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  1. madixxx

    madixxx Active Member


    i know there are a few threads that seem similar but they are oldish and i follow someone

  2. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Gmail will do what you just takes some "translation". For example, Outlook folders are the same thing as Gmail labels. Instead of Outlook rules, you set up Gmail filters.

    This article might help you some:
    Automatically Apply Labels To Emails In Gmail

    However, that is discussing the web-based Gmail. I just got my Prime yesterday and it's at home right now, so I'm not sure how to do the same thing on the app. You could always do the setup in a web browser (even the one on the Prime) and it will affect the setup on the Prime (i.e. add labels...filters get applied on the server).

    As for one app for email, contacts, and calendar...there might be something out there, but I'm curious why you would like that? Even though they are separate apps, you can go into the stock calendar app, invite people to an event using the people in your contacts and it sends the invite from your Gmail. What functionality are you missing that you would like to have?
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  3. cyberbob25

    cyberbob25 Well-Known Member

    I use K9 setup with 3 different IMAP accounts. I don't know if this satisfies all of your requirements (don't know if it allows you to set up automatic filters or not), but it does support IMAP folders, and with a little configuration, gives you multi-select checkboxes in order to move/delete email in bulk.
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  4. madixxx

    madixxx Active Member

    hi ylexot,

    thank you for the advise, i do not think the app that comes with the prime (the mail mail ) can do what you described...or im really a dummy but i played with it for a while and there is not even a way to sort mail by sender/name or move multiple mails ect...that truly is ******ed i mean anyone that gets more then one mail a day must be annoyed with this.

    my folders created in outlook are of course visible here and it didn't occur to me to do them directly in gmail as i have not really used the interface but since this seems to be the only solution i will see how it work if i log on via prime browser ... i will post how that goes in a while.

    I see on the second mail (g mail) that there are label options but only pre designed 5 folders it doesn't seem possible to create my own. ( i mean via application that came installed , there are 2 mail applications, not via browser which i will try in a moment)

    as to things i use and if they are a must.. well i use to track progress of tasks and invite + keep track of meetings via the calendar incorp. in outlook...having that said i probably would manage with what you describe but in that case is there an application i must download to have a address book? ( i mean the contacts appear to be stored somewhere once i have typed a new mail in both above mentioned mail applications but i don't know how to access that m to add eg a tel number or comment)
    if i need to download a special app for this can you recommend one?

    as to calendar well there is one that came pre installed but for eg it does not sync with the 'tasks and todos' app i just installed...
    do you use a special calendar application? is google not providing one that could synch with the google accounts?

    ok lots of text here. sorry and thanks in advance for your friendly help!!!!

    Sent from my ASUS Eee Pad
  5. madixxx

    madixxx Active Member

    ok thank you i will download and try!
  6. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    I did play with the Gmail app on the Prime this morning and couldn't find a way to add labels or filters or to sort. So unless someone else knows of an app that can do that, I think going through the browser is your best bet.

    The Contacts app is called "People" on the Prime which seems to be a bad choice since you're not the first person I've seen post who hasn't found it.

    I agree that tasks/to-do is something that Google/Android needs to do better. Outlook is much more powerful in that respect.
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  7. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    Is anyone finding any way to have full text editing on the Prime....with any email app?
    What I'm looking for is being able to change the text to BOLD, and/or change the color. I can do all of that on my laptop PC but it seems I can only get plain text on the Prime when doing emails in Yahoo and Gmail.
  8. madixxx

    madixxx Active Member

    I have found the following:
    exchange by touch down key

    Has anyone on this forum tried any of these?

    And anyone on the bold/ color issue?
  9. jacko9000

    jacko9000 Member

    MailDroid Pro has a rich text editor, allowing bold, italic, underline, colour and smilies. And that's all. It's the only email app I know of with this function. And it works much better than the text editor for this forum which is terrible. This is my first post here and it will probably be my last.

    I've been asked to find the "best" Android email app and, to be perfectly honest, I'm struggling as each has its own shortcomings. But MailDroid Pro is on the shortlist, although at this stage, I'm thinking it is overpriced. And I need to find an email app which shows oldest messages first, which MailDroid doesn't do. Both K-9 and Kaiten allow this but they don't store it as a default option; you need to press sort each time you check for mail.

    Hope this helps.

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  10. jacko9000

    jacko9000 Member

    Well, I've kind of got used to the forum text editor on my phone, so I'm back.

    Just to say that MailDroid also supports automatically moving incoming messages into folders based on the subject and sender.

    So you can have your emails handled and have a rich text editor for composing.

    But there is no calendar; it's purely an email application. I suspect you will have to use two or more applications to achieve your goal, but MailDroid should do what you need as far as email is concerned.
  11. runamonk

    runamonk Well-Known Member

    I actually found Moxier to be the nicest of the exchange based apps. It has a nice interface for tablets as well.
  12. madixxx

    madixxx Active Member

    ok i will try it then. i have been away for a while but will now continue the set up of apps that PERHAPS will make this device usable for me in a professional manner . so far i miss all about office... :-(((((
    but ok i'll try the droid.

    thank you and keep me posted if you find out more ( also other good work apps)

  13. El Seven

    El Seven Member

    If your organization allows you to connect to Exchange with activesync, then both Touchdown and Moxier are good. If you're limited to webdav connections, then both Moxier and Touchdown have problems with calendar functions. Especially if someone sends an update to a meeting, or moves the meeting.

    For IMAP connections, I have found MailDroid to be the best of the bunch (I've tried Kaiten, K9, Melwin, etc...). The only problem I have with it, is that I need to accept a self-signed certificate for an SSL connection, and MailDroid is not allowing that for now. So I either have to use MailDroid across an open channel (yikes), or stick with the much crappier Kaiten, since Kaiten does allow me to manually accept the self-signed certificate. I am currently working (slowly) with the MailDroid dev to try and get the issue resolved.
  14. LateNiteMike

    LateNiteMike Well-Known Member

    Count this as another vote for MailDroid !
    In this topic you will see that I was desperately (not really desperate) looking for some way to do RICH TEXT FORMATTING in my emails...and I've found it...and MailDroid is it's name !
    I'm am extremely happy with this app. I can do things like 'inline response' and great rich text formatting, and in the preferences you can setup the display as 'dark'....which gives you white text on a black background when using the app itself,...while your emails are normal black text on a white background. It's capable of having a combined inbox. I have both my Yahoo and Gmail accounts available and I get notifications of new emails in both accounts when I turn on my device.
    I have done some serious rich texting in my emails and have attached files and all has gone very well. I am very pleased after using this app for less than a week, and it looks as if this will become my default email app. I was quite frustrated with the plain text of the stock default email app and the standard Gmail app, so I am really enjoying the new found capabilities of MailDroid.
    Do, check it out, I think you'll be quite pleased with it as well.

    Now, if someone could provide a new graphic for the icon of the app then that would be great. The 'spider' has to go. I suggest a happy little green Android in place of the current 'spider'. If you can come up with a better (Android) icon, then let the developer know,....cause he's looking for a replacement.

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