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  1. ffjason

    ffjason Member

    I am looking for a free backup app to save my data between version updates or when I root the phone. I would like to backup as much as possible but the most important things are SMS messages and market applications.

    What would people recommend?

  2. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    As has been discussed (in numerous threads :rolleyes:), there are many decent backup apps.

    The challenge is the Android platform design, where every app runs in its own environment that's very restricted from accessing the others'. This can be a good thing, but is an obstacle for system-wide search and backup operations -- so most of the effective backup tools require your phone to be rooted.

    This comes as part of a custom recovery image made by a user named Drakaz. To use this, you need to reboot your phone into recovery mode, and you can save/restore a complete image that you can then save on your pc. The image includes apps, messages, system settings, everything. The downside is that you can't make a partial restore, it's all or nothing.

    Titanium Backup
    This one is rather new and has been getting a bit of press here lately. It can do a selective backup of all your apps and their data, and you can restore them individually. The downside is that a full restore requires you to go through the normal installation routine for every app in sequence, which can tie up quite a bit of time.

    ASTRO is a file manager that also includes a couple of system tools: a process manager, an disk space monitor, and an application backup tool. The latter has a nice batch-restore mode, but AFAIK does not include your app settings and data.

    So look around for the others not mentioned here, and take your pick.

    Also, welcome to the forum! :D
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  3. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    IMHO, for something as important as backups it really pays to consider spending a few dollars and look at some of the paid and donate apps on the market. MyBackup Pro has a great scheduling feature (I get lazy and sometimes forget to backup until it is too late) and Titanium has a wide choice of batch operations. For less than the price of a Big Mac you can have convenience and some peace of mind.
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  4. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    True, thanks for amending. I haven't been paying attention to the paid apps because I'm still waiting for that market to open. :eek: On my Palm, I do have an automatic nightly backup with three back versions.
  5. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

    For me it has always been Murphy's Law (for both my phone and PC). I only seem to need a backup when I do not have a current one available :eek:
  6. ffjason

    ffjason Member

    Very clear and informative post KlaymenDK but a couple of issues.

  7. anurbanlegend

    anurbanlegend Member

  8. shrink57

    shrink57 Well-Known Member

  9. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Here are the essential Galaxy key combinations. Let me tell you, you were THIS -><- close to getting a LMGTFY link! :D Anyway, that should get you started.

    [​IMG] [Edit:] Err wait up, that's for a Galaxy -- I just realised you may have a Hero? You may need to google a bit, and also ensure that what I said about Nandroid (above & below) applies to you!

    Hey, even with the v1.6 upgrade there's a change in the SMS database (to name one). So don't count on bringing your stuff with you between OS updates. :( You can try, but it's not recommended. I personally tried to restore a Nandroid backup of v1.5 on a v1.6 device, and it was NOT playing right. "Luckily," I wasn't happy with v1.6 so I could use my backup to continue on v1.5 where I left off. Nandroid is quite solid in that regard.

    Oh no, you can install a new recovery image easy as pie. Takes 5 minutes and won't hurt a bit! I hear there's even an app on the Market that does a one-click rooting for you (take that, iPhone app store :D).

    FYI, I was nervous the first time :)p) I flashed a new rom, but everything on your "/sdcard" (even the built-in storage) stays intact, it's only your apps+settings that get zapped.
  10. thenrik

    thenrik Well-Known Member


    I've used Sprite backup to restore twice on my Samsung moment running Android 1.5. The first time was to apply an update to fix GPS errors and repartition the drive to prepare for an eventual 2.1 update. My phone later developed hardware problems and I went through the same process again after I received a replacement.

    Unless you root your phone, I haven't, none of the free or paid apps will successfully restore your apps. Google has designed the operating system so you can't restore your apps and get updates from the market. So after a rom update you have to reinstall all of your apps anyway. Most of your paid apps will show up in the market but none of your free ones appear.

    Sprite backup doesn't backup your apps, just your settings. They have a free companion program, Sprite Mechanic, that will backup your apps in the unlikely event that you want to restore an app but never update it.

    That being said, Sprite backup restored my contacts, phone log, sms messages, ringtone, wallpaper and folders with the correct labels--just empty. Use App Dragon or App List to make a list of your apps, sync your Dolphin Browser bookmarks with gmail and make a list of your customizations before you begin the lonnng process of reinstalling everything.

    Sprite does what it does well. There just isn't any easy or logical way to back up your phone if it isn't rooted.

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  11. jackburnt

    jackburnt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this post. I was wondering what Astro had to offer. Guess I'll stick with Titanium as I love it saves my settings.

    I have a question though: Since I'm on a 2.1 ERE25 romr (BB.4, actually), if I back up everything with system/user settings, can I restore them as long as it's a 2.1 ERE25 rom? Or should I only stick to apps from market?

    I hate putting in my e-mail info every time.
  12. mcta

    mcta Active Member

    Well... thats sad... 2 reasons y Im looking for a free settings backup app

    1: paid apps are not available here in my country
    2: after the conversion.... its kinddaf expensive...

    I dont mind re-installing the apps again.... but there are some apps that really need their setting backed up (eg. finance manager apps its not only a pain to reinput data but it become inacurate.[unfortunately I havent find any of them that has build in settings backup, if u know any, do tell.;)])
  13. nightfishing

    nightfishing Well-Known Member

    Use Mint for finance info, it syncs to the website, so you don't need to back anything up on the phone settings-wise.

    (*not sure Mint is available in all countries, so that could be an issue)

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