Best/Easiest way to transfer saved games between android devices?

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  1. portezbie

    portezbie Well-Known Member

    I have two android devices right now, my triumph and a kindle fire running cm7. I would like to be able to transfer my saved games, or app data, from one device to the other so I can play on one and then pick up the same saved game on the other device if I want to.

    I feel like there is probably a way to do this with titanium backup pro, but I couldn't figure it out.


  2. Hadesminion13

    Hadesminion13 Active Member

    Titanium Backup stores all of your backed up shizznit on your SD card, just look around in the root of your card for a titanium folder (It's been a while since I've used Titanium, accidentally deleted it and keep forgetting to install it) and explore inside, see what you find (Couldn't have said it more creepily... is that a word? I guess it is, spell check isn't correcting it haha).
  3. Tokens210

    Tokens210 Well-Known Member

    if you can access just the game saves and move them i wouldnt see and issue, but i dont think moving app data would work correctly, the app data probly has data on the device its on
    ex. the game on the phone probly has app data for the triumph, while the kindle fire has app data for that

    if the game saves like yourgame.sav file or something you could try to copy it and put it on the kindle and if it dont work just delete it

    also i dont think there would be a way to keep them synced, the game saves goto the device, so if u beat a level on the phone and then open the kindle it wouldnt have that you beat the level, it would be wherever the last save on the kindle was at
  4. portezbie

    portezbie Well-Known Member

    Well I've transferred the save games before without problem when I copy the titanium backup folder via usb and then restore data only.

    However, that takes a long time, I'd like to find a way to do this wirelessly and with as few steps as possible.
  5. Hadesminion13

    Hadesminion13 Active Member

    Just browse around your SD card and look for individual app's folders I guess, usually apps that store data on your card do so in folders with a dot in the front, eg: .psx4droid, I dunno, stuff like that.
    If you're talking about preferences, I wouldn't even bother, not enough reward for your effort. Aside from that get a root explorer if you really want to and browse around your phone's internal storage.

    It's a lot of work, Titanium does a lot for you.
  6. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    You would need to know where the game data is saved. Most app store their stuff in /data/data.
    but I have a couple of app that use the sdcard. What you would need to do is use your file explorer and your brain (not an insult, just don't know what you are doing).
  7. goshjosh

    goshjosh Well-Known Member Contributor

    What I did is I uploaded the save files and the actual ROM and uploaded them to Box( I'm guessing any other cloud service would work) and then just download them onto my kindle. Tested it out and it worked just fine. I would assume it would work the opposite way too.
  8. AtticTRON

    AtticTRON Well-Known Member

    I've been using an app called GameOn that allows you to upload your saved games to the cloud.

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