Best games for Android Froyo 2.2..?

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  1. BlackTigress

    BlackTigress Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I have the pretty pathetic Huawei M835. It's my first Android device and I'd love to get a new phone soon (Samsung Admire).

    It's not So bad, but the battery is horrid, and whenever I'm using an app (especially the web) and go back to the homescreen, my apps magically disappear for 2-3 minutes!
    It's extremely annoying. Go launcher doesn't even fix this problem, it just barely helps.

    But anyways, since I still like games and some games are Alright on it, which games are your favorite on the froyo androids?
    Also, as an extra question, is there anyway I can update this 2.2 froyo on my phone (Huawei M835)..?

    For those who have the same phone as me, I'll list some decent games,
    The games I have so far are..
    Angry Birds
    Block Puzzle
    Box It
    Briker 2
    Bubble Break
    Checkers Pro
    Farm Tower HD
    Fruit Slice
    Jewel Blaster
    Mayan Kuma
    Moron Test Section 2 (already beat section 1)
    Move the Box
    Pac-Ball Lite
    Pinball Deluxe
    Pool Master Pro
    Puzzle Blox Arcade!
    Shoot Bubble
    Unblock Car
    Unblock Me FREE
    WHG (World's Hardest Game)
    Word Search
    (retro-ish games)
    Bit Stack
    Classic Snake
    DotQuest EN
    Drill Panic FREE
    Drone War
    INC The Beginning Free
    Jumpy FREE
    Legends of Yore
    Meganoid Free
    Meganoid 2 Free
    Retro Cosmos
    Stardust Free
    Supaplex (Can't play this game so well bc of no multitouch)
    Super Drill Panic FREE
    I love the retro-ish games btw.

  2. TurtleRunner

    TurtleRunner Well-Known Member

    thanks for the list.

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