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  1. Mark1987

    Mark1987 Active Member

    I would like to know what you guys recommend as an email client. The stock captivate email is confusing. It's hard to see which email is new and which ones have been read already.

    I'd like to be able to see my gmail, and yahoo mail on one screen if possible. It would also be a plus if the icon would be in the dock and display how many unread emails i have.

    I'm using Pro Launcher.

  2. keredini

    keredini Well-Known Member

    Do you mean LauncherPro? If so, it only supports unread GMail messages, not all of your different email accounts.

    I like K-9 mail, when i get a notification it tells me who the email is from and the subject, so i know right away whether i can ignore the email or not. I have it running with my GMail (personal) and Yahoo Small Bizness (work) without any issues, except that i can't send from my GMail for some reason. Seems strange, but not a dealbreaker.

    It's not the best looking app in the world, but it does the job.
  3. Hockey37

    Hockey37 Member

    I was using K9. It's a great app that gives you a lot of customization and great usability. I tried MailDroid, and I like it a bit better. Seems to run a bit smoother, and does what I need it to do.

    On a semi-unrelated note, once I uninstalled K9, my issues with data over my MicroCells (office and home) went away. I used to only get a 3G data connection about 50% of the time, had to keep hitting refresh. Browsing the Marketplace was hell. But the only change I made was uninstalling it, and now my data is connections are reliable and smooth as silk.
  4. norse

    norse New Member

    New here... Frustrated with spotty email fetching with POP accounts in the standard mail app. I just installed MailDroid, and am hopeful. Thanks for the tip. I am trying to soak up what I can.
  5. locsplitter

    locsplitter Active Member

    Was using K9 but now may try Maildroid!
  6. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    i use k9 as it works with more of my emails, maildroid required manual setup for a few of mine and i didnt want to lookup the settings. neither of them will since with my school email though and the stock one does and thats frustrating
  7. John I

    John I Well-Known Member

    I like K9. It works as advertised. The AT&T app doesn't check my mail like its supposed to. I even swapped the icon for K9 with the OEM icon.
  8. trant01

    trant01 Active Member

    moxier is pretty good.
  9. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    I use K-9 (IMAP). It's very powerful and the recent update solved all the annoyances I had with it.
  10. jabooh1

    jabooh1 Well-Known Member

    Will k-9 work with Exchange activesynch accounts? I can't get my working.
  11. sonorous

    sonorous Active Member

    I got it working on Exchange 2007 if that helps. It took me a few tries. I believe I left domain name blank to finally get it to work.

    I ended up uninstalling it though. I could never get the push to work properly. The only way I could get it to work was to set polling at 1 min intervals. That is not push to me... Maybe I was doing something wrong though...

    Right now I am using the stock client and testing Touchdown in the background. Touchdown is $20 but has a 30 day free trial. It has all of the functionality that I am looking for but not sure I want to spend $20 to solve my issues with the stock client. I am hoping that the Froyo release will fix at least some of the deficiencies (cut/copy/paste, move to any folder, draft folder sync, meeting request accept/tentative/decline w/ comments, etc)
  12. jabooh1

    jabooh1 Well-Known Member

    I am in the exact same boat as you. I believe you can use Touchdown for 30 days, uninstall, then re-install for another 30 days (done it twice now). That gets you around the $20. My thing is I cant get true HTML email to work with Touchdown. Everything else is workable, although slow.

    The stock one just plain stinks.
  13. 4walls

    4walls New Member

    How do you swap the icon???
  14. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. I see you're new. The answers to common questions can be found in the Captivate FAQ, which is a forum sticky, mentioned in many threads and in many user's signatures. The forum's search tool can also be handy, leading you to an existing thread where your question is already answered (avoiding duplicate, redundant threads).

    Customization - CapFAQ
  15. Timberline

    Timberline Well-Known Member

    Works fine for me in the paid version.
  16. sugarspunz

    sugarspunz Well-Known Member

    for what its worth i am using MailDroid for my IMAP work email. my website and mail is hoested with go daddy which i have heard from ATT customer service can be challenging.

    i originally was using the mail client that came with the phone but it would stop working about 3 times a day. att blamed go daddy and go daddy blamed att.

    MailDroid works great. no problems thus far. been using it for a few months now.
  17. Xn0r

    Xn0r New Member

    I've been using K-9 mail, and feature wise it seems the best. Stability and speed wise ... not so much. I use it with two IMAP email boxes, my work email and my home email server.

    It handles my rather small work email box fairly well. But my home email box is huge, has probably 100 folders and looots of email messages. It seems to simply choke on this. It's very slow, and often does force close events with the "fsck" process.

    I'll probably give Maildroid a try.
  18. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    can you help me with my problem? with yahoo email? i searched and it even finds my own thread on the topic but that didnt produce a solution even phone goes crazy once in awhile and says my username and password are invalid....all searches direct people to use different email agents or switch to gmail etc...rather than a solution on why it does this once in awhile for no reason....this time it has not fixed itself.
  19. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    i dont have a clue, but i never use yahoo mail. if its in the stock email client you are using i would just guess there is some kind of compatibility problem that pops up from time to time. its hard to tell what exactly caused it, especially since ive never had the problem happen to me
  20. james27007

    james27007 Look into my Eye VIP Member

    Ok everyone, please stay on topic here, and play nice. There were a few posts in here that were not helping and getting too personal, so they have been removed to keep the peace.

    Also please remember that if another user posts something that you feel does not answer the OP's question or is off topic, or you have an overall concern with that you feel strongly about, do not reply to it as it can go in a bad direction quickly, but report it.
  21. Jack45

    Jack45 Well-Known Member

    On topic it is.

  22. ndfi79

    ndfi79 New Member

    Touchdown rocks, totally worth the $20 in my opinion
  23. Jack45

    Jack45 Well-Known Member

    "TouchDown will not work with any type of accounts that are not hosted on a Microsoft Exchange server (or a compatible ActiveSync Server)."
  24. npearson84

    npearson84 New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to bump this old thread to see if anyone can help me on a good email filtering app, where it is possible to set rules based on: keywords in subject, keywords in body, sender, sender domain.
    Before I got my Nexus S, I had a BlackBerry, there was a really nice app called AlertMatrix that handled all these email rules. I can set a rule with an undesirable keyword or address and have such messages removed from my inbox before I ever got a chance to see it. I am looking for an email app that would offer me this kind of peace. Also, the AlertMatrix app allowed me to set multiple alerts for any particular message, at different levels of priority, and bugged my ass with a popup window leaving me no choice but to take action.
    I really hope there is an app out there with the amazing functionality of this AlertMatrix app, it doesn't look like RexWireless is in any hurry to develop their apps on the Android platform.
    Suggestions are much appreciated,

  25. Evak

    Evak Member

    I found maildroid and k9 the best but settled with maildroid because it is the only one that pushes yahoo email, as well as my old primary account which uses yahoo servers.

    If you don't use yahoo either client is good.

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