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"best extended battery" "horrible extended battery"General

which one is the best battery?

  1. 2430MAH slim gold battery

    1 vote(s)
  2. 1900 MAH Felpusi battery

    2 vote(s)
  3. 1800MAH Acesoft battery

    0 vote(s)

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  1. nastynazz

    nastynazz Active Member

    so as i read numerous posts about extended batteries i will come across one type of battery being very good and scrolling down in the thread i will find someone talking about the same battery and saying how bad it is...

    and so i decided to post this thread....

    i want to know what is the best substitute battery that is longer lasting compared to the stock battery on the connect and why, i made a poll with the top 3 batteries i observed majority of people were talking about, if i missed any please let me know.

    P.S lets not include the 3000+ mAh batteries because I am not interested in adding additional thickness to my phone.

  2. Dracconus

    Dracconus Well-Known Member

    I say add them anyways, otherwise you're being counterproductive to your own request.
    I know that YOU don't desire the additional thickness, but the title of the thread IS "Which EXTENDED battery is the best/worst."
    This includes, but is not limited to the thicker models; as they are after all, extended batteries.
    Just saying, the thread will be more help if you include all options.
    If you're wondering which is the best of the slim versions then obviously the higher MAh would be; provided it's actually what it's advertised to be.
    The other 'issue' with what you're requesting is that you're never really going to get valid input as NO two people run their phones the same.
    What may be a "shitty battery" for me, may end up being just what you needed.

    Just my $0.02
  3. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    I don't think there are good extended batteries that are not thick. This Chinese junk may come with 2680 mAh written all over it, but it is unlikely to be any better than standard battery.
    There is an LG 1700 mAh battery, but it is only slightly better.
  4. CossRooper

    CossRooper Member

    Do you have a link to this one?
  5. Spike15

    Spike15 Well-Known Member

    I don't have the link. You can find this battery at www.verizonwireless.com. Search for a standard battery for LG Lucid. I haven't purchased this battery personally, but one other forum member bought it and said that it fits his or her LG Connect. If you can't find the battery, let me know. I will search for the link myself then.

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