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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. will_wonka

    will_wonka Member

    Ok, order was placed and est. Delivery was 16 Aug. Having checked, it confirms the item has NOT shipped :mad:

    The website now states temp out of stock!!! Grrrrr.

    Incidentally, Amazon Germany says in stock, but if you check notebooks.de who supply the device thru Amazon, it says no date!!!!!

    I will update when I know more :D

  2. Juan25

    Juan25 New Member

    Please check this out. I just saw this today.

    3G WCDMA, Dual Sim Dual Standby, Android 2.3.3, MT6573 650MHz, Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Smartphone, Wifi, GPS, FM radio, Multi-touch

    Lenovo has launched its second Android smartphone in China with China Unicom. Lenovo A60 is an entry-level smartphone and will be sold for just 959 yuan ($149). Customers can also get it free with a two year contract on monthly plans starting from 96 yuan. Lenovo expects to sell 1 million units of A60 in the six months of launch. Lenovo A60 features a 3.5 inch display, Android 2.3, 3.2 MP camera, and MediaTek chipset MT6573.

    Lenovo launches second Android smartphone A60 in China

    Lenovo A60 3G Dual Sim Android 2.3 MT6573 [2647] - US$329.00 - Smartphone Professional - EtoTalk
  3. jappa

    jappa Member

    I do not know what so much fuss about V350?
    I use a Gigabyte GSmart G1317 and the mobile phone is excellent. I used the G1310 for a week and is also excellent.
    And since yesterday is available G1315, which has the same features as the V350, and who also, I'm sure, is great.
  4. MatrixCow

    MatrixCow Member

    Where can you safely buy Gigabyte phones. I live in Belgium and we don't have a local dealer.
  5. dimisx1

    dimisx1 New Member

  6. jappa

    jappa Member

    In Europe:
    Czech Republic
  7. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    It's going to be at least 2 weeks. My friend is traveling back to China (just outside Shanghai) this week from his annual visit here (Canada). I'll report here once he gets his hands on one.
  8. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    I suspect it's a fraud. Lenovo has used A60 to be a notebook. They would not choose another identically named model for a different product. And this thing is in china - not trustworthy.

    Google "A60 android site:lenovo.com".. it comes up empty.
  9. Haxthausen

    Haxthausen Member

    Hi everybody, greetings from Portugal!

    I too have been looking for a decent Android dual sim mobile phone (with WiFi and 3G) for long time, and finally, thanks to the new Gigabyte and ViewSonic models, the quest looks to be coming to an end! :)

    In an attempt to have the long ago desired phone with such functionalities, I have bought the Samsung GT-B7722 some months ago, but I returned it not long after, as it had some serious bugs, and also the interface was not very good. Since then I decided not to try any other phones besides Android, as it looks to be be by far the best mobile OS in the market right now.

    Nokia is starting to come up with some interesting phones, but still far from the desired functionalities...

    I have gone through all the post of this thread since the beginning, and I must say that it has been very enlightening (thank you all!), but I still have some questions in order to decide by one of the phones discussed:

    - Which one do you consider better, the Gigabyte GSmart G1315 Skate or the ViewSonic V350?

    - What do you consider the major differences between both as well the major advantages / disadvantages of each?

    - Is there any other branded model (excluding all chinese clones) that is able to compete with this? (Note that I require dual sim GSM, WiFi and 3G.)

    - I could see that the V350 appears to be already available for order, is the G1315 also? Can you recommend where to purchase it from?

    - Does anyone already have the G1315 and can review it? (Experience with V350 in order to do comparisson review would be great!)

    Well, I think that's pretty much it. After this round, I believe I will be able to decide on what phone to buy. ;)

    Thanks in advance for all your feedback!

  10. Juan25

    Juan25 New Member

  11. Haxthausen

    Haxthausen Member

    Btw, following my previous post, do you know of any better upcoming phone that should deserve being waited for, instead of going to the G1315 or even the V350?

  12. Haxthausen

    Haxthausen Member

    Hey guys,

    What about the Motorola XT531 / FIRE XT / SPICE XT, have you heard of it? (Official Motorola press releases here and here.)

    Looks promising and better than the Gigabyte GSmart G1315 Skate or the ViewSonic V350, what do you think?

    Looks like it will start to be generally available this fall, does anyone has additional information?


  13. Pepe_le_Pooh

    Pepe_le_Pooh Member

    Looks interesting indeed.
    Pity that the dual SIM version will only be sold in Asia.
  14. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Looks awesome, it's now down to $225 including shipping. It's CPU is faster, it's Android version higher, it's cheaper than the Viewsonic V350 and it seems available.

    Is there anything wrong with this phone?
  15. P1rat3

    P1rat3 Member

    I wonder what the dual-SIM standby means. Are both SIM cards active at the same time or is one just on standby, requiring you to switch between them. That can take up to 30 seconds if it's the case.
  16. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Dual-SIM standby means that both sim's can be in standby (active/online) at the same time. You can recive and make calls on both cards, you dont need to switch between them.

    If you make a call from one card, the other one goes offline while the call is active.
  17. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Note that Lenovo A60 is born without Android Market, but with a "Lenovo Market" that cannot be used outside china, and only has 2000 apps... Not sure if you will be able to install Android Market and get it to work. Be sure to ask the seller first.

    My only other note is that it only got 256MB RAM. It is not much. But it might be sufficient.
  18. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

    That's just another article from a journelist who could be as mislead as the others. The so-called "lenovo announcement" links to another site that is not Lenovo. In attempt to sort it out, this is my chat session with a Lenovo rep:
    Of all model numbers they could have invented, why would they choose one for an existing product? Only a fraudster would do that.
  19. MatrixCow

    MatrixCow Member

    It seems that the release for the ViewSonic V350 has been postponed again. :eek:
    Does anybody know a good webshop where you can buy the GSmart phones and delivers to Belgium?
    I'm sick of waiting for ViewSonic to release the V350.

    Or does anybody have a good alternative that is available now?
  20. Qumad

    Qumad New Member

    That sucks!

    Annoying that there are no good Dual SIM Android phones avalable.
    And it's wierd that when one arives it's only avalable in a few countrys
  21. Qumad

    Qumad New Member

    I sendt them an e-mail asking about what price they assume it would be but I got no reply.
    If You have got ann accoundt and it says 8259,- NOK ex VAT. that is schocking and will not be anything I could go for with that price.
  22. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Well, the A60 is on Lenovo Mobiles webpage (on the front page) www.lenovomobile.com

    Product page:
  23. smurfOnE

    smurfOnE Well-Known Member

  24. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Two very interesting notes. The seller states that it supports the Android market fully. Don't know what to believe. Somewhere on the internet I found that 256MB with Android 2.3 Gingerbread is a slow combination. A pity, because it's so cheap :p. Thanks for the note!

    For everyone with better Chinese than me there is a video of the Lenovo A60. Wonder what the guy in the video says. The phone seems responsive in the video.
    Nice job!
  25. EmilF

    EmilF Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have asked etotalk.com too, and the say that it supports Android Market.
    However, according to the seller hotmid.com, it does not support Android Market...

    I have asked etotalk.com about some more details of how they gotten Android Market to work on the phone, as it don't come with it from Lenovo...

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