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  1. mrtoolman

    mrtoolman Active Member

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for a good GPS navigation app. I love Google's Navigation app, but I want something that has lane assist (and possibly a junction view). I prefer free, or at least something that I can try for free, but post any good apps you have all used. Thanks in advance :)

  2. Muzramp

    Muzramp Well-Known Member

    I doubt you're gonna find anything better than Google navigation
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  3. jhanley2525

    jhanley2525 Member

    WORD! google navigation is tha biznass!! the whole turn by turn is still in beta and we all know google is deffinately cutting edge. so maybe in a year or two they'll have all that good stuff.
  4. andyo70

    andyo70 Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna have to say Google Navigation too. I have iGo for Android but for a full install of that with maps, poi's, digital elevation maps...etc, there goes 3GB or more of your sdcard.
  5. Tempusfugit

    Tempusfugit Well-Known Member

    I just drove through hollywood using google maps. It doesn't tell you the exact lane, but the keep left, keep right, or keep right, then stay left along with the map made everything pretty straight forward. I can't think of a situation where I need to know the exact lane.
  6. mrtoolman

    mrtoolman Active Member

    Like I said, I love Google Navigation, but I need an app that actually has lane assist... but it's looking like there isn't one so I'll just stick with the separate GPS I already have
  7. freak446

    freak446 New Member

    apart from google maps waze is a good option for anroid..:)
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  8. Blackhawk1969

    Blackhawk1969 Well-Known Member

    guess I will have to try out google nav... i always used the metropcs Navigation, and it works..sometimes..half the time it relies on my data signal.. so if no data no gps... that doesnt work so good if i hit an area that doesnt have coverage, does Google Navigation rely on GPS signals or will it also require me to have a data stream to use the GPS sattelites?
  9. martyn357

    martyn357 Well-Known Member

    Try Sygic. The only downside is the base program is free from Google app store but you have to buy the state maps (unless!!!....hint, hint) I am an EMT in Florida and use it when I am driving the ambulance. Has lane assist etc. It also links with your contacts. I have all the local hospitals in my contacts and from starting Sygic to getting directions to the local ER only takes about 1-2 minutes
  10. MyUsernameRox

    MyUsernameRox Well-Known Member

    Is there any way to select fastest/shortest/simplest route on Google Navigation like Metro Navigator has?

    I haven't been able to figure out how to do this. Ever since I had my phone rooted yesterday it wiped out all MetroPCS apps and bloatware.

    I'm not complaining because those apps sucked, but I miss Metro Navigator.
  11. puyow18

    puyow18 Well-Known Member

    you can always re-install metroNavigator on your rooted phone if you miss it. there's a thread somewhere on here to get metro apps back.

    or you can go to the metro app store online and redownload it to your phone from there.
  12. dpapi95

    dpapi95 Member

    the mapquest app is very good
  13. douglasr007

    douglasr007 Well-Known Member

    You really can't beat Google Maps. I use Waze as well but the maps on there depends on if you have active users near your location updating the maps. Lucky for me, I edit the maps myself on Waze.
  14. Blackhawk1969

    Blackhawk1969 Well-Known Member

    I have tested a bunch of Navigation Apps and so far Sygic is by far the best available for a stand alone no service needed GPS.. my phone got shut off for a day so i decided to give my GPS apps a test.. nav buddy is ok..ugly.. and of course Google nav doesnt work without a plan and even when it does work if you go outside a coverage area it hangs... so if your in the dessert or BFE then your screwed... but not with Sygic.. btw i have nothing do to with the people who make it... Sygic worked great with no phone service.. and the ability to load single maps for whatever states you need it for is also a plus.... alot better than trying to rely on the useless Google navigation when coverage fades in and nav while it is great when it pretty frustrating when it doesnt which is half the time due to metros limited coverage areas. forgot one thing which really helps.. Sygic also has lane assistance.
  15. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    i just discovered sygic last week after i got rid of google maps because it messed up my phone. the thing that sux is it like $30 but its worth every penny!
  16. zsw128

    zsw128 Member

    free, go to and search for sygic.apk
  17. mndgme

    mndgme Well-Known Member

    I like Google Navigation and Maps as they do the job and get you from point A to B. Decent features and FREE.

    But if your looking for more features and wanna "spend" some money, Sygic is a good replacement. Best one I found to compare to Google. I haven't paid for an app since the beginning of Android lol. But only purchase I'd think of would be TiBackup.
  18. jasonzech

    jasonzech Well-Known Member

    I like WAZE. Its free and shows tons of stuff. shows you where cops are at (user inputed) or hazards and traffic jams and more!
  19. MyUsernameRox

    MyUsernameRox Well-Known Member

    I like Google's app but it lacks one thing the Metro app has: being able to choose between shortest route, simplest, and fastest.
  20. barbatrucco

    barbatrucco Member

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