  8. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    biibuu , i bought a "unlocked" version of XT532, the sellers wrote "fully support to Google Android Market and Google Services." I read are differences betweeen customized XT532 for China market and the version for the rest of the world. Hope it will be so, but some people who bought other smartphone by this seller told me he is very affordable.
    Can you tell me if is good antenna signal? And how fast is the second sim reconnection after call? Audio quality in conversation? Wifi ok?

  9. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    biibuu, where did you buy it? Do you have a link to the site where you brought it from?
  10. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    pwey look also on will find it "unlocked" at a reasonable price.
  11. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    yes, I saw it. I wait until you are happy with it. Still wondering if customs will 'see' it, so I am interested in how it is packed. Also etotalk has one on ebay, but they confirmed that the google apps are NOT on it, whereas on their website they say they can put it on. The bidded price immediately dropped a lot.
  12. What are the perks to dual sim phones, other than more storage? It seems like they sacrifice a lot just to have 2 slots.
  13. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    Etotalk is a chinese company and sell XT532 (and other smartphone) for chinese i'm not surprised the google apps are not on it..
    Hoping well for the extra China version of XT532, as the taiwanese seller wrote.;)

    2 sims are very important to saving money... The market of dual sim phone is in evolution, probably new better hardware in the future will arrive...
  14. LaLoba

    LaLoba New Member

    My employer provides me a mobile phone for business purpose, but I'm not allowed to use it for private calls. So I need to carry two phones, one with the business and one with a private sim card. A dual sim phone would spare me this inconvenience.
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  15. polvo

    polvo Active Member

    I have one sim for 3g servica and really cheap sms service, other one for cheap calls, operator services market in the czech republic is really stuck-in-the-mud. :(. But what I need for that is decent peace of hardware. Whats the best model I can use in Europe by now? Anyone has a hot tip?

    Maybe, there is a time to move from my FET T8888, working well by now, but the battery life is relativelly poor when using 3G, wifi service :). May be that is because i measured with Battery Monitor Widget Pro really different capacity then declared (1850 mAh), maybe..? But android itself is the CONSUMER, thats true.

    Happy new year to all!

  16. seanyt66

    seanyt66 Active Member

    hi all

    i have had the Huawei U8520 "Deuce" for about 3 week now and can report that it is great. its android 2.2 600Mhz. 3.2M camera and the battery life is great. it has one 3G slot and the other is just GSM. sure its never going to be a galaxy s2 in terms of spec but if all your looking for is a solid android dual sim phone then i would highly recommend it. also the build quality is superb - better than anything ive ever had eg:- nokia, samsung, motorola.

    i ordered it off ebay and it was delivery from Taiwan - took about 11 days to the uk. it said on the ebay shop that customs cost etc were not covered and would need to be paid on delivery but that they would make the package as a gift. i did not have to pay anything when it was delivered which was definately a bonus.

  17. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    ok, also ordered 1. will be shipped on Friday. please let me know when your phone arrives.
  18. PeterBell

    PeterBell Active Member

    The SIM has very little to do with storage - how many people still hold their contacts or messages on the SIM. Using the phone memory for these purposes gives much more flexibility and convenience ... unless you regularly change handset.

    No, the real benefit of a dual SIM phone is that it allows you to use two different service providers, while keeping all your contacts, message, diary etc in one place, and only carrying a single handset. For instance, in Philippines, I use both Sun and Smart. In UK, you might use both Orange and O2.
  19. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    It depend if you choose a brand phone or chinese phone... I preferred ever the first, better and sure warranty service and quality of parts. I live in Europe and i ordered a Motorola XT532, good balance for me between performance and phone dimensions (i don't like bigger screen). LG P698 seems to be also good phone (same Qualcomm 800 Mhz processor).

    mine was shipped yesterday...sure i will write you when the phone arrives!:)
  20. icey011

    icey011 New Member

    Would MTK6516 or Starlight HD2 be faster than the Optimus V that I have. Also can the MTK6516 be rooted and its rom changed? And does it have 3G if I was use a T-Mobile sim card?
  21. nuke740824

    nuke740824 Member

    Hello! This is my first post here, I greet all of you.

    I am looking for a phone with the following specs:

    Dual Sim (dual active)
    Quad Band
    Android 2.3 or higher
    Full Gmail support
    CPU Frequency 650 MHz minimum
    At least 1 of the 2 Sims has to run HSDPA
    Available in Europe (ideally Austria)

    Right now, the only phone availble in Austria is the Viewsonic V350, and there's no other - for now. I do not count in the Simvalley SPX-5 since it is too big, more a tablet than a phone.
    Fortunately Samsung stated that they would bring 2 new phones to Europe, the Galaxy Y Duos (touchscreen) and the Galaxy Y Pro Duos (blackberry style).
    I read about and heard about other phones, like the Motorola XT531 (or 532), the LG Optimus Net Dual P698 or the Gigabyte G1345. And of course a bunch of others, also mentioned in the posts of this thread. None of these seem to be available in Europe.

    What would you recommend? I do not want to by a phone from a Chinese online trader to find out that I have to pay all shipping, do not get any support and cannot use HSDPA. I tend to wait for the Samsungs to become available. Is there any better choice? Are you aware of any other phones which you think are good? Thanks for any advice!
  22. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    i think florisz was quite clear: don't buy MTK6516 anymore! If you want to be cheap, you can opt for a MTK6573 such as the A60 or many others.
  23. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    If you want a Gigabyte G1345 in Italy is a company that sell it as renamed "McOnsen", with warranty. Google it , is the first result.

  24. nuke740824

    nuke740824 Member

    Thank you, bluemask, this looks good. I cannot read Italian, but it should definitely not be too hard to order there. Nevertheless, I would want to wait to see "European Market Phones" appearing on the horizon.
  25. elect

    elect Member

    Sadly there is a very simple reason behind this: money.

    I guess pressure comes from two parts:

    - telephon companies, if dual sims phones get a large diffusion, then many users will save money

    - the hardware manufacter itself. If you have two sims, you are likely to buy two phones...

    Look, in italy for example there are more sims than people, you can image the business behind..


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