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  1. LarryBoy57

    LarryBoy57 Member

    I just got the Vizio tablet for my wife. One of the reasons for choosing this tablet was the built in GPS. I've tried NavDroyd with frustratingly mixed results - well failure for my needs. Does anyone know of a program that will actually work for navigation without having to be connected via phone or wifi for useage?


  2. marvin02

    marvin02 Well-Known Member

    CoPilot, Navigon's Mobile Navigator, and Sygic offer nav apps that work without a data connection.

    I chose CoPilot (which I am still testing) because it lets you install only the regions you need, saving on storage space. This is important because the map apps do not have a a setting to choose where the data is stored and on the VTAB the default puts the maps in the internal storage space.
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  3. Drang

    Drang Active Member

    Now to devise some sort of cradle for it. I don't think the weighted bag things for a GPS will hold an 8" tablet...
  4. Tuberocity

    Tuberocity New Member

    I have the Vizio Vtab as well, and tried Sygic. Sygic seems to be the choice for me as it does all you
    Need, allows waypoint input for geocaching etc. But, I did not thoroughly put Sygic through it's paces, but you can try it free for 7 days, then it's $11.99. Also, Sygic does allow you to load one region. I loaded California maps at about 350MB's, and it seemed to work well down to a metre or two I think. Hope this helps, along with a very high rating on the market which is what always sways me, and is usually an accurate indicator of how good one program is over another.
  5. LarryBoy57

    LarryBoy57 Member

    I went with Copilot for around $5. Does the car navigation thing for me without being connected to the internet.
  6. Joel Upchurch

    Joel Upchurch New Member

    I noticed Google Maps has a 7.4MB Cache. I'm going to try run the directions for a destination before I leave the house and see if works for the route I premapped.
  7. Stevewlf

    Stevewlf Member

    I just got my Lenovo IdeaPad A1-07 with the intention of using it to replace my (near dead) Magellan Roadmate GPS unit, for my car and boat. For this purpose I was attracted to the offline GPS feature and I am very pleased with the GPS as I run performance test on it.
    However, I am very confused and disappointed in the NavDroid that came installed. Same with the Navigation and Maps (not sure where they came from).
    I had to add a micro SD card external storage for the map files and am presently limited to one state at a time. Not good for a cross country or interstate travel.
    I had really hoped for something like the Google map where the direct route can be altered by dragging the course with the cursor or finger tip and Google Map does the recalculating, etc.. None of the installed programs come even close to this degree of ease. At least I'd like a program as good as the Magellan or Garmin units have.

    Before my dedicated GPS dash mounted system, I used Delorme Street Atlas on a laptop and the worked well but required a shade over the screen and the constant need to keep it on charge while travelling.

    I might look at CoPilot and see if it comes a bit closer to my expectations.

  8. androidfonefan

    androidfonefan Well-Known Member

    This is supposed to be a full feature GPS app

    It's about 30.00 but you are not going to find anything that works like the Google Navigator for free.
    I keep hoping that Google will put out a Stand Alone app that does not require a data connection for map and rout updates but so far they have not and I think the Navigon app is going to be your best bet.
  9. barbatrucco

    barbatrucco Member

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