Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    don't buy gs1345, it has a bad resolution

  2. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

    It lacks a few things, but the most important one is a DECENT ROM....

    But "bad resolution" ??????!!!!
  3. baalco

    baalco Member

    What is the problem with this phone?
  4. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    i've read that it has a bad screen resolution...
    for who wants flashplayer on his armv6 stocked rom read this metod.
    works for my v350
  5. baalco

    baalco Member

    I have this phone (GSMART G1345) since Sep2011 and I am satisfied with it. (except at the beginning 3G connection issue, but finally solved with software update)
    It has 320x480 resolution.

    I recommend this phone if u wanna buy a dual sim "not-a-chinese-noname" mobile :D
  6. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

  7. droidapps

    droidapps New Member

    Motorola XT 800

    Specification are -
    • 5 MP Camera with Dual flash and Autofocus
    • 3.7 inches capacitive Touchscreen display
    • 3G support, GPS, EVDO & CDMA support
    • HDMI, 3.5 mm Headphone jack
    • 130 MB Internal memory
    • 1390 mAh Li-ion battery
    • Wi-Fi
    • microUSB
    • 550 Mhz Cortex A8 processor
  8. KimDK

    KimDK Member

    I do not agree. What the price is doesn't matter. I would gladly pay $ 1500 for such a top model phone with dual sim for europe. And I now a lot of people how would do that. So the manufacter would get the same mony anyway.

    Anyway. My ZTE U960 should come on next week. And I would come with a review.
  9. polvo

    polvo Active Member

    Looking forward :)
  10. polvo

    polvo Active Member

  11. biibuu

    biibuu Member

    I bought it in China, it is avilable in the shops.
  12. biibuu

    biibuu Member

    For the XT532, The antenna signal is good. Second sim reconnection is quite fast, usually without me noticing the wait. Audio quality and WIFI all ok. another drawback is that it doesn't support flash, even with the flash player installed.
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  13. jimcage289

    jimcage289 New Member

    Spice MI-280 is the cheapest Dual SIM Android smartphone in Indian market.It is packed with advanced features like 3G,Wi-Fi,Blue-tooth connectivity etc.
  14. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    did you try opera mobile 11.50?
    works best for me
  15. Jerome5

    Jerome5 Member

  16. Jerome5

    Jerome5 Member

    While using the data connection on SIM1 3G/HSDPA does the second SIM2 remain active/reachable for incoming calls?

  17. Polm

    Polm New Member

    Some websites describe the XT532 specifications as follows:
    "This Motorola Mobile Phone supports 2 SIM one active mode and yet another in standby mode. Both 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  18. nuke740824

    nuke740824 Member


    Have you gathered any additional information regarding the release of the Galaxy Y Duos and Galaxy Y Pro Duos? I would really want to buy one of the phones. Didn't deceide yet, which of the 2. Any recommendations?

    I hope they will be available on the European market. I know a worldwide release is planned, but I didn't read about any dates or distribution channels.

    These 2 phones will arguably be the best dual sim android smartphones. The relatively small resolution seems to be the only drawback.
    Is there any dual sim android phone which is superior in your opinion?

    One alternative, although probably more expensive, would be the Motorola XT532. Here's a comparison between the 2 phones. There it is stated that the Motorola phone uses HSDPA 850 / 2100 and the Samsung phone HSDPA 900 / 2100. Does this mean that the XT532 doesn't work (well) in Europe and the Galaxy Y Duos doesn't work well in the US?
    If someone already owns the XT532, where did you get it from?

    I am thankful for any replies!
  19. Polm

    Polm New Member

    My operator (Proximus in Belgium) operates under GSM 900/1800 (2G GSM) net and W-CDMA 2100 (3G UTMS) frequencies.
    No issues for me with eighter of these phones since 2100 is supported by both.
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  20. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    motorola xt532 have a higher ram (512mb) than Samsung Galaxy Y duos (384mb), 5mpx camera (moto) vs 3.15 mpx (Samsung), screen 3.5" HVGA (moto) vs 3.12" QVGA (Samsung)... i think are important difference....;)
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  21. NeWbIe_vlc

    NeWbIe_vlc Well-Known Member

  22. nuke740824

    nuke740824 Member

    Thanks for your input.

    The XT532 indeed looks good. Does anyone of you own this phone?
    How about the full google market/gmail compatibility which was doubted somewhere above?
    What would be the most reliable source of availability (including full warranty coverage) right now?
  23. bluemask

    bluemask Active Member

    the only forum user i know is biibuu who bought the XT532 in China. I and Pwel are waiting for the phone , bought by ebay seller in Taiwan.

    i prefer ebay, but some other e-commerce sites sell the phone. Warranty is valid only in the country where the phone is sold, with some exception decided by Motorola.
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  24. nuke740824

    nuke740824 Member

    Did you buy it from "Yupitek International Ltd" (ebay account: "wifigadget88")?
    No matter from where, please let me know your experiences after having received the phone.
  25. helmutderhaas

    helmutderhaas Member

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